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18 August 2015

Toy Storage Tips To Help Keep Your Home Tidy

When you have children at home, it is guaranteed that you will trip over toys on a regular basis. Our precious little ones have the tendency to play with an item for 20 minutes and then drop them where they stand to move on to the next toy. What is the solution? Toy management. This is the practice of managing, storing, and organizing toys. How can this be achieved? Below are some incredibly easy ways to master the art of toy management and help de-clutter your home.

Water Bottle Containers: 

Empty Water bottles are a wonderful means of storing certain items such as crayons and Lego bricks. You can make the ordinary plastic bottles look a little more creative by just giving a bit of coloring to the lids or labels, adding some animal pictures and applying paint.

Large Handbags or Beach Bags: 

These bags can provide a great deal of space to store items like comics, board games or soft toys. The large handles allow the bags to be easily attached to the end of a bed or even to a cabinet or sofa.

Hanging Baskets:

Hanging baskets are one of the best means of storage that don’t occupy a large amount of space. They may be easily placed on the wall and can store a large range of items conveniently, and most importantly, off the floor.

I hope the storage ideas above help your daily toy management and assist you in keeping your home tidy and spacious. If you have self storage requirements on a personal or commercial level, contact The Box to get immediate assistance.
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