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26 December 2014

How Christmas Leftover Can Make Fun Meals

Christmas is officially over but the holiday spirit is still in the air. We are sure that if you open your fridge right now, it will be full of leftovers from a feast-y Christmas Day.

In the spirit of being jolly, we should all care a little bit about sustainability and not throw away those delicious leftovers.

Why do that, our editor screams, when you can turn those leftovers into yummy meals for the coming days. Here are some ideas our editor-cum-aspiring-chef gives us:

1.  A Turkey Thai Green Curry

Add a yummy meat element to the traditional Thai Green curry by adding finely diced/shredded turkey or chicken leftovers to a Thai Green curry. Cook red peppers, spring onions, peas in butter till they are soft inside. Then add curry paste and meat to the mix. Next add coconut milk and bring to boil, then cook on low for 5 minutes. Serve with rice.

2. Turkey Stir-fry

Nothing says quick and yummy the same way that stir-fry does. Shallow fry onions, garlic, vegetables in olive oil. Add finely sliced turkey slices. Squeeze lemon juice and soy sauce. Stir fry until everything is cooked to perfection.
This stir fry would go great with egg noodles.

3. Turkey Bruschetta

Toast some bread in the over. Rub a clove of raw garlic on the toast and a few drops of olive oil. After that you can put anything on top of it. Favourites include, roast turkey, tomatoes, mushrooms and fresh mint.

4. Leftovers Affogato

Affogato is a pudding that you can knock together in less than a minute. Assemble affogato in a wine glass to make it look extra special. Spoon any leftover pudding at the bottom of each glass. Top with a scoop of ice cream followed by a shot of expresso. Then crunch up amaretti biscuits and scatter on top of each glass of affogato. It'll be Christmas everyday for the rest of the week.

We hoped that you liked these leftover recipe ideas.

Do you have any family favourite Christmas leftover recipes? Let us know in the comments.

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24 December 2014

How to Organize Christmas Decorations

With only a few days to go until Christmas, we're sure you have all your decorations out and ready to put on the tree and around your beautiful house.

But spare a little thought about what will happen to the decorations once Christmas is over and you will have to take them down.

Will you put them back in boxes to store them until next year as you did the year before? If you are smart about storing your Christmas decorations this year, next year you might be free of tangled wires, heaps of wrapping paper everywhere and lost ornaments. You can do it only if you store right. Here are a few tips to get you started.

1. Store tree ornaments in plastic cups and prevent them from ever getting lost again.

2. For smaller ornaments, put them in an egg carton. You can put several egg cartons inside a storage box.

3. Christmas lights will not get tangled anymore when you wrap them neatly around small cardboard sheets or wrapping paper rolls.

4. Keep wrapping paper from getting everywhere by storing them neatly in a garment bag and hanging them up in a closet until you need them next year.

If you live in a small apartment like a lot of us do, consider storing your Christmas decoration at The Box storage facilities. We pride ourselves on being accessible, flexible, reliable and affordable. Reserve your storage space now.

Merry Christmas and happy holidays!

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23 December 2014

Facing challenges in business? Here's some helpful advice.

Here's a nice read for those facing challenges in setting up and growing their startup businesses.

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21 November 2014

Personal Finance Tips for 30-somethings

For an average person, their 20s is about work hard and party harder. But when you are in your 30s, it is important to get serious about your finances. Here is how you can go about it.

1. Eliminate Debt
In your 20s, you might accumulate a lot of debt. When you are in your 30s, it is important to get rid of the debt as quickly as you can.

Debt is the opposite of wealth. The money that you are spending paying off your debt, could instead be spent on long-term financial goals.

So get rid of debt as soon as possible. Live frugally for a few months to make extra debt payments and be financially independent.

2. Stay within Budget
Set a budget for your monthly expenses and stick to it no matter what.

Review your budget 2-3 times a year to make sure they are aligned with your long-term priorities.

In the 20s your priorities were different from what they will be now. You might not care as much about eating out or spending so much on the latest technology. Keep your budget in control by being aware of your needs and wants and adjusting your budget accordingly.

3. Make saving goals
In your 20s you probably saved for short term goals like travelling or buying a car. In your 30s, you need to save for long-term goals that will be bigger than what you have saved for before.

These could include- getting married, buying a house, saving for retirement, saving for your children's education.

