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30 July 2010

Better Care For Fabrics

There are different types of fabrics in your house which you must store properly. Some fabrics are extremely delicate and deserve highest amount of care. You must be having a variety of expensive mattresses, curtains, bed sheets, pillows, carpets and much more that require proper maintenance and excellent storage facility. Storage facilities in Dubai will provide extra care to all your delicate and expensive materials.

Mattresses: hot and humid weather of Dubai has been responsible to gather dust mites. Mattresses attract more dust mites when compared to any other item. Only climate controlled storage can prevent dust mites from entering mattresses.

Carpets: The carpets are an open invitation to all sorts of insects and highest amount of dirt. Carpets need a customized facility to be maintained so that their look and feel is preserved.

Bed Sheets and pillows: Light coloured bed sheets and pillows must be stored properly. If they are made of silk, satin or any other delicate material then they deserve extra care.

Curtains: Decorative curtains add beauty to the windows of your house; but make sure that you handle them carefully. Curtains are expensive as well as made of fragile materials, so they must be stored perfectly.

Climate controlled storage solution in Dubai offered at The Box is the best place to keep all your fabrications safe. If you are worried about safety of your delicate and costly materials then we at The Box will look after them. We have units of different sizes opt for the one that can fit in all your belongings.

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28 July 2010

Moving Service Makes Relocating Effortless

If you are thinking of relocating to a new location then it would be good if you hire a moving service in Dubai. The whole process of moving to a new location involves too much of efforts and tedious activities. Earlier people shifted their belongings to new homes themselves but now there are professionals who make your shifting convenient.

It is always better to opt for moving service in Dubai rather than shifting things on your own. When you hire a service that looks after your moving needs then half of your tension is relieved. You don’t have to plan any thing nor you have to pack up your belongings. The company professionals very well understand all your difficulties; they will pack and transfer all your belongings without any trouble. All the activities that are involved in packing and relocating will be handled by company professionals. In fact these services also have facilities to clean your new home before your shift. Life becomes so simple when you select such services while moving, but you need to opt for a company that looks after all your needs. You will come across a number of storage solutions in Dubai but choose the one that has a reputed image in the market.

The Box has well established image in the market and looks after every need of customers. We have different packages specially designed to please all our customers. You can opt for any one as per your requirements and budget.

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The Box For Working Class

When you decide to relocate your home or office, a number of things need to be managed. It is not a fun core to relocate homes or offices, tremendous efforts are involved. Most of the people find work relating to shifting very boring and tiresome, handling everything along with job makes the task more difficult.

It is always confusing for working class to plan out their shifting processes. They cannot manage every task along with their office work and household core. So working class prefers to hire moving service in Dubai, such services are known for helping customers with their moving difficulties. Shifting also involves packing and storing, before you transfer all your belongings to a new destination they have to be packed properly. Packing also involves a technique; you cannot just wrap up all your belongings. Professionals working at storage facility are well trained and know how to pack everything perfectly. Whether your articles are tiny or huge they will be packed perfectly so that no damage is caused. After packing, shifting is also done smoothly by company professionals. It is important to deal with a company which is known for providing excellent client service and multiple options to choose from.

The Box is the most preferred moving service in Dubai and also deals in storing and packing. Our company will lay before you many options to choose from. These options are designed keeping in mind the requirements of our customers. If you have any suggestion or special request then please feel free to talk about it with us. We will try our level best to meet with your requirements.

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27 July 2010

Take Care Of Your Vases

Beautification of home involves many objects and too much of efforts. When you decide to beautify your home you will surely purchase some expensive items to make your home look amazing. When you make a list of things that you will need for sure while decorating your home then flower vases will certainly have high importance.

The craze for flowers and flower vases has never decreased; they will always be used as the most charming decorative materials. With its ever growing importance the price of vases has also increased. If you have bought some of the rarest flower vases or costly ones then you would be concerned with their care. Suppose your house is still renovating and you don’t want your expensive vases to be broken down. Or if you have purchased new vases and still not shifted to your new home then you need to well maintain your vases. The best thing you could do is reserve an account with a storage solution in Dubai. Such facilities are known for providing extra care to fragile items. You can keep your vases safe in such units for time being. When your new home is perfectly designed you can bring these vases to beautify your house.

