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30 January 2014

Bubble Wrap: The Best Packaging Material

Bubble wrap is a commonly used packaging material. While most of us think it is a great option to pass time, bursting those little bubbles, it is actually quite useful when you want to pack your things and head out for a moving process. It provides exceptional protection for those goods which are breakable or fragile. Shipping such goods is quite a task and is highly risky; bubble wrap makes shipping such goods a cake walk. Here are a few benefits of this material:

Bubble Wrap Protects Goods From Breakage:
Imagine the horror that you could face when you have relocated to a new place and when you unpack your packing boxes, you find your favourite vase or crockery shattered into pieces! Well, this could definitely happen if these items were not wrapped properly. Collision is bound to happen when goods are in transit or are being loaded or unloaded. Bubble wrap prevents all such collisions and breakages.

Bubble Wrap is Reusable:
Excellent quality of bubble wrap is known to lose only about 5% of thickness after a long time. So, buying bubble wraps is not a waste. You can use them later, when you want to store things. Also, after you are done with moving, you can use bubble wraps for insulation and they are known to be excellent protection for pests.

Bubble Wrap is Recyclable:
The best part about bubble wraps is that it can be recycled. With so many of us taking a step towards the betterment of the environment and propagating recycling, bubble wrap is an excellent packing material. If you do not want to use the bubble wrap, all you can do is take it to a recycling centre and get some extra cash by selling it off!

Bubble Wrap is Climate Resistant:
Well, what if you are moving from a place with high temperatures to a place with low temperatures or vice versa? Change of climatic conditions and temperatures is known to affect conditions of some goods. What bubble wrap does is, it protects these goods from humidity and other such climatic conditions which are known to spoil the materials.

Bubble Wrap is Excellent for Electronic Goods:
Sometimes electronic goods create statics. It is important that these goods are packaged with great caution. Using bubble foil is advisable as it is anti-static and protects goods from shocks and collisions. Electronic goods are well protected inside these sheets.

Bubble Wrap is Self Adhesive:
These sheets are excellent adhesives. They cling to your goods and secure them well. However, the best part is, it does not leave any kind of marks or residue behind when you remove it from your goods. Cello tapes or other adhesives tend to leave marks on your items that are sometimes very difficult to get rid of.

Bubble Wrap is Easily Available:
These sheets or rolls are easily obtainable. You can contact a moving company or any storage company. They have different types and sizes of bubble wraps to suit your requirements. These companies can guide you with the amount of sheets or rolls that you will need for all your possessions.

Thus, bubble wrap is excellent for packaging. It is also cost effective and thus, saves a lot of money. Extremely durable and reusable, this is the best packing material that you can use for your goods.  
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23 January 2014

The Box Self Storage LLC Has Ranked No. 72 amongst the 75,000 SME in Dubai SME 100

The Box Self Storage LLC Has Ranked No. 72 amongst the 75,000 SME in Dubai SME 100

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13 January 2014

An Introduction to Personal Storage By The Box Self Storage Dubai

Personal Storage
What is Personal Storage?
We regard our belongings as precious things we don’t want to part no matter how old they get however hoarding many things in less than one roof will make your house cluttered. Something needs to be done about the old furniture or the old unused things lying around in the house, yet it has an intangible value to it and you don’t want to part with it. This is when personal storage comes to your rescue to help you care for things you want to preserve. Personal Storage is the best alternative if you do not wish to part away with the old things in your house and want to move in new furniture but do not have the required space. The Box storage solutions rent you a space to store your goods. The storage units are climate controlled and you have 24x7 secure access. Your goods are monitored under CCTV surveillance. So sign up with storage solutions today and give your unused goods the space they need.

How do people use storage?
Once rents out space to a customer, the entire space is at your disposal. You reserve the right to store things in the way you want it to be. You now have enough space to keep your beloved goods; this was previously a problem for lack of space. Once you rent out a particular storage space, you have access to your goods 24x7 and you can rearrange, move in and move out the goods as you please. The goods are thoroughly monitored and curate so that they remain safe. You get to store goods till your contract or lease period expires.