Long-term goals require long-term planning. Estimate how much money you will need for each long-term goal and how much time you have to achieve them. Take inflation into account. Then systematically start saving for these goals. If you can't save for these goals in your current budget, then you might need to re-align your priorities by cutting other budget areas, find other income sources or postpone the goal.

We hope that this article was helpful in getting you thinking about your personal finance in your 30s. If you would like us to write more articles about a specific topic, let us know the comments.
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14 November 2014

The Box in Inside Self Storage, the Global Storage Magazine

We were recently featured in Inside Self Storage, the global specialty self storage magazine.

This is what they had to say about us:
"The Box helped redefine what the industry was all about... From long and short-term storage options to climate-controlled units, consumers are looking for services that suit their particular needs. The Box was amongst the first providers in the Middle East to offer these options and more, basing its services on sensitivity to individual requirements and treating client’s goods with care."

Did you know that last year, your favorite self-storage The Box was ranked No. 72 among Dubai's 75,000 small and medium enterprises.

We are very happy and proud to share this mention in a global magazine with our dear customers. We try our best everyday to provide excellent service to every interaction our customer has with The Box. It is this passion that has helped us get where we are. We hope you will stay with us throughout our exciting journey.
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17 October 2014

Where to buy packing boxes in Dubai? At The Box, of course!

The Box is proud to provide durable packing supplies that are also cost-effective. If you are wondering where you can purchase packing materials in Dubai, the answer is the same as above.

Our Great value packing supplies provide you a range of packing boxes and other packaging products at nominal prices.

Our unique Storage By The Box service provides something a little special to our clients. Here is how it works:

Step 1: We send you our super-special boxes that are very durable and water resistant. Here are their measurements:

Step 2: We deliver these special boxes to your door-step. As many as you ask for.

Step 3: Take your time to pack the boxes with things you want to put in storage.

Step 4: When you are done packing, call us and schedule a pick-up time.

Step 5: We arrive at your house at the time you chose and take the filled boxes to storage and secure them.

Step 6: If you need your items, call us and we will deliver your box to you within 24-hours.

The Box is your one-shop stop to buying packaging supplies and moving boxes in Dubai. We also provide online selection and ordering of packing material. Add them to your cart now.

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16 October 2014

Think you need a bigger office? Think again. Maybe you don't.

Are you a small or medium-sized business? Do you have items in your office that you haven't used in the last year?

If the answer to the above questions is yes then you really need to use our business storage services to clear up your office space. We're here to tell you that you can save a lot of money on office rent by using our business storage.

As the business grows, businessmen often take the decision of moving into bigger offices to account for the extra stuff and more employees. But renting out business storage space can be much cheaper than renting a bigger office.

We offer a lot of business storage options:

1. Document Storage
Not only do we offer optimum storage facilities for your documents, we also offer services such as record scanning and shredding done discreetly and confidentially.

2. Office Storage
Do you have a desk nobody is using? Or a spare computer in your office? Use our office storage facility to store things in your office that take too much space and yield little results. Free up your high rent office space with our low rent secure space.

3. Marketing Material and Events Logistics
Take advantage of our trucking and storage infrastructure throughout Dubai and UAE. If you have an event and you need to send your marketing stands and booth to location, we can help. You can focus on your dad-to-day requirement while we take care of storing and delivering the item on time at the location saving you additional costs and the embarrassment of delays.

We also offer a range of other business storage's that are customizable according to your needs Look at our business storage page to know if you can clear some of the clutter in your office by using out services.

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22 September 2014

3 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom!

Messy bathroom bothering you? Here is how you make it look fantastic!

Clean the Clutter

Is this what your bathroom vanity looks like? Maybe it is time to clean the clutter. Empty shampoo bottles, old loofahs, used toothpastes, they all have to go! Grab a trash bag and dump empty bottles and tubes of soap and shampoo in them. Other toiletries that you haven’t used in 6 months should go in the trash bag too. If you have seen a product everyday for 6 months but not gotten around to using it, it is taking up unnecessary real estate in your bathroom and it is probably time for it to end up in the thrash.

Splash of Green

A single solitary plant in the bathroom can take its wow factor up by a couple of notches. Keep the plant in a spot where you won't accidently knock it over. Opt for indoor plants that will thrive in the warm and moist environment of a bathroom. You can also opt for blooming flowers. A few of our favorite plants for the bathroom are: primrose, Chinese evergreen, African violet, begonia and bird's nest fern.

