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7 November 2012

Pamper your vehicle with car storage facilities

In the event of you being unavailable to care for your vehicle, automated car storage facilities provide you with safe and secure storage solutions. These facilities provide everyday parking solutions and long term contractual vehicle storage. The best way to keep the car of your dreams finely tuned and in good shape is to hire the services of a professional car storage company.

Some car owners often assume that their own garage is a suitable environment for storing their vehicle but unfortunately this is not as simple as it seems. There are other factors involved in the maintenance process that one needs to take into consideration.

Hiring the services of a professional car storage facility is definitely an excellent decision for those who truly value their vehicles. These companies make sure that your car is kept within temperature controlled environments that are constantly dehumidified, and monitored by staff. This stable environment keeps the buildup of mildew and mould in check, and therefore avoids costly long term damage.

The more expensive the car, the more one worries about the manner that it is stored in. Rest assured that the professional services offered at car storage facilities endeavor to provide your vehicle with the best care. There are three main benefits one can enjoy by availing the services of a professional storage company:

1. Security: The 24 hour surveillance at these storage facilities helps reduce the chances of theft and vandalism. This makes sure that you won’t lose sleep, worrying about the safety of your car.

2. Saves time: These facilities help save time by providing easy access to your car while you enter and exit. Your car is positioned in such a manner that you can enter and leave without the inconvenience of riding back and forth from multistoried parking lots.

3. Cost effective: Car storage is a dream come true for middle class car owners as low cost maintenance ,low energy and low service costs make it quite an economical storage option.

One of the biggest problems people face today is the lack of both parking space and safety for their vehicles. Storage facilities offer respite from this problem. A car is bought with hard earned money and hence, should be looked after with care.
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6 November 2012

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

Hiring the services of a storage company is an extremely clever decision if you need to relocate or store some of your excess belongings. Storage facilities are becoming extremely popular these days because of the conveniences they offer. These facilities are relatively cheap and customers are charged according to what they store.

Make sure that you visit many different storage units to get a better idea of what the offer. Although there are many companies offering theses services, it important that you evaluate them on the basis of the following factors before making your final choice.

1.      Safety: It is quite obvious that the belongings you want to store are of value to you and therefore you would want them to be stored safely. Make sure that the unit you choose has security systems such as surveillance cameras, burglar alarms and security guards. It should also have a fire alarm installed to protect your belongings in case of a fire. The unit you choose should be free from dust and pests as well.

2.      Location: Make sure that the storage unit you select is conveniently located. Look out for companies that are easily accessible (from major routes) so that you can save time and mileage when you need to access your belongings. Look for storage units that are close to your residence so that your belongings can be transported back and forth easily.

3.     Price: Price should not be the only factor that you base your choice on when looking for storage solutions. Storage companies have a lot of different price ranges and it is important that you choose one that suits your budget. These differences in price are usually on the basis of the amount of time you need to store your items and the size of the unit. You may also want to include a bit of extra room for future growth in case you need to store more items.

4.    Size of the Unit: The storage company that you select should be large enough to hold all of your items with adequate space to be able to get around them. It is best that you have a clear idea (size, dimensions) of the items you want to store and the storage space offered by the company. If you are not thoroughly clear about the nature of these factors then it highly advised that you speak to a representative of the company.
Hiring the services of a storage company allows you to sleep easy knowing that your belongings are safe and sound.
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