When do people need to store?
Where do you keep all your festival decorations throughout the year? Where would you keep your big bag of clothes you require only for weddings and where would you store your gear for all the weekend getaways? Questions like these often ring a bell. Be it your festival decoration materials or your wardrobe you may want to change every season, everything needs to be preserved for some years. It’s a bad idea to throw it away. This is when why we rent out space as the needs change with every season. Now the Room Heater may not be useful during the summers. So when the winters are over and when it’s time to bask in the glory of the sun that’s when you need to move in your winter goods in the space you have rented and move out the summer goods when it’s time for them. In this way, you are right on track when the same festival or opportunity arrives the following year. Seasonal storage plays a very important

Where do people store?
You can hire The Box self storage unit in Dubai or Abu Dhabi which ever is closer to your residence so that you can monitor goods conveniently. In this way you continually access the stored items and shuffle them .The place where the storage units are situated plays a important role in deciding your ease of access. In this way you can preserve your precious goods for generations to come.

Benefits of Personal Storage

Racking Systems
Racking systems are one of the most ideal solutions for personal storage. They are way more convenient for usage and round the year access. They are known to reduce clutter and keep all your belongings in a systematic and organized manner. Especially in the case of storing documents, and other forms of paperwork, racking systems serve the purpose. You can have 24x7 accesses to your goods and racking systems do the job very well. If the space you have rented for storing your goods is big and in case you are storing a lot of goods crammed into a small space then you will have a tough time and will feel mellowed down tracking the goods you require. This is when racking systems do a good job. They minimize the clutter and help filter the goods in the best way possible. Racking systems are a more organized way of storing your goods and help you locate your goods in the shortest possible time. Racking system has been a foolproof way of saving time for those who store a lot of goods.

24 hour security guards
When it comes to personal storage, security is a major concern. Often people worry about the condition of their goods stored in storage houses. Our storage units are equipped 24x7 with surveillance equipment to keep your goods as safe as possible. Safety is our priority at The Box and we ensure that your goods lie safe in our units. We maintain electronic logs of visitors. We employ advanced technology and security measures which we do not wish to reveal on this platform only to ensure safety of your goods. Thus theft becomes impossible. Only authorized persons can enter the storage units.

AC, Non-AC and Insured Rental Units
We have various types of rooms. Make sure you opt for those rooms which suit your requirements. The Box offers both A/C and Non AC rooms according to your requirements. However you will have to insure your goods through us or through private insurance firms. You must ensure that your goods are insured so that you can claim damages if any for all the goods kept in our storage rooms. Once you leave your goods in the storage unit, it becomes our responsibility to take care of the goods. You can claim insurance if there is any theft or damage of goods. Since we provide insurance for your goods we are a safer bet.

Flexible, Short Term Contracts Available (1, 3 , 6 And 12 Months)
Often people wonder if renting a storage unit would be cost effective. The good thing at The Box storage is that you have the flexibility to choose the duration of the contract. There are a number of convenient storage options available on a short term basis right from 1 to 3 months to 6 and 12 months. Before signing the paper, read the fine print and make sure you read the terms and conditions. The minimum time period to rent a storage unit is 1 month.

Insulated High Level Security, CCTV Surveillance & 24-hour Access Facility
Security plays a vital role the reason why some people prefer The Box for its secured storage units. Once you leave your goods in a particular storage unit, you can simply sit back and relax as the appropriate security measures are taken by us at The Box. The state of the art security at The Box ensures that your goods remain safe in the custody of our Storage units. You or any authorized person can access the goods 24/7. The CCTV and surveillance equipments put up at important places monitor the activity inside the premises. Our Security measures meet industry benchmarks.

ISO certified
The Box Self Storage LLC is a ISO 9001 certified company providing storage services in Dubai, UAE. This means you can get things done more professionally and hence rest assured that your goods are in safe hands.