Pops of Colour

Take a quick trip to the supermarket and get new shower curtains, new towels and a new rug. Look for things in bright popping colours, especially if your bathroom tiles are white. These three things do not cost much and will definitely make your bathroom shine.

Image source:, Jasna Janekovic,
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10 September 2014

How to Pack for an Overseas Relocation

Get rid of the junk. That is the thumb rule.

Moving, especially overseas moving is a great opportunity to get rid of the junk in your life. Moving is chaotic and messy. The process becomes much simpler when you have less stuff to pack and move. Read on to know the steps you should follow when preparing for an international relocation.

The First Step
Do you really need to move those used matchstick boxes you have been collecting over the years?

The first thing you need to do before packing is to discard all the junk you have been storing. The more stuff you have, the more it will cost to move it.

If you have not used an item for 2 years then it is time to throw it out. Make a donation box and put all the items that you have not used for a while in it and take it to the local orphanage. Or maybe have a garage sale on a weekend and make a few bucks.

Hire a Moving Company
When you Google international moving companies in your area, chances are you will find a lot of companies with a variety of price and service offerings. Compare the services and reviews of all the moving companies’ that you see.

Remember that the company that offers the best pricing might not always offer the best service. Go for a reputed company that is highly recommended by their past customers. The Box is one of the finest international moving companies in the Middle East. All of our employees work very hard to ensure the best customer service is provided and to make sure that every moving experience is as seamless as possible.

Once you have a mover, book them several weeks in advance. Experienced movers know that it takes several weeks to make adequate arrangements. Take your movers through the items that you will be moving and point out specific items that need special care during moving.

The essentials
Pack enough toiletries and medicines to last you a few months. Your first few months in a new country are bound to be rushed and you will be more relaxed if you know you have enough supplies of your essentials to keep you going for a few months. You can always find replacements when you have settled in.

Also remember to pack a few items that give you a sense of home. Moving to a new country can evoke a strong sense of nostalgia and what better way to combat it than to being a bit of home with you. Take a few of your favorite photographs with you. Don't put them in the storage boxes. Put them in the handbag so that you can put them up as soon as you reach your new house.

When you choose The Box as your partner for international relocations, you gift yourself some peace of mind. Contact us for more details.
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22 August 2014

Relocation: 4 Tips to make the day after moving easy for you

Moving out is never easy. But what is more difficult is adjusting to a new house with your belonging packed in boxes. Here are a few tips to make the day and days after moving easier for you.

1.    Always unpack your bedroom furniture first
When you move in a new place, it is given that you will be living out of boxes for a few weeks. What makes the process easier is if you have some private space where you can go to relax. That is why it is a good idea to unpack your bedroom furniture first. The best way to do this is to load it on the moving truck last. This was it will be the first thing in your new home.

2.    Assemble your bed first
Moving is tiring and what you will need the most after a tiring day is a place to lay your head. Right after the packers unload your boxes, take some time to assemble your bed and make it. This way you will have a comfortable bed waiting for you at the end of a long day.

3.    First meal in the new house
It is often hard to cook in the new house on the moving day. The kitchen is not assembled and grocery is not shopped for. Here is a tip to make it easier for you: Load a casserole or a slow cooker with food with you when you are moving and start cooking it as soon as you reach your new home. This way you do not have to take the effort to go and eat outside after a hard day.

4.    Use a laundry basket to store toiletries
An overnight bag might be too small for all your toiletries and you might have to dig around to find exactly what you need.  A better idea is to put all your toiletries in your laundry basket which is bigger. This makes it easier to find what you are looking for.

When you move with The Box, we provide you with assistance throughout your move. Right from packing up the stuff to the traveling and the unpacking, all relocation is handled with a lot of care. We understand the value of your belongings and make take care to transport them as safely as possible.

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14 August 2014

5 Artsy Storage Ideas you can implement at Home

The Artsy Shelf
This shelf is an art exhibit by Ian McDonald and we are really inspired by how simplistic, functional and beautiful it is. What looks like a mish mash of odd bits, really just comes alive when put together. It makes us want to reclaim old bits of storage and recreate something like this.

The Artistic Way of storing firewood
Gone are the days when you need to store firewood in the basement and lug them up the stairs on cold winter days. You can now place firewood in your living room and jam wooden crates randomly between the wood. We’re big fans of firewood!

