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30 December 2013

Packaging Boxes: How to Choose Them Right

So, you’ve planned to move out and you have no idea how to pack your
materials. Well, firstly you should understand what all you need to pack and take along with you. It is important that you segregate your possessions so that you can use the correct packaging materials. Once you are done separating your belongings, it is important to know what kind of boxes you will need for each of these things. It is essential that you acquire the correct boxes for your items.

  Boxes for light items:
Well, these are items that are either inexpensive or unbreakable. So, it is advisable that you do not spend a great deal over these boxes. Simple boxes made of recyclable paper or boxes obtained from local retailers would do. However, ensure that these boxes are in a decent condition; though you intend to use them for packing inexpensive goods, these belongings are still important to you. Thus, pick up cheap but good quality boxes. You can try obtaining such boxes from your paper scrap dealer or a fruit vendor or even supermarkets. Simply ensure that these boxes are clean and free from any insect infestations. 

  Boxes for Clothes:
You will have a variety of clothing. Some of it you can simply fold and place flat in the boxes. However, some clothing items cannot be folded and laid flat. For such items, it is prudent that you choose boxes which have hangers inside them, so that it is just a mini wardrobe that you are carrying along with you. Such boxes are available in all three sizes- small, medium and large, the choice of which depends on your requirements and preferences. However, bear in mind that these boxes could become heavy. Also, they might occupy a lot of space. All the same, they would keep your clothes intact and damage free, so, such boxes are ideal for your wardrobe.

  Boxes for Electronics:
Now this is a tricky one. It is important that you pack your electronic goods with utmost care and caution. If you have a computer, make sure that you dissemble it and pack each of the parts separately. If you have boxes for the same that you had got these electronics in, it would be great. If not, it is advisable that you buy sturdy boxes, which can take the weight of all your electronic possessions. Also, it is important that you protect your goods with the help of bubble wrap and other such vacuum filling materials, so that these goods do not get damaged when in transport or due to any type of rough handling. 

  Boxes for Fragile Items:
It is obvious that you will have items like mirrors, some antiques or artwork that is pretty delicate. Carrying these possessions seems to a worrisome task. However, this too can be managed with the right tactics. You can use overtly large boxes to pack such things. Put in a lot of padding and make sure that your item is well covered. It is essential that you put a lot of padding around it so that even if there is any sort of collision, the possessions inside the box remain unharmed.

  Boxes for Uniquely Shaped Items:
There are some things in your belongings that have a completely different shape and these things would not just fit into the square boxes. Perplexed? Do not worry; there is a solution for this tricky situation as well. What you can do is, you can make your own box. Cut two boxes or make a new one from a corrugated cardboard or any other material that you think is suitable for such possessions. 

Thus, you can use these tips to make sure that your possessions remain safe and sound during the entire moving process. Such boxes and packing materials are easily available with a majority of moving and packing companies in UAE.
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13 December 2013

Top 3 Reasons to Use a Self-Storage Unit

So, you’ve been coming across ‘self-storage’ ideas and facilities lately. Ever
wondered who uses self-storage and why people might need it? Well, here are a few situations wherein you need a self-storage service:

You are selling your space:
It might be a commercial office or your residence that you plan to sell off. Well, it is useful to go for such services when you are in the process of selling your place and even afterwards. A clear, less cluttered space always makes a better impression to the buyers.  Any broker or agent will always ask you to make sure that your place looks presentable and eye pleasing. If your place looks spacious and neat, it is definitely up for consideration while buying. What’s more, once your place is sold, you would need a storage space to keep the items that you need. These things could be anything from old furniture, antiques, and a big chandelier that is not actually needed in that space. You might also want to replace your old furniture with some new rented one, just to make your place presentable to the buyers.  So, this is one reason why you might want to rent a storage unit. 

You Love Your Possessions:
Well, are you one of those people who love everything that they have?  Do you hoard all your possessions? You might think that no matter how rarely you put into use certain items in your house, you might need them some day or other. Thus, you do not want to dispose these things away. However, it gets difficult maintaining all these things over a long period of time. So, self-storage is the ideal option for such people. Your goods can be stored efficiently and they are handled extremely well. You can walk into your storage unit any time you want to; most self-storage units have a 24x7 access so you can keep a tab on your possessions. Well, since you are so very concerned with your goods, storage spaces are ideal for you as they have high vigilance and security. Typically, all storage units are monitored with CCTV cameras and have a record for every entry and exit. These units are also useful because hoarding things takes up a lot of space in your house. Your child’s bedroom may become a mess and your little one might not be able to play and have fun in his or her own room. Also, nobody likes a cramped up home. A spacious, bright house is what you would prefer coming home to after a long day of work. 

