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29 August 2009

Tampered By Temperature

Do you have valuable items such as electronic equipments, antiques, leather furniture, musical equipments or art works? If yes then you will definitely want to store them in good storage units. There are many options available to choose from. Choosing a climate controlled storage facility over the normal one is better.
In an emirate like Dubai the climate hits extreme during summer. Valuables require something more than the room temperature to store them safely. They have to be protected from the scorching summer heat. In climate controlled storage units temperatures are adjusted seasonally to keep your belongings safe. This also protects it from molds, bacteria, termites and pests as they are located indoors. Valuables are also protected from dust particles. These are just a few reasons to opt for climate control storage facilities in Dubai.
It is agreed that these storage facilities cost a little more than the normal ones, but the storage assurance one gets of his/her items is worth the pay. You can be sure of their safety at any point of time. Many storage houses in Dubai offer this facility, but just a few of them understand the importance of climate regulation to keep these valuables safe. Get in touch with a good storage company in Dubai for preventing your items from getting tampered mainly by temperature.
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This Is It

There are many storage facilities in Dubai which offer various options and customized packages to suit your needs. We at The Box offer you few tips that will help you select the right storage company in Dubai which will suit your needs.
-Make sure that you check all the options available close to your place and those which can be covered at a reasonable distance. Try not to compromise by choosing the nearest to save distance, you may regret that if you are choosing a storage facility on long term basis.
-Decide on whether climate controlled storage is necessary. If so what are the options for that. Is it worth opting for it? Discuss these points with the few storage companies in Dubai you round up on. This will help you choose the best.
-Take a look at an empty unit so that you will get an idea of the place where you will store your valuables. Make sure you check the walls for leaking problems and stroll around the room especially the corners. This helps you understand the cleanliness maintained.
-Check if the place is well lit, especially at nights. Also take into consideration the security provided for your goods. Since it’s a personal storage facility paying attention to these details will be of great help.
Approaching a good storage company in Dubai for personal storage will help you save time, money and space. So until you come across the right storage service and say “this is it” keep searching.
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28 August 2009

College Collage

Being a college student makes it difficult to store your belongings. You may have the habit of storing anything and everything. College life is one phase which everyone enjoys the most. The memories we gather during this phase are the ones we would want to keep with us for a life time. Often the things we have with us make up for these memories. In an emirate like Dubai opting for storage facilities will be of great help.
If you are in Dubai to study for a definite period of time, a self storage facility in Dubai can provide you with an alternative to store your goods. Be it your books or music instruments there is room for everything. Storing your goods at a storage facility like The Box has many advantages. One of them is security of your goods. No one else will be allowed to access your unit. You can access your storage unit at any time. You can also opt for climate controlled storage facility to safe guard your goods from being effected by factors like temperature, dust etc.
Many storage facilities in Dubai offer self storage but very few of them understand your need and serve your purpose. We at The Box give our customer’s needs prime importance. You can get in touch with us to know more about our services. Discus your needs for storage and help us serve you better.
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Let There Be Space

Dubai is one emirate that has witnessed a rise in its population over the past years. The expatriates form about 90% of its population. Due to increase in migration space shortage occurs. As a result the emiratians are becoming increasingly aware of the need for personal storage facilities in Dubai.
Opting for a storage facility in Dubai is a good solution to space problems. Hence you won’t have to look at those items in your room/ garage and crib about space shortage. Every time you purchase something new you can make way for it by keeping your old belongings at a good storage company in Dubai. Whether you have recently moved to Dubai or are a localite, availing services of one of the best Dubai movers will definitely help you deal with space issues.
Be it your business or home products all of them can be stored the way you wish and that too with one of the best storage facilities in Dubai. So when you feel “let there be space” all you have to do is get in touch with one of the best storage companies in UAE and they will take care of the rest for you. We at The Box are one of the leading storage companies in UAE.
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21 August 2009

Leave Your Storage Safety Stress At The Box

Most of the modern storage facilities in Dubai offer the best of securities for your belongings. Whether it is personal or commercial storage, security is of utmost importance. We at The Box provide the latest security systems to keep your valuables safe.
Here is a sneak peek into our security system. The most basic form of security is the swipe card we provide to our customers. With the swipe card you will be the only person allowed to access your storage unit. Your swipe card number will not be disclosed. Extra security measures are taken by fitting CCTV cameras in your storage units. These are monitored round the clock. There are fire and smoke alarms fitted throughout the storage facility to protect your belongings. These alarms installed have also been approved by the local civil defense department. Whether it is day or night we keep a track of every activity happening in every storage unit.
Being one of the leading storage facilities in UAE, we understand the safety and importance of your valuables. We go the extra mile to serve our customers by giving prime importance to their needs. All your belongings mean a lot in your life. If they are stored at The Box you can rest assure that they are safe. Get in touch with our marketing executive to know more about the safety measures we apply to keep your valuables safe.

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