Pipes can be beautiful too!
Pipes are ugly no longer. Gone are the days when designers would hide pipes behind walls or ceilings. Using pipes in design can be classy and fun. Look at this beautiful shelf created with a frame made of pipe.  It creates the required symmetry in the room and gives it a wonderful artsy feel.

The Hanging branch
Bring a slice of the wild in your home by suspending a big strong piece of wood from your ceiling and using it as a clothes rack. This beautiful and minimalistic rack is also a great way of showing off your designer coats and fur.

Mixing Art and Wine
This sturdy wine rack not only holds your wine bottles but also the pretty wine glasses. This rack will allow you to display your wines with pride in your living room.

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23 July 2014

Say Goodbye to Rummaging Through Storage Boxes

If you store a lot of your stuff in boxes, locating what you need can be a hassle.  It can get pretty tiring to sort through all of your boxes to find the particular item you are looking for.

We found this cute solution to the problem. Have a look.

Image source: Ikea

Take photos of the stored object, print it and paste it on the box outside. So easy and convenient! And the end effect is beautiful to say the least. Of all the ways to label storage boxes, we like this the best. This is one storage tip that we are going to keep carefully. We’re saying goodbye to rummaging through storage boxes with this adorable solution. What about you?

Order storage boxes from the The Box, the most customer-oriented Relocation Services Company in Dubai. Check out our website for our Great Value Storage Packages and make bumper savings.
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18 July 2014

5 Fun Ways to Use Cardboard Boxes

Don’t let your cardboard boxes just lie around. Put them to some good use. Look below at our suggestions to get some awesome ideas.

Give it to your kids and let them get creative with it!
image source:

Create an artsy living space cum cardboard shelter.

Image Source:

Get creative with a box frame

Image Source:

Tape them up to create cool, funky shelving units

Image Source:

Use it to teach your toddler about shapes and sizes

Image Source:

With so many alternative uses of cardboard storage boxes, why wait before you order your storage set. We are the premier and most customer-friendly Movers and Packers in Dubai. Check out our website for our Great Value Storage Packages.

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27 June 2014

The Right Way to Store your Winter Wear

Cut down
Find a sweater or coat you haven't worn for a couple of winters? Maybe it is time to dispose of it! Donate it and earn some goodwill points and also make some well-deserved space in your wardrobe.

Wash Before Storing
Some might say it is common sense to wash stuff before you store them but often people forget to do this. Washing is very, very important people. That stain on your jacket will be easier to wash off this year than the next. Also, stains are hotspots for bugs.

Wash everything in the hottest water or best, drop them off at the cleaners before you store them.
At all costs, avoid fabric softeners and starch as they can attract insets to them.

Cedar Magic
Cedar wood is god sent when it comes to storing winter wear. It is a wonderful way to keep those pesky moths at bay and have your clothes smelling like sweet, musky cedar at the beginning of each winter.
Make sure though that you do not store your fur in cedar boxes. The oil from Cedar can ruin your fur.

Storing Fur
Fur coats and fur trimmed clothes have been in vogue lately. And who can resist the fashionista draped in a stylish fur scarf? But it takes some effort to keep in its original soft and lustrous state. The best way to store fur is to rent out special temperature and humidity controlled vaults that are offered by furriers and storage spaces.

The venue is important.
The ideal venue to store your winter wear is somewhere cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated. Light can bleach your clothes and lead to faded spots and patches; whereas warm, moist places are home to bugs and rodents. Air circulation wards off mildew.

Box is the answer to storing your winter wear appropriately. Get in touch with us at BoxMe and we will you plan a customized storage solution for your winter wear.

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20 May 2014

Searching For the Right Packers and Movers for the Best Services

Every user wants to experience the best services while moving. As an end user you are concerned about the services you are receiving from packers and movers and there is an added caution attached to your goods safety.

Finding a trusted Packers and Movers is not a daunting task:
Any disservice or bad experience leads to a trust deficit between two parties especially the Client and the Company. Finding a trusted packers and movers is unlike selecting a prospective partner. It is not such a daunting task. Some of them even have an international presence which makes them more visible to the eye. The trusted names in the business are ISO certified.