You are Renovating your House:
So, you think your place needs to be rebuilt or renovated. However, refurbishing your place doesn’t necessarily mean you will throw away all the old belongings. You would definitely want to retain some valuables and other things in the house. May be your dining table is just fine and you do not need a new one or you love your piano way too much to do away with it just because your house is getting renovated. Well, you can easily hire such services and store all your belongings for whatever time period your house is getting the new looks for. These companies offer you long term and short term storage services. So, you can easily choose either of the options and make sure that none of your precious possessions are damaged. These services often offer a pickup service for your goods; the staff is highly professional and skilled and knows how to handle goods. Also, these services offer insurance policies and thus, any unfortunate damage is covered. 

Usually, these are the three reasons why people opt out for self storage facilities. They are ideal and apt for many. You have a peace of mind, sense of security and more importantly, you are sorted with the help of these services. 

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27 November 2013

Packing Tips You Will Love

All geared up to move out to a new place? You are worried about the packing part, may be? Well here are a few tips that you need to follow to ensure that your pack up is a smooth process:
  • Firstly, start assembling things the time you’ve decided to move out. Starting early is always beneficial. It reduces hassles and gives you ample amount of time to plan your schedule.
  • Pack all the heavy items in small boxes. This will prevent the movement of these items and your back will thank you. Also, it is advisable that you mark these boxes separately; you will know what you are picking up.
  • Tackle one room at a time. Don’t be in a hurry to be everywhere. Start from the most complicated room of your house and proceed to the easiest one. In this way, you will make sure that everything is systematic and you haven’t forgotten anything. In addition to this, what you can also do is mark each box for the room it belongs to; this makes unpacking and unloading easier.
  • When you are packing a lot of things in a large box, make sure that you place heavier things at the bottom. The fragile and light stuff can be damaged if placed at the bottom. 
  • Use the correct packaging materials. You need to ensure that all your belongings are wrapped well. Use bubble wraps and/or newspapers to pack any breakables. Fill all the gaps in the boxes. Any kind of collision can damage the items. You can also put into use items like pillows and blankets to wrap things. 
  • Utilize your own goods well. Things like pots and pans have a lot of space inside them, which can be used to store small items like pins, clips, etc.
  • Liquids need to be stored differently. Especially the ones which are coloured. It is essential that these liquids are packed carefully. Any spillage is going to be messy for you to clear up later. Apart from this, it can also damage other goods which some stains that might not go.
  • Any valuables like watches or jewellery needs to be kept safe. You certainly do not want to lose them. Keep them in a box which you can be carrying yourself throughout the move.

These are a few crucial tips that can make your moving procedure a cake walk! 
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11 November 2013

The Box Self Storage Services Ranked No. 72 on Dubai SME 100 Rankings

The Box Self Storage Services Ranked No. 72 on Dubai SME 100 Rankings
The Box is all about state of the art high security storage facilities, accessible 24/7, packaged with a moving service and supported by exceptional customer service. Started as a home-run business hosted at founder Wadih Haddad’s home in 2006, their first formal facility was in Al Qouz in 2007. Now The Box runs operations across the UAE, with 15 storage facilities, partnerships with storage companies, and even run a service in Beirut. That, specifically, is the new stage: going regional. A company that has scaled itself with its customer base, its direction is clear and its mission unvarying.

The Box Self Storage LLC Located at
Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, Just five minutes away from Mall of the Emirates, Dubai.
Phone: +971 4 3400156
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7 November 2013

Mistakes to Avoid While Moving Out

So, you are planning to shift to a new home or are temporarily moving out your items to a storage facility. Well, what you need to make sure is that your moving process is smoothly handled and taken care of.  There are some common mistakes that you need to avoid and your moving out is going to be a cake walk! 

Improper Billing:
Well, this is the most common scam that takes place. Companies promise you an estimated amount and then the bill is much more than that you were told. This is a way of cheating customers, that many rogue movers use. Apart from this, what these kinds of companies also do is tell you that they wouldn't start the moving process unless the entire payment is done. What you need to do in these cases is check the company’s payment policies, if there are any complaints about the company from any customers and make sure you are given a realistic estimate value. Also, taking everything in written document is highly advisable. Rogue moving companies try to settle things orally; avoid these companies completely. 

