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22 March 2011

Make Your House Spacious

It is getting more expensive by the day to rent and buy bigger homes and apartments. Rent rates seem to be going one way only and that’s up! People are trying to make more space at home by designing them better. But how much of that space do we really use? There is one issue that comes in place between having space and using it and that is storage. How many of us living in apartments have enough space to store things like a cycle or coats and even boxes of stuff filled with last years adventure holiday gear?

Well, a cost effective and convenient solution is a storage facility. Storage facilities prevent the horrors or hoarding at home. Keeping all your unused items at a storage facility makes good sense since you never use these items on daily basis anyways. Finding a reliable self storage in Dubai is the important part. Smart storage facilities in Dubai like The Box are ultra-modern and come with a lot of over and above features like 24 hrs CCTV surveillance, infrared recording to keep all your valuable items safe and secure. They also offer climate controlled air-conditioning in their facilities so you can be sure that your documents, personal possessions and seasonal objects are safe and well preserved without all that extra humidity. Additional facilities include trucks and trolleys for better accessibility.

The Box is a progressive storage company that always tries to exceed customer expectations.

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15 March 2011

Relocating Your Office?

Shifting your office to a new space will always be a difficult task to accomplish. Shifting from one office space to another can also bring down the morale of your staff. Moreover shifting if not done quickly and in an orderly fashion will result in a drop in the productivity and more importantly a drop in the revenue of your firm. The best thing you can do is prepare for it in advance.

Prepare at least a couple of months in advance because it will give you a head start and will prevent any sudden issues from showing up. First thing that you should do is contact a good and reliable movers and packers like The Box. You will need to connect with the movers well in advance and make sure that they are capable of doing the job. Begin by first visiting the office space you are going to move in to. Device a floor plan and make sure that everything is measured so that you know that the new or existing office equipment fits well. Also ensure that all connectivity and utility issues are resolved well in advance before shifting in. Just before the day of the relocation, inform staff about the floor plan as to avoid chaos while moving in. Just see to it that your computers are packed in a proper manner to avoid the damages which may take place while relocating.

The Box is the best storage solution in Dubai for all needs. The Box helps in shifting in a hassle- free manner. They also offer services like record management and a full team to dismantle pack and shift your office to a new location.

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8 March 2011

Storage And Maintainence Of Leather Items

Leather jackets and accessories make a great fashion statement. Expensive as they are the style factor makes up for the pricing. And expensive as they come, maintaining them is another story. So you bought a new leather jacket, flaunted it and now your thinking how do I maintain and store it? Conditioning it is one option. Waterproofing a leather coat will prevent moisture stains making it last for decades. Getting your leather coat maintained by a cleaning specialist also helps. But just keeping it in your closet won’t.

Most experts recommend storing leather items in climate controlled units which protects the leather from the excessive heat and humidity in the closet which can lead to drying out of the oils in the leather. Preferably a dark room, because exposing leather to sunlight causes discoloration. Also hang coats and jackets on wide wooden hangers to avoid getting creases. Climate controlled units in a storage facility like The Box in Dubai fit the bill.

The Box is a storage facility in Dubai with safe and secure, climate controlled units. Their storage facilities in Dubai have 24-hour CCTV surveillance along with round-the-clock access so that you can visit just about anytime. The Box provides personal storage, document storage, record management in Dubai along with home and office removal services.

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1 March 2011

Protect Your Old Memories

Photographs capture the emotion, the essence and every aspect of life as we see it. But in the end we have a whole bunch of memories to file and store. You get a bunch of photographs lying down scattered all over the house in different places. But you always feel like treasuring those memories having the whole grand family in them.

The invention of the digital camera made our lives a lot easier. But what about the antique photos which really need to be preserved? As of today many commercial solutions are widely available but according to experts, photographs need to be stored in the dark at a low temperature (not freezing) and with a humidity level fluctuating a little below 40% and nothing above 50%. Also as most people usually do, avoid storing them in a loft or attic as humidity levels in there change according to the seasons which can result in photographs sticking together and obviously loosing print and deteriorating when taken apart. Magnetic sheets leave behind a residue on images and vinyl pages have the potential to give off harmful fumes.

Storing photos in archival materials helps in preventing common damage and the archival corners are a great tool in this regard. Climate controlled units help you to store these precious archives. The Box is a storage facility in Dubai which guarantees you the safety of your priceless belongings. They provide you with storage space in Dubai having climate controlled environment.

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