Understand your needs:
Finding a trusted packers and movers is not a very difficult task. However you will have to zero down on the ones of your choice if you wish to have it your way. In order to understand your needs you need to know the goods you want to move and the ones you don’t. It is that simple. With personal storage you can keep with you the things you like and stash away the rest.

Understand what Packers and Movers are offering:
It is essential as a client to understand the packers and movers you are going to opt for, based on your needs. It is essential to understand what each company is offering if you want to choose the right people suitable to your needs. After looking up the websites of the packers and movers you will understand their offering and how it might help to fulfill your necessities of packaging and moving.

Communicate with the packers and movers:
It is essential that you spend time communicating with the representatives of the Packers and Movers. They are available on phone through their call centers, through email communication and through the chat facility available on their websites. There are innovative ways through which Packers and Movers reach out to their customers like social media, chatting, telephoning. They are easily accessible and want to be accessible. Packers and Movers too are specialized and at times may cater only to a particular type of clients. A packers and movers catering to commercial type clients may not cater to residential types.

Understand the rates:
There is a base rate for every service offered by Packers and Movers. However you need to understand that while some packers are cheap, others are reasonable and while others still charge exorbitant rates. It depends on the service offered. While a well known Packers and movers will offer an assurance for his services there is a new entrant in the market who is ready to do the same thing for half the rate. He may have developed a reputation over the years serving hundreds of thousands of clients while the newbie wants to build his client base.

Understand the brand you are dealing with:
When you are dealing with a big brand you will notice quality service being delivered, though not necessarily. However big brands will give you assurance and it also depends on your needs if you choose to go for a big logistics partner for business needs or personal storage and moving needs.

Breaking the Myth:
The myth buster goes this way. You identify a negative publicity you hear on social media, trade circles and friends. You mostly go with it because that’s what most people do. You can go by what people say on online forums and other places like social media. Each experience is unique - a baggage of complaints about a particular company means that the company is bad but a single complaint doesn’t mean much, though it counts.

Choose carefully:
Make an informed Choice about your Packers and movers. After researching much and enquiring from friends and relatives you will come to a conclusion. The Packers and movers need not provide you with the best of the facilities in the world. Just go for the one that suits you.

Payments are accepted in cheque’s, cash, and all major cards. The services are prepaid. You will have to pay in advance for residential services category. In the commercial category, you will have to sign agreements. Payments are important so make them carefully .Companies are very particular about payments.

Final delivery

Companies make sure your goods are delivered safely .You can even insure your goods for a fee. This is an option.

End product

The end product is what the Packers and movers have to offer you. It is the ultimate gift of satisfaction that they deliver to you of your precious goods so never compromise on it. In the end it is you who is supposed to be happy.
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16 May 2014

An Expatriate Guide to Using Self Storage

When you are an expatriate you may be travelling worldwide from place to place. If you are a business man in the emirates you may be travelling within the emirates in order to fulfill your company’s business goals.

Record of serving a host of corporate clients:
Our corporate clients include some large corporations like Microsoft, Vertu, Blackberry, Nokia HSBC, DiaGeo, Shell, DHL and CISCO. We have been serving clients since 2006.Within a span of 8 years we have provided storage facility to a host of corporate and personal clients. We have tied up with several corporate entities to serve them and their employees who come to Dubai.

A strong value system:
We believe our customers are kings and our USP is our timely service. It becomes essential that we put to practice those values in serving customers. We have packages customized to suit everyone’s needs. We understand that each client is different and unique. Someone on the move will look up for the best range of services on a platter.

List the items:
Firstly you need to make a list of items you need to put up for storage and the ones you carry with you. The purpose of self storage is to make it easier for your goods and valuables to find a place that is easily accessible to someone whom you can authorize or do it on your own if you have no qualms about it.

Prepare a Checklist:
You will have to make a checklist of the things you need with you and the ones you want to stash away in storage. In order to prepare a checklist use the app on your phone to prepare a checklist of the things you want to carry on the next flight you are boarding. Make a list of clothes leaving some place for gadgets - phones, tablets and earplugs. Make sure you carry your passport, air tickets and medications. Do not forget the toiletries .While some of the toiletries are provided on board they may not last long for the entire journey.

