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30 September 2009

Storage units: A smart choice

Everyone can use a self storage facility, as they turn out to be a great solution. With the industry at its peak, there are many storage solutions in Dubai at your disposal. After all, who wouldn’t want to use some extra space?
Reasons why storage units are a smart choice:
-Storage units store a variety of items within personal, business and document storage. Thus they are flexible. You can de-clutter your home or office by storing all your excess furniture, decorations (required only during a certain season), important files, vehicles, collections, etc. at a rented unit.
-Storage facilities in Dubai also provide a very safe and secure environment. They have CCTV surveillance and other security measures. They also see that they return the goods back to you in perfect condition. Therefore, they make use of climate controlled facilities. Your unit also receives adequate amount of privacy as only you (the customer) will have the keys to your unit.
-Compared to storing your goods in the traditional manner, storage units are much more inexpensive.
-Storage facilities have evolved over the years, becoming a much more integrated service. Storage companies provide trucks, teams of movers, packaging, mail boxes, relocation services and much more that go along well with your storage needs. You also have experts to guide you during the process.
-You can even rent a storage unit on behalf of your kids to store items they would want to preserve, in remembrance of their childhood.
-You can also make use of a storage facility in Dubai if you decide to participate in an event. All your equipment and valuables can be stored properly to be re-used the next year.
If you ever think of renting a unit, stroll by The Box, to see what we have to offer.
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29 September 2009

Understanding Self-Storage

Self-storage facilities are basically businesses that offer property divided into small spaces or units, leased to customers for a specific period of time. The customer is the one in control of the particular storage unit they have rented out. Some storage facilities in Dubai also agree to manage your storage space on your behalf.
Storage spaces have proven to be economical for many reasons; to different people and businesses. Unlike traditional storage methods, a self storage facility in UAE is perfect for all your household items, valuables, documents, furniture, tools and vehicles too. For items that need special care, climate controlled facilities are also available. When storing an item in a good storage company, the size of the item generally does not matter, as these units can hold items as big as a boat.
When you make use of a storage facility you make sure that the items that were once cluttering your office / home or kept under unfavourable conditions, are now safe and secure. Most of the storage units are properly equipped with security measures. Such facilities also provide the customer with a lock and key, that is provided to no one else. This also enables you to access your unit at anytime (day or night).
Apart from providing self storage facilities, our Dubai storage company also offers moving services in Dubai. Before signing up with a storage company in UAE, check if they are willing to offer all the facilities you are looking for.
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Self Storage for Students

Plenty of students in Dubai travel abroad for educational purposes. When they stay there for around 2-3 years they land up gathering a huge amount of stuff that they usually never want to part with. Storing many boxes full of their items takes up a lot of space once they return home. Thus the only best option that remains once they return, is storing all their stuff in a storage facility in Dubai.

Students are really lucky in terms of storage as they can avail of the many discounts that these facilities offer. The discounts are offered mainly because there is a huge demand for storage space by students in UAE. Dubai storage companies also place these discounts in order to win the battle with their fellow competitors. But the good news is ultimately for the student.
These storage units also come of many different sizes. So if you have many boxes of books or sports equipment you can make use of an 8 sq. feet unit. If you have the previously mentioned items along with a computer, clothes or even a hobby collection you can find a bigger unit to suit your requirements.
A storage unit can keep your items safe, till you decide to take them back home.

Many think of our storage company (The Box) as not only a storage facility, but also as a much-needed extension of their home as well. Consult our experts at The Box to find out which storage unit size will serve you best.

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28 September 2009

Save Valuable Office Space

Storing your excess office inventory or equipment in a business storage solution or rather off-site, is always better than storing the same inside your office. There are many business storage solutions in UAE that cater to various workplace inventory storage needs. Whether you are a small, medium or large business owner, you will be able to find just the right sized unit that is affordable and secure in UAE.
Renting a storage unit is almost like renting a warehouse or a personal space to store your inventory. But little do businessmen realize that a storage facility turns out to be more economical compared to any other storage place. So, if you think your workplace is cluttered, rent a storage unit in a Dubai storage company near you and take back your valuable office space. This will surely get your office completely organized. With rented space at a storage facility, you can also keep buying more inventory and materials in bulk at a lower price from your vendors. Pass on the reduced prices to your customers and stay ahead of the competition in the market. You business can make use of a storage space for different kinds of business requirements. Therefore, if your business needs extra space, think of the many storage solutions available in Dubai.
The Box, our storage facility in Dubai makes appropriate provisions for business inventory and commercial stock. Choose from the various packages that can be found under Commercial Storage in our website.
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27 September 2009

Who Is It For?

With so many people using a storage unit for storing their belongings, storage facilities in Dubai have become very popular. It has evolved over the years and now provides not just one, but a variety of services. But who are these facilities meant for?
Most of us in Dubai have misunderstood storage companies, thinking that they are not meant for any personal use. As many business owners and corporates make use of different sized storage units, it doesn’t mean that an average citizen of UAE cannot. Yes… Businesses benefit a great deal when it comes to renting a space to store any excess office equipment or documents safely. But believe it or not, storage solutions in UAE are used mostly for household storage. They are used by people like you. Those in the military also make use of self-storage units quite often for the security of their belongings. Therefore, a storage company can be used by anyone and is not limited to business owners alone.
The reasons why a high percentage of storage facility users are home owners, is because people find such facilities very convenient. A storage facility saves ample amount of space in the house. Besides, you can also make use of the various climate control features that these units provide. Our Dubai storage company called ‘The Box’ is highly flexible as it also provides moving services in UAE along with storage. Just call us to clarify any query you might have regarding storage and removals.
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Storage for Newly Weds

One of the biggest topics of discussion between newly wedded couples is about the storage of their belongings. After marriage, they suddenly realize that there’s two of everything that needs to fit into one house. Clearly, each of you will want the other to get rid of some items. But rather than disposing the things you might have held for so many years, why not consider hiring a storage facility in Dubai to help solve the problem?
Storing your belongings in a nearby household storage facility in UAE also enables you to access your things whenever you need them. Most couples usually decide to keep all that is not required during the current season in storage. This makes your house as well as your closets ever so spacious. Apart from keeping items like clothes, shoes, etc. and keeping doubles like mattresses, furniture, kitchen equipment, etc. in storage; newly weds also tend to have a problem storing their entertainment vehicles. Continuing to care for your boat or your RV is a good decision, as it serves as a superb way for couples to save their beautiful memories. The neighbours usually never see such enviable vehicles parked outside a home as ‘eye candy’. So instead of commencing an argument with your ‘otherwise very sweet neighbours’, let a storage company preserve your vehicle for you where it can be stored safely.
You may contact The Box in Dubai for excellent household and vehicle storage requirements.
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