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1 July 2016

How to Move Part 1: The Pre-Move Prepping

We’re always talking about moving and we will even more so during the summer, which tends to be a major period for changing accommodation or relocating to another country altogether. We’re big on details and believe if you have those down, your move will be easier. The three stages of moving include pre-move, the move, post-move.

This month it’s all about the pre-move prep.

1. Some of the simplest and most obvious things to get done before moving is prep the new accommodation as much as possible: this includes painting, installing new outlets (usually in the bathroom or on the balcony), changing plumbing and lighting fixtures and installing plumbing where it may be useful.

2. Load up on administrative material: markers, a notebook, packing tape, measuring tape, colored stickers, post its etc. You’ll need to remember where everything is and where it should go.

3. Load up on packing material. Take note of what sizes and kinds of boxes you might need. Get a variety – not just big ones but boxes for documents and smaller odds and ends. Plus there’s the indispensible bubble wrap or foam for breakables, and there’re wardrobe boxes that actually allow you to hang your clothes in transit. Purpose built packing equipment can really save you time if you know where to find it.

4. Put all your necessities in an easy to reach place. Sometimes we pack away things we actually use – like the coffee maker, electric kettle or microwave. It’s a good idea to have a box that you either keep with you, or have ready access to.

5. Some folks spend most of the time in the kitchen, others in the living room.  Determine which room is your base within the home and inform your movers to set that one up first, or if you’re self-moving, plan to have it fully functional on the first day.

6. Plan to set up the must-use rooms from day one: The bathroom and the bedroom. You can order in food, but you have to sleep and use the bathroom.

7. Pack according to the new house, not the old one. Sometimes your rooms match up perfectly, but sometimes they don’t. So group your boxes according to where they are going, not where they are coming from.

8. Change your address with your bank (or other institutions). You don’t want confidential info heading to the next tenant at your old place.

9. Take note of oversized furniture. Some items in your home may have been assembled IN your home and are now too big to fit through doors and awkward angles. Consider which pieces might have to be disassembled before the move begins.

10. Keep all the little but important bits safe: the screws, the bolts, the nuts and washers. The things without which your bed won’t stand up or your closet doors won’t close.

What kind of pre-move prep do you recommend? We want to hear.

Otherwise check out our other blog posts for moving info, and keep an eye out for upcoming posts on moving and post-moving tips.

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