The Box is one such facility which is known for giving a range of options to all their customers. These facilities are very helpful in storing things that need extra care or are rarely used. The Box is a specialist in catering to storing, packing and shifting needs.

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25 July 2010

The Box For Seasonal Clothing

Dubai, as we all know encompasses hot and humid climate, so it is obvious that the city experiences more of summer than any other season. Winter collection or rain coats will be rarely used by people residing in Dubai. However, this doesn’t mean that people in Dubai don’t buy woolen clothing or rain coats.

A large number of people residing in Dubai often worry about storing their woolen wear and rain coats. All these seasonal clothing are occasionally used and occupy a lot of space in cupboards. At the same time they need to be maintained properly under suitable climatic conditions. The best way to store these types of collection is reserve an account with a storage solution in Dubai. These storage facilities are boon to all those who wish to shift their rarely used belongings to make their home spacious. These storage facilities are equipped with advance level of technology and provide climate controlled units. When clothes are stored in such units they are maintained in a better way. But make sure that you deal with a company which is known for providing best service and multiple options to choose from.

The Box is one such reputed company which offers a range of services to all their customers. You don’t have to follow a long process to open an account with us. All you need to do is follow three simple steps and easily reserve an account for yourself. We have a variety of options which are designed keeping in mind the requirements of our clients.

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24 July 2010

Use The Box During Festivals

The holy month of Ramadan has already arrived; this pious month will be concluded with the celebration of Eid. Dubai is known for celebrating Eid and following rituals of the month of Ramadan in an amazing fashion. People from different parts of the world visit Dubai during the month of Ramadan.

Festivals and celebration brings lots of happy moments along with guests. Many residents in Dubai are expecting visits from their near and dear ones in the month of Ramadan. The only matter of concern is making room to accommodate all your guests along with your family members. You will not have to worry much if you reserve an account in a storage facility in Dubai. Such facilities are known for providing excellent options to store all your belongings. Rarely used articles and huge items in your house can be conveniently moved to a storage house. This way you will have more space in your home to make room for all your guests. In fact even your guests can use this facility to store some of their luggage. You have the convenience to operate the account at any time of the day by using a special badge provided to you.

The Box is a successful storage solution in Dubai and is equipped with latest technology. We offer different types of services to all our customers and make sure that they are satisfied. You can choose the size of unit that suits you the best and fits in your budget.

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23 July 2010

The Box For All Types Of Vehicles

Storing vehicles has often been the cause of worry for many vehicle owners. Population in Dubai is rising as ever, it has become difficult for people to find spacious homes. After putting in lot of efforts you will come across a house that also has space to keep your vehicles. But if you have more than one vehicle then you must have more space to keep all of them.

It is not only huge vehicles like cars that occupy space in your garage but many other small vehicles occupy a lot of space too. Take for example golf carts, lawn mowers and prams in your house. If you have all three of them along with your cars then it would be difficult to make room for all of them. The best solution is to reserve an account with a storage solution in Dubai. It is important to store your vehicles in certain temperature to protect them from harsh weather; this will prevent them from corroding. Different vehicles are stored in different ways; you will certainly not know how to maintain all these vehicles. So pass on your worries to a storage facility in Dubai, we look after all types of vehicles and have space to store all of them.

The Box provides you with a number of options to store all your belongings. We have space to store your car and even a boat. You will have to follow a simple process to reserve an account with us. After that you will be entitled to every service that solves your packing, storing and moving difficulties.

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22 July 2010

Why Do You Need A Storage Solution?

Storage facility in Dubai is gradually transforming into a necessity for people living in Dubai. It is not always space that people look for but many other reasons are playing a pivotal role in diverting crowds towards storage solution in Dubai. There are many storage facilities but customers prefer the one which has good reputation.