Keep your Books in storage:
You might have some of your treasured books, documents and other things in your place which deserve a good storage space. It is essential keeping in mind that you need to choose the best company for your self storage, one of them being “The Box”. “The Box” offers a complete set of solutions for your storage needs.
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25 April 2014

5 Tips for Vehicle Storage

Are you planning to go on a very long vacation and have no idea as to where
to leave your car? Or, you do not have the space to keep your car? Well, this is when vehicle storage comes to your rescue! However, before you actually take your car to a storage unit, here are some tips that you should follow:

1.    Keep Your Car Covered:
Well, even if your storage unit is an indoor one, it is advisable to keep your car covered. It is essential to do so because keeping your vehicle uncovered will result in accumulation of dust on it over a considerable amount of time. Also, if you have an outdoor storage space, it is ideal to have a weatherproof cover for your car so that it doesn’t hamper the condition of your vehicle no matter what the weather conditions are.

2.    Clean the Vehicle:
Well, it may seem silly to some to have your car washed before you send it in for vehicle storage. However, it is one important step that you cannot simply overlook. You need to store your vehicle in a completely hygienic way.  Stains, bird droppings, leftovers of food items all need to be gotten rid of before the car goes into storage. These things not only spoil the car externally and also damage the car parts. Make sure that you clean all the wheels as well and get rid of all the mud as it can spoil your car’s tires in the long run.

3.    Change the Oil:
If you are storing your vehicle for a longer period of time, it is essential that you change the engine’s oil. Used engine oil is known to have some contaminants. These contaminants could spoil your vehicle’s engine. So, it is essential that your change the engine oil and only then store your car or vehicle.

4.    Avoid Flat Spots:
Well, if your vehicle is stored in the same position for a considerable amount of time, it is possible that it might develop a flat spot. If you do not store your vehicle properly, it is possible that the tires will develop a permanent flat spot and eventually you will have to discard them. So, it is essential that you remove the wheels and place the car on a jack to avoid this ugly flat tires situation. You can consider taking your vehicle on a small drive while it is in the storage. This will make the vehicle non-stationery for a long time and this will easily avoid the flat spots too.

5.    Keep the Bugs Away:
An empty space could easily be a vacation home for pests and bugs. You do not want to end up opening your vehicle and seeing the rodents partying in it. Well, to avoid this, it is important that you cover any gaps you think pests could enter from.  Spread mothballs, cedar sticks and other such things which will keep the rodents away.  If you still aren’t really convinced, you can lay a couple of mouse traps or rat poison. However, if you do so, ensure that the staff checks your garage regularly. Dead pests can generate strong stenches and your vehicle could be in a complete mess.

Essentially, these are the things you need to do when you need to store your automobile in a vehicle storage space. So, follow these guidelines and make sure that you have a hassle free storage.
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17 April 2014

Tips to Pack Antiques and Valuables

Moving out is a quite a tedious process in itself. Packing your goods can be
another hassle. However, your major concern is always going to be to pack your valuables and antiques. These are things which are your prized possessions and you cannot simply bear a breakage or any other kind of damage to these goods. Well, simply follow these tips and ensure a hassle free packing process for your valuables:

Correct Packing Materials:
If you have the original cartons for your collectibles, it is better to use the same for packing your goods. Well,

this is because these cartons or boxes were made just for the product, so, these boxes are just the perfect ones to pack your goods with. However, if you do not have the same cartons, you can always buy some from the moving and packing companies. These companies provide you with a wide array of packing materials to choose from. In fact, if you have antiques which are shaped differently than the regular ones, you can place an order with the moving company to provide you with a carton or a box which is customized as per your goods’ shape.

Void Filling Materials:
Transportation cannot always be smooth. At the same time, the handling of

your goods can be rough. So, in order to protect your delicate valuables, you need to ensure that you have packed them well. Do not leave any space between the boxes you’ve packed. It is always advisable to fill these places with void fillers like bubble wraps.  There are many other things you can use as gap fillers. Your old newspapers are excellent for filling the space in your cartons. You can also use blankets or cushions for the same.

Systematic Packing:
Chinaware is pretty delicate. Such things need to be packed in a very systematic order. Do not place them one over the other and dump them into a box. Each item needs to be wrapped separately, no matter how small or big it is. For instance, if you are placing your plates in one box or carton, ensure that each plate is wrapped separately in either bubble wrap or newspapers and then stacked together. Also, you need to make certain that all the boxes which carry your fragile items are marked so. This enables the moving staff to understand that these boxes need to be handled with utmost care.