Moving is a complicated and tedious task, agreed. However, this is the main reason you are employing a moving company.  There are some companies which are utterly careless about your belongings and handle them in a totally unprofessional and reckless manner. Well, there could also be some horrifying and unfortunate situations where you realize that some of your goods are simply ‘missing’. So, what do you do in these cases? It’s simple! You ensure that you have insurance for all your belongings that you are handing over to the moving company. This makes it mandatory for the company to either handle your goods in a neat manner or pay up for the damage caused by them. 

Huge Deposits:
Generally, moving companies have a small amount of deposit that they take from the customers. Well, it is ‘small’. However, there are rogue companies which demand humongous amounts as deposits, to block their calendar for you. Smell a rotten rat and immediately consult some other mover. No reputed company will ask for a big amount as a deposit. 

In a nutshell, these are the mistakes that you should strongly avoid to ensure that you are not dealing with a fraud company. 
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25 October 2013

Corrugated Boxes: A Profitable Bargain

So, you are packing up for your moving. You wonder how to pack your possessions

the best. Well, corrugated boxes are the best packaging aids. They are generally put into use for multiple purposes; they can be used for packing up food, home appliances, parcel boxes, etc. These boxes are sturdy and are designed with a different type of cardboard called the corrugated cardboard.

These boxes have air columns inside. These boxes have air columns inside them. The strongest corrugated boxes have a triple wall to them and they are generally for shipping heavier or larger items. These boxes are so strong that they are many times preferred over timber wood boxes. Because these boxes have air columns, they are ideal to pack up your materials as the transport does not damage what lies inside these boxes; the air columns act like cushions, preventing any collision.

The corrugated boxes are much lighter than wood boxes. These boxes are ideal if you are a morally responsible person. They are made up of renewable materials and are recyclable. Also, many of them are reusable. You don’t need to dispose them off once you are done with your moving procedure. Some of these boxes are made as such that they can simply be folded and stored until the next time that you want to use them. 

Also, these boxes are economical. They definitely cost less than the wooden ones. This reduces your packing cost by a good margin. Corrugated boxes are ideal when you are moving out or even wish to store your possessions. They are generally available with all the leading storage companies.

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9 October 2013

How to Choose Relocation Company

You have decided to move out of your old place. You need to relocate with a lot of baggage along with you. You may be considering the option of hiring a relocation company. However, it is advisable that you follow these tips before you employ any company.

1.   Make sure the company is licensed to practice its business. Also, it would be great if you consider a company which is accredited by government bodies or organizations that keep a quality check on these businesses.
2. Ensure that the company offers you services of the international standards. Also, the company should maintain its quality standards right from the beginning till the end of the relocation process.
3.  Well, another most important thing that you should be looking at is whether the company has well trained staff. This is of high importance as you do not want your prized possessions to be handled roughly or carelessly. They should know how to handle different stages of the relocation process.
4. Also, the company should be clear on its business policies which generally revolve around being credible, reliable and well communicated with clients.
5.   The packing material that the company uses should be of high standard. A good company will use packing materials which are of international standard and will never compromise on the quality here.
6.   A good company will also make sure that your possessions are totally secured. They offer insurance policies and make sure that any damage is covered.
7.   Apart from this, a good relocation company has excellent corporate ethics and will always ensure that they try to be as environmentally friendly as they can. 

Typically, these are the prerequisites of a good relocation company. Well, the best relocation companies are those who always exceed your expectations and give you a satisfactory experience.

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24 September 2013

Warehouse Storage - Helping Businesses A Great Deal

You have a business which requires a warehouse because the products you are selling need such type of storage. Having a warehouse is beneficial to your trade in multiple ways.

You may not be a company that typically works out of a warehouse, but there are times when you would
need one. In case you are relocating offices, warehouses can be handy to store your equipments. There is plenty of space in these places for storage as well as to move around. So, you don’t have a cramped up space which can damage your belongings. Most of the storage spaces have shelving and pallet racking installed already. This will help you to be worry-free about your goods.

So, you are renovating your office space and you don’t know what to do with your stuff. Warehouses can be
a great option as they are huge and have much capacity to store your goods systematically. So instead of making your employees uncomfortable due to the displaced furniture and other office equipments have them securely stored in a warehouse storage facility.

Excess Stock:

You might have more than your office space can store. However, you cannot simply discard the surplus as it is valuable. All the same, it is advisable to lessen the amount of stock for multiple reasons. If you have too much of clutter in your office space, it becomes an eye sore. It is unpleasant for the customers who walk in and out of your premises. Also, it is better to store the surplus away, for in case there is a mishap, you do not lose on to all your stock.

Thus, a warehouse can increase the efficiency of your business. This, in turn, can lead to increased profitability.
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