Small and Large Spaces 

Everyone has unique storage needs. You may have a giant sized bed or an unused car lying around. This is when you must opt for Personal Storage. The Box offers you storage houses that are small to large warehouses and sheds for storage of your goods

Size Guide
100 Square feet
 An area of 100 square feet falls in the category of a large storage unit.It can fit your requirements if you have quite a lot of things to store

50 Square Feet
This is a medium sized storage unit and can

25 Square Feet
25 square feet is the smallest of the sizes available for a storage unit.

Types of Personal Storage

Shifting houses can be a tedious task because there are a few things you want to keep and there are ones you want stash away. There are many things you may want to leave out when you are moving out but then you will require them later down the line which is when temporary storage comes into play. Therefore you can stash away your goods in TheBox Storage units temporarily and safely retrieve them after some months

Household Items (Furniture, Electronics and More)
Often houses become cluttered with furniture, electronic gadgets and other goods. Sometimes there are just so many of them lying unused that they require being stashed away somewhere for some time till they can be put to use when the time comes. This is when you require The Box personal storage services to stash away that excess furniture and gadget so that it could be used when the time comes. Throwing away your old gadgets and furniture won’t be a good idea as they are expensive and buying them again may not be economically viable.

Climate Controlled Storage
Cold storage or refrigerated storage play an important role in preservation of Vegetables,Perishables,Food stuff like ice creams and other food stuff which may require low temperature. Make sure your goods in the cold storage room are properly arranged and that they are preserved at the right temperature according to the temperature requirements of the perishables and food stuff. If you are a pharmaceutical company you may require cold storage for certain drugs. Make sure the required temperature is maintained.

Antiques and Valuables
Your antiques and valuables may fetch a heavy price in the market but you may not want to put them away but you also realize that they add to the clutter of the house which is why they need to be stashed away in a safe place and the right place being The Box storage units. Make sure that you cover them and protect them with bubble wraps, thermocol and tape the boxes in which they are stored. Their security is of utmost concern which is taken care of by us here at The Box. Antiques and valuables are items which are dealt with utmost precaution because they are delicate and irreplaceable.
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9 January 2014

Make a Budgeted Move

Moving out is quite taxing; not only mentally and physically, but also monetarily. It is a huge thing to shift from one place to another. You cannot simply leave everything behind. There are a lot of things you would need to carry along to the new place you are going to, especially if you have a family. Moving and relocation companies are the best way to handle your move. These companies are efficient and are experts with moving. However, moving out can cost you a bomb if you have a lot of goods. Well, there are techniques through which you can reduce the cost of your moving process. Here are a few tips:

     De-clutter your house:
It is highly essential that you decide what you want to take to your new place and what you no more need. Every family has some amount of clutter that accumulates over a period of time. You keep on postponing the day when you finally want to get rid of your old TV or computer. There are many toys which your children no more use and there are some items which are perfectly fine, but you do not want to take to your new place. Well, one fabulous way to get rid of these items is to hold garage sales or donate them to a charity or take them to a scrap dealer.

     Buy Packing Materials on Your Own:
Rather than having an agent to buy your packaging materials, it is advisable that you consider buying these materials on your own. Generally, moving companies also sell packaging goods and you can buy it from them at a reasonable price. Also, seeing the list of packing goods that they offer, you will also understand what exactly do you require and in what quantity.

     Create your own packing materials:
There are a lot of things in your house that can be used for packing. For things that are fragile, it is not necessary that you always buy heaps of bubble wraps. You can also wrap these things in blankets and place them between pillows which are a great padding. Pillows and blankets, old newspapers and magazines also act as excellent void filling materials.

     Less in smart:
You really need to decide on what are you taking with you. It is essential that you make a list of things you want to take. Remember, lesser and lighter your goods, lesser the cost of moving. Sometimes, it is wise to leave certain things behind and buy new things at your new place. For example, if you have a lot of furniture, you can think of eliminating some of it. Well, if that is impossible, then you could try storing such goods in a personal storage facility.

     Compare Prices:
There are many moving companies in the market; compare the prices that these firms offer. Choose the company which offers you the best prices along with excellent services.  Make sure you are not overpaying for any services.

So, even though moving seems like a herculean task, it can be quite sorted once you know what is to be done. You can control your moving budget using these smart tips.
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