Hygiene is Important:
It is highly essential that you clean all your valuables and collectibles before packing them. This is because if there is any kind of stain on these items and if they stay packed for a long time, there might be a chance that the stain leaves a permanent mark on your favourite vase or other item. Moreover, if there are food particles or other dirt in these things, there is a huge possibility that it might attract bugs and other insects. This is highly dangerous especially for any leather valuables.

Essentially, these are the tips you need to keep in mind before you pack your prized possessions. What you also need to understand is that if there are objects which look too difficult for you to wrap on your own, it is better to leave them for the movers and packers to pack them for you.
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24 March 2014

How to Store Valuables: Self-Storage is the Ideal Option

Are you very protective towards your valuables? Of course you are! And there are very few other heartbreaking things to watch than seeing your favourite piece of crystal shatter into pieces. Well, sometimes we have so many things stacked in our place; it just gets very difficult to store your valuables in the right way. Well, worry not! Every problem has a solution and every dark cloud a silver lining! Well, here the silver solution to your problem is the right self storage facility.

A self-storage unit is the ideal place to store your antics and valuables. These places have excellent facilities and are well equipped to ensure the excellent storage if your possessions. So, how do you store your prized possessions well? Here are a few things you need to consider before you pack your goods and set off to a storage facility:

1. Do a research:
It is essential for you to understand the different types of storage units available.  Also, it is important that you know what kinds of facilities are offered by the storage companies. Some companies are definitely better than the others. So, it is advisable that you compare different companies and figure out which company suits you the best according to your requirements and needs. Research will also help you in knowing the ongoing rates in the market with regards to the storage facilities. So, you will know what the correct price you need to pay is.

2. Get a Climate Control Storage:
Well, it is not necessary that all your valuables or antics can survive all the types of weather conditions. Some materials get spoiled in extreme temperatures. This can especially be true in the case of leathers. For some goods, humidity is a big concern. They might develop moulds, moisture might spoil the texture of such materials metal corrosion may take place or paper rotting can take place. So, it is essential that you rent climate controlled storage units to keep these materials in their best conditions. While these units are costlier than the regular ones, they are still worth spending the extra money when you are looking out to store something so precious.

3. Check the Security of the Unit:
Well, you are going to store something so precious in a rented space; you definitely want to ensure that your valuables are in the right hands. So, before you rent out a space, it is of utmost importance that you check the facility’s security measures. It is ideal for a storage facility to have a 24X7 monitoring of your storage unit. This is even more important when you are storing something so much valuable to you. Not just the CCTVs, but it is also essential for the storage company to maintain a proper record of who has been entering and exiting the units. Proper fencing, biometric fingerprints reader, security keypads and other such security features are ideal for storage facilities.

4. Buy Insurance:
Insuring your valuables is of great importance. Some insurance companies insure goods whether they are stored in your owned premises or even in other locations. You need to cross check the same with your insurance company and the storage company as well. Some storage companies offer you insurance with the space; some others have it from a third party. It is your responsibility to check with the company what kind of insurance is being provided.

5. Leave your Valuables in Excellent Conditions:
It is important that you leave store your valuables the right way. They need to be clean and protected in the right way, even if they are stored in climate controlled units. Moreover, these are your precious possessions. So, it is essential for you to protect them the correct way. Wrap all the crystal items in a bubble wrap or foam peanuts and then place them in the unit. If you are storing books, ensure you have book covers to keep them safe. Wooden furniture should be stored with polish on it. Make sure that you store spaciously so that your items have the space to “breathe”.

Essentially, these are the tips you need to consider when you want to store your valuables in a rented storage space.

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11 March 2014

4 Common Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Self-storage is like superman rescuing you from a tricky situation! Well, self storages are definitely the ideal options for not only de-cluttering your house but also for ensuring that all your goods stay in the perfect required condition that you are looking out for. However, if you are an individual taking up self-storage for the first time, here are a few mistakes you would like to avoid:

1. Not having a Plan:
Well, you cannot simply walk in, into a storage company and ask them to rent you a storage unit. You need to be planned in advance about it. Moreover, just planning to rent out a unit is not all you need to do. There are several other things you need to be careful about. You need to understand that there are other aspects you need to be prepared about. You also need to be well planned about how you will arrange things in your rented space. What goes where also needs to be decided. There are some things which you might store in a self storage space but you might need them frequently, so make sure that you have planned to position these things in a way that you do not need to move or take out all the contents of the storage space. So, it is essential that you have a plan in place.