Space: This is the most common reason for people to opt for commercial and household storage in Dubai. When you move your rarely used objects to storage units you have more space in your bedrooms and cupboards.

Renovation: when your office or house is under construction then it is convenient to store all your important belongings in a Dubai storage company.

Shifting locations: when you are moving to a new location then there are chances of things getting misplaced. It is better to store your important stuffs and fragile items in a storage facility.

Gift articles: Every one of us love gifts and like to have a collection of all of them. But sometimes the problem is to preserve them from all possible damages. Keeping them in a storage solution is the best way to keep them as beautiful as they are.

The Box has a range of facilities to serve clients in an excellent manner. You can opt for a service that suits to your requirements and budget. We also deal in moving service in Dubai to add convenience in your life when you are shifting to a new location. Visit to know more about our services.

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21 July 2010

Better Security With Third Party Insurance

After keeping your belongings in a storage facility, half of your worries are blown away. Storage facilities in Dubai are equipped with advanced technological devices that make sure that all your articles are entitled to the highest amount of safety levels. But along with security measures The Box provides a special feature that gives higher assurance on safety to every client.

Have you ever heard about third party insurance? This feature assures that you belongings are safe from all possible damages. Not every storage solution in Dubai will offer this feature but we at The Box give immense importance to customer’s likes and dislikes. The Box has a reputation to protect and we keep our words, we assure that your articles will receive prime level of care. But there can be situations where things go wrong and your belongings are damaged. In such situations your third party insurance will be helpful to you. If you have taken third party insurance then you are entitled to a sum of cash when your belongings are damaged. This feature is very useful to every one of you, but we don’t compel to opt for the one. This is an open feature which you can select if you want.

Along with storage facility, The Box also provides moving service in Dubai to transfer your belongings with ease. You can also buy all types of packaging material from The Box shop which are known for their good quality levels. Visit to know more about our services.

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20 July 2010

Some Of The Best Features At The Box

Before deriving any conclusion will it not be important to find out safety levels of storage facilities in Dubai? There are a number of storage facilities and many people believe that they are not reliable enough. This might be true but not every company will be unreliable. You need to research a little to find out the best Dubai storage company.

The Box is one of those reputed companies which are known for trustworthy relationship with their clients. Our company is well equipped with advanced technological facilities and provides excellent storage solutions in Dubai. The Box is easy to reach as it is conveniently located at the same time it provides parking space. Our storage house has 24-hours CCTV surveillance installed which guarantees better protection to your belongings. We not only deal in storage facilities but also provide excellent moving service in Dubai. We at The Box have special feature of third party insurance which is an open option to all our customers. Only a few Dubai movers provide this important feature and The Box is one of them.

Thus The Box is one of the most trustworthy Dubai storage company. Customers feel relieved from the worries of their belonging after putting them under Box’s supervision. All types of things are properly maintained at The Box. You can access your storage facility at the Box any time you want. You can also buy packaging materials of all types. Along with that you can purchase many value added services.

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The Box For Just Married Couples

Your marriage will fill your life with happiness, responsibilities and yes of-course gifts. If you just got married or will get marry soon, then prepare yourself to accept a countless number of gifts. Marriage is one of those occasions which comes only once in a life time for majority of us. Hence our friends, colleagues and relatives will buy as many gifts as they can.

These expensive gifts will occupy too much of space in your room or a new apartment. However, that doesn’t mean that you will throw away you gifts or give them to someone else, all of them are valuable. All you need to do is, reserve an account with a storage facility in Dubai. This facility is equipped with units of different sizes which can keep your gift safe. If your gifts are delicate then too you don’t have to worry, we at The Box have a team of professionals who will move your fragile items with extra care. our storage units have become a perfect solution to all those newly weds who are finding it difficult to keep their gift articles safe. Opening an account is very simple and you can access it 24 hours a day.

The Box is one of the famous storage solutions in Dubai which provides many more services other than storage. You can book a unit that meets with all your requirements and fits in your budget. All our customers have always appreciated our service because we give highest importance to customer service.

