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22 February 2011

The Box provides Best Climate Controlled Unit

People these days are facing lot of storage problem in Dubai. It is so happening that the occupied space is increasing while the empty space is diminishing. You have sufficient storage at your place but do not have climate controlled units. Because of this things kept in the storage facility may get damaged by the period of time.

There are few storage solutions in Dubai who provide with climate controlled units, of these The Box is one of the most preferred one. We at the climate controlled units protect your sensitive belongings like antiques, paintings, musical instruments, seasonal clothing etc. We have built the structure of these facilities in different way. The roofs of these facilities are impermeable roof which will help protect from rains. Also they are built up at particular height to protect the goods inside the unit from flood. The temperature of the climate controlled units at The Box is controlled depending upon your belongings as we know extreme climatic conditions may spoil your belongings. The best part about storing your goods with our climate controlled units is that, your wooden furniture is prevented from termites. With the metal construction and tough concrete pests can be kept at bay.

The Box is one storage facility which provides with various storage solutions like commercial, personal, document storage in Dubai etc. We are known for providing the best storage facility with best services to the customers.

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15 February 2011

Storing Things in New City Now Easy

Dubai is a business hub. Many a times it happens that people come down to Dubai to start up their business. In this case it may happen that you take a place on rent till the time you settle down properly. If you belong to UAE then relocating is not a difficult task but what if you are not from UAE. It may happen that before you are settled your luggage may reach you. What would be your plan of action in this case?

This is the very moment we come into the picture. The Box is a storage company in Dubai who would surely help you out with the problem. At the storage facility in Dubai you can keep your goods safely. Whether they are your personal goods or your official belongings at storage units of The Box you can keep them and we guarantee you the safety of your goods. Our storage units in Dubai have climate controlled facility. The temperature in these facilities is set depending upon the need of your object. Also these storage units are accessible for 24 hours of the day. The facility at The Box has round the clock updated visitor access log. Your goods are safe as we have 24 hour CCTV surveillance. We also take the precaution that your valuables are safe and they are not eaten up by the insects.

We also provide you with long term and short term storage solutions at The Box depending upon your requirement.

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8 February 2011

Go on Vacation Tension Free

Why do we go for a vacation? Just to relax ourselves from our daily chores. But it happens that, even though we are out to relax there are number of things which are constantly going on in our mind. Those things are like locking the house, closing the taps etc. But most important thing which many people think about is “whether their car is safe?”

While going on a vacation it is not necessary you take your car. That time you keep your car in the parking but, is that place purely safe? Many a times it happens that deck from your car may get robbed or some parts of the car or even there are cases where when family is on vacation their car has been stolen. This is surely a thing which will make you worry but The Box a storage facility in Dubai is ready to help you. With the car storage in Dubai available at The Box you can store your cars safely with us. Also we will keep a proper check on your car. We help you with keeping it clean, regular ignition, tire checks etc. The storage facility at The Box is open for 24 hours of the day.

Apart from car storage we provide with various storage solutions like personal storage, document storage and record management in Dubai etc. At The Box we also provide with house removal services like movers and packers in Dubai.

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1 February 2011

Multiple Storage Solutions in Dubai

Dubai is the center of attraction, people round the globe visit Dubai either for holidays or for business purpose. There are many storage solutions in Dubai, these storage solutions in Dubai provide you with various storage facilities, moving services and house removals in Dubai etc. But people in Dubai prefer to store their valuables with The Box. There reason behind The Box being the preferred solution is:

The company provides with ample of storage space in Dubai.

The storage facility is accessible at any point of the day.

The Box is equipped with storage units of various sizes to store any kind of object you wish to.

Your belongings are stored under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. They are assured to be stored under high standard solutions.

The Box provides its customers with climate controlled units for their belongings.

The Box is known for making provisions for any storage solutions in UAE, needed by you. This is the one of the most exclusive feature of The Box which puts the company in the league of storage facilities.

To be the member of The Box you just have to follow three simple. They are choosing the unit, complete the sign up form and you are the member of The Box. Car storage in Dubai is one of the eye catching features of The Box. The experts from the company are always ready to help you.

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