2. Beware of Dust and Damp:
Well, you’ll think that once your goods are inside the unit, they can remain unharmed. Well, that’s not true! Dust and dirt can accumulate over a period of time. This particularly takes place when your rented space is closed for a long time and you haven’t given it a visit. Moreover, changes in temperature can also affect the quality of your possessions. So, it is important that you store climatically sensitive goods in a climate controlled unit. Dust should never be underestimated either. If you are storing clothes, make sure to cover them with light, protective cover so that dust does not settle on them and spoil the clothes. It is important to wrap all your goods so that dust or dirt does not spoil them.

3. Too Many Boxes:
It is advisable that you pack your goods effectively and place them just right. You don’t want an avalanche of boxes destroying your goods. Well, with so much of space, you might get tempted to fill it up with boxes. Well, if you have too many boxes, make sure that the boxes are filled completely. If some boxes are half filled, place them at the top and not at the bottom. Always place light items on the top and heavy ones at the bottom. Use bags and shelves to keep some of your goods. This will help in reducing the number of boxes stacked in your unit. Also, it is advisable that you store heavier items in smaller boxes.

4. Letting the Bugs Feast:
Bugs and rodents can be disastrous to your storage units. It is essential for you to protect your goods from these little nasty creatures. Well, do not ignore if you see a little cockroach running around. His friends and family might have already started spoiling other things. So, how do you prevent these intruders from entering your storage unit? Well, it’s simple! Dust the corners and the spaces around the baseboards with boric acid. Lavender is known to repel moths. Smelly balls, cedar blocks and other anti-insect fresheners are excellent to keep rodents and mice away from your precious belongings.

So, make sure that you follow all these tips and avoid these silly mistakes while you are storing your precious belongings. 
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17 February 2014

Best Ways to Handle Long Distance Moving

So, you are planning to shift to a new place altogether and it is quite far from your current residence. Well, it can be a huge task to change locations. Moving out involves a lot of things to be done and it can be all pretty confusing. Well, the best people to help you through this process are moving companies. These companies are experts and function with great expertise, making your long distance moving a smooth process. However, before you move out, there are a few other things that you need to take care of. Here are a few tips that could be much useful before you move out.

1.    Get an estimate:
A good moving company will have its representative come to your place. After a thorough inspection of all the goods that need to be moved, they will provide you with a written estimate of approximate cost. This is highly important as you will be spending a lot of money in the entire process. So, it is essential that you have a fair idea as to how much are you going to spend over the moving process only.

2.    Insurance:
Whatever goods that you are planning to take along with you are of great importance to you. Thus, it is important that these materials be protected by insurance. Ask your moving company about the insurance plans that they offer and select the one that suits you the best.  So, you can be worry free after you have all your possessions insured as any unfortunate damage would be taken care of by the moving company.

3.    Garage Sale:
Well, you can get rid of things which you do not really intend to take along to your new home in a much profitable way; hold a garage sale! In this way, you lessen your moving load as well. It doesn’t make sense to carry what is not important or something that you wouldn’t be needing in your new place. Instead of throwing it away, hold a garage sale; you might earn some good cash.

4.    Start Packing Early:
As soon as you know you have to move out, start packing. Well, you are travelling a long distance. It is important that you carry everything essential. You are not going to make frequent trips here, so, make sure you have everything packed before hand. The trick is to start packing non-essential items earlier. Pack things which you do not use on a daily basis first. Make sure you have packed  important documents.

5.    Complete important work:
Long distance moving is seldom an overnight decision. So, you have ample time in your hand to finish any kind of pending work. Finish any pending legal formalities, unsubscribe from newspapers, magazines and newsletter subscriptions. Also, give the bank and other important institutions your new address. Tell your friends and family about your moving and provide them with your new contact details as well.

6.    Make a List:
This is one of the most helpful things. Making a list of tasks and all the things that need to be packed is important. You need to ensure that you have finished all the essential tasks and then checked with your list. However, ensure that you are not making a lot of lists that you cannot keep a tab on.

These are a few tips you can use while you plan moving a long distance. One of the most essential things to do is to choose the correct movers and packers. There are many moving and relocation companies in Dubai, which provide excellent services. So, call your moving company today and get going!
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