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12 July 2010

Much More Than A Storage Facility

If you think that you don’t need a storage facility then think again. There are many reasons for you to reserve an account in a Dubai storage company. There are a number of people who think that a storage facility is limited to storing huge or extra items in our home. But this is not true, a storage company provides much more than what you must have thought of.
There are a number of facilities apart from storage The Box offers, some of them would be certainly helpful to you.

• Cleaning: if you are renovating your home then you will require cleaners to clear up the mess. The Box will help you with this; we have a team of professionals who would clean up your home.

• Packing: when you think of storing your things you certainly need to pack them perfectly. The Box will also help you in packing your belongings. At the same time we have all types of packaging materials which you can buy for The Box Shop.

• Document shredding: along with storing your important document, we also provide a facility which shreds away your confidential or unwanted documents.

• Moving: you don’t have to worry about shifting your belongings to a storage house. We at the box also deal in moving service in Dubai, this service will easily move all your belongings to a storage house.

The Box is not just any another storage solution in Dubai but has many more options to serve our clients. Our professionals will give you detailed knowledge about all our services.

Log on to to know more.

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11 July 2010

Storage Facility Fits In All Sizes

When people think of storage facilities they have a tendency to associate it with units of big sizes. This is certainly true that storage solutions in Dubai provide their customers with large units which can store huge things like cars and boats. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot store other articles of yours.

Many people have this assumption that storage facilities in Dubai only store large items. But this is only one feature of storage solutions. Storage facilities like The Box are equipped with a range of storage units; these units differ in their sizes. You can store small stuffs like gift articles, medals, coins etc and also huge things like quads, boats or cars. You are offered a range of units, from which you can choose anyone that suits your requirements. The price range of a unit depends upon its size and duration, so if you select a unit with smaller size then you will be paying fewer amounts of charges. Professionals at The Box will look at your belongings that you want to store and will guide you in choosing the correct size of unit. The Box has facilities for all your needs; you don’t have to worry about the size of your belongings.

The Box holds a reputation to protect which means that you don’t have to be anxious about the safety of all your stuffs. We adhere to a very simple process for reserving an account with us which you can access 24 hours a day.

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Spacious Rooms Will Make Your Wife Happy

Playing sports is really good but that shouldn’t come in the way of loving relationship that you share with your wife. If your quad doesn’t fit in the lift and your bike is blocking the way to home then you must make your wife happy by shifting these to another place. Storage facility in Dubai will sort out this matter.

These facilities are known for providing large units which can keep all your belongings safe. You don’t have to bother about the safety of your belongings as these facilities are equipped with latest technology of security measures. You can reserve an account of a size and price that suits you the best. All your sports equipments will be properly stored in these units. You have all the convenience to access your account at any time of the day. Along with sports equipments you can store many other things that are occupying a large amount of area in your home. As soon as you will move all your extra items to these storage solution in Dubai, your wife will be delighted to see spacious home. Opening an account is quite simple which can be done within very little time.

The Box is a well known Dubai Storage Company and is acclaimed for its excellent service. We have different packages for all customers to give them various options to choose from. Along with storage we also provide moving service in Dubai. Our professionals will guide you perfectly to make your storing and moving with us comfortable.

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10 July 2010

Different Packages To Suit Your Requirements

When you face a problem relating to storing and moving, remember only one name and i.e. The Box. We at The Box are known for providing the best solutions to all your storing and moving related problems. We have many options specially designed for you to ease down your worries and add convenience in your life.

There are many people who think that the facilities that are offered for relocating are always coupled with manpower. Well this is not true, we have various options you can choose as per your requirement. Suppose when you are shifting to a new location you don’t really want manpower but need trucks for transportation. In such cases you can opt for Silver Package that the Box offers. This silver package is designed for those customers who do not require manpower when they are shifting. This package will provide you full truck transportation from point A to B. this option will also cost you lesser than the one that is accompanied with manpower. So if you are in impression that The Box has limited facilities, then think again. We have a number of services that look after various needs of our customers. Every need of yours will be provided with the most suitable service.

