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13 December 2011

Hoarding – Is it a crime?

You simply love that old wooden chair which has been in lying around in the house for years. It’s got a couple of scratches and a broken back; never been polished; yet it still exists lying in the corner of the corridor. You thought of giving it away a couple of years back; but then again why create an imbalance in the corridor and your life when it can just stay there all alone - unused.

Most of us do not even realise that we have a problem with not knowing when to let go. Yes, some objects in the house do hold a sentimental value. But those are the ones that are usually maintained. Below that are a category of furniture and goods that simply exist either because we’re too lazy to get rid of them or are simply used to having them around.

The bottom line is that one must decide on the spot which item should be held back (because there is a use for it) and which ones must simply be gotten rid off. The desire to "hold on to things" is natural