You can easily find out about all the services that we provide by visiting our website. Our website is easy to navigate and gives you detailed knowledge about all the available options. We also deal in packaging materials which you can buy online by visiting

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Integrity Leads To Long-Term Success

A company achieves success when it is laid with strong foundation and these strong bases are built with good moral values. A human personality grows beautifully when it follows good ethical and moral values. Just like that a corporate firm achieves bigger targets when it follows corporate values. Now days very few companies give importance to moral values and The Box is one of them.

The Box has always given tremendous importance to moral values so that goals are achieved in a better way. One of the corporate values that The Box has adopted is Integrity. Every employee working at The Box believes in principles of integrity and honesty which they bring in whatever work they do. We at The Box believe that integrity is required if you wish to achieve long-term success. This is one of the reasons for us to follow a strict procedure when we are moving and storing things. Our corporate value has taught us to safeguard your belongings in a better way than any other storage facility in Dubai. The only way to win hearts of customers is to serve them honesty and The Box does that. We follow strict rules and regulations so that the best service is provided to all our customers.

The Box is a popular moving service in Dubai, equipped with all the amenities. We also deal in storage facility and provide units of different sizes. It will not take much of your time to reserve an account with us and can operate it 24 hours a day. We make sure that you receive highest amount of customer satisfaction.

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9 July 2010

We Provide Best Quality Packaging Materials

Majority of people find it extremely difficult to relocate homes on their own; so they opt for moving services in Dubai. However there are many people who mange shifting to new homes without taking assistance from any service. If you are one of those who have decided to move to a new residence by yourself then this blog will help you in some ways.

The most important factor of shifting is, packing all your items in a perfect way. This can be achieved if you know a proper technique of packaging and have good quality packaging materials, The Box can help you with that too. We have an option called The Box Shop on our website, which will show you all types of packaging materials. You can select a range of packaging materials that you will need to pack all your belongings. We have boxes of different sizes, a good quality bubble wraps, and tape guns etc, everything. If you have any specific requirements then inform us, we will tailor our service to suit your requirements. If you are not clear with packing things properly then check out ( some of our blogs which will tell you how to pack things properly.

The Box has always aimed at keeping all its customers satisfied so provide them with many options. If you are not looking for any storing or moving need then also you can buy packaging materials from the box shop. The materials that we provide are best in quality so you don’t have to worry about safety of your goods.

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8 July 2010

Tailored Service Only At The Box

Everyone living in Dubai has taken assistance from storage facilities; these facilities have been very helpful. You can select such services for a variety of reasons; it is not just a storage solution but much more. However, not every storage facility in Dubai will offer different types of services, but we at The Box do that.

There are many factors which have played a vital role in making The Box successful; one of them is tailored services. You must have come across many storage facilities which offer a number of services but a very few provide something that you look for. The Box has always given immense importance to customer satisfaction; hence we try out various ways to keep our customers happy. Tailored service is the best option for our customers and every company doesn’t provide it. Only The Box understands unique requirements of all our customers and makes it a point to fulfill them. If you are one of those who have different needs then feel free to share them with us. We have a knowledgeable team of professionals who would hear to your request and will come up with various options to fulfill it.

The Box has achieved success in a very short period of time and continues to win hearts of people. Along with storage facility, we also provide moving service in Dubai. If you have any difficulty with regard to packing, storing or moving then allow us to ease them down.

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7 July 2010

The Box For Short Notice Move

If you have decided to manage shifting activities on your own, then that is appreciative. However, my question is, can you do that easily and fast? It is completely fine to move things at your own pace if you have enough of time. But will you be able to handle everything alone when your landlord has given you very little time to vacate your apartment?

You will need assistance from an expert while shifting on short notice. Only professionals with proper knowledge can help you with relocation issues that trouble most of the people. If you opt for a moving service in Dubai then you don’t have to worry about anything. Company professionals make it a point to move everything in your home effortlessly at your new residence. Since they are trained in packing, storing and moving things, they can easily handle everything without causing any damage. You will come across a number of companies which deal in providing moving service in Dubai, but the point is which one to opt for. Be wise while choosing any service and clarify all your doubts before you take any decision. The company that you select must have a team of experts who can make shifting convenient.

The Box is one of the well established storage facilities in Dubai and provides excellent customer service. We also deal in moving service and make sure that your belongings are shifted properly. You just need to follow three simple steps to reserve an account with us. Our professionals will assist you gladly to ease your difficulties of packing, storing and moving.

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6 July 2010

Shifting Made Easy

Delicate and expensive items are entitled to additional care and better maintenance facilities. Most of the people find it tedious to transfer such items from one location to another. Many objects are difficult to carry and should be handled in a proper manner to protect them from damages. All of us have a range of items that need to be transferred carefully.

Let us take examples of television and refrigerators; can you move them properly by yourself? Such items need to be transferred by applying proper techniques. Only perfectly trained professionals know a right method to move these heavy items smoothly. Even a single scratch on your television screen is more than enough to spoil its appearance and functioning. On the other hand, compressor within the refrigerator has to be maintained properly, especially while moving the fridge. We at The Box have a team of trained professionals who apply proper techniques to move every single item in your home in a sophisticated manner. We make sure that all your belongings are shifted with extra care, without any damage. We have a variety of services for every customer; choose the one that suits your requirement.

The Box has the privilege to be the first choice of people when they think of moving service in Dubai. We have a storage house that is equipped with all the amenities and offers higher level of security measures. All our customers will be presented with a range of units with different sizes. It will not take much of your time to reserve an account with us and operate it at your own convenience.

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5 July 2010

Ask Before You Reserve An Account

Finally, it is decided that you need a storage facility in Dubai. Wait a minute; have you clarified all your doubts before reserving an account? It is always advisable to resolve confusion before you opt for any service. A number of storage facilities are eager to welcome you but be keen while making a selection.

Professionals working at The Box strive hard to answer all your queries. Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions with their corresponding answers.

1. How much space do we need?
Generally people can not determine the size of unit they would need. Hence we at The Box send our specialists free of cost who will give you space requirement estimate.

2. Is The Box able to pack our belongings before transporting?
Yes the efficient team of The Box is able to pack all your stuffs carefully before transporting them.

3. When can we access our account?
You can access any commercial or household storage in Dubai at any time using the special storage badge.

4. Where is The Box located?
Our storage facility in Dubai is located at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 and is just five minutes away from Mall of the Emirates.

The Box has gained prodigious popularity as a storage solution in Dubai because we present variety of services to our customers. In addition to storage facility we also deal in packing and moving service in Dubai. Our dynamic team of professionals looks forward to assist you with your packing, storing and moving difficulties.

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Protect Your Documents From White Ants

While discussing document storage in Dubai the only thought that captures our minds is more room in cupboards and drawers. However, many more reasons add in when you decide to keep your documents safe, away from home. Protecting your documents from insects is one of the main reasons to store all your important papers properly.

Stop assuming that insects trouble human beings only; in fact, some of the breeds are known for damaging paper and wood. Take for example white ants; they feed themselves with wood and paper. Hence your important papers lying in a cupboard can be a good feast for white ants. You cannot afford to lose your important documents, so the best idea is keeping them safe in a document archiving in Dubai. A majority of people think that their files are perfectly stored in drawers but when they open covers after a period of time, files are turned into bits of papers. Document storage in Dubai offers climate controlled facility which doesn’t allow any insect to enter the unit. These units are spacious enough to hold all your files, agreements, certificates and many other papers of higher significance.

The Box is a popular storage solution in Dubai which has a special feature dedicated to storing documents. If you wish to store your documents under our observation then reserve an account, you can easily open an account with us by following three simple steps. You can conveniently use your account at any point of the day using a special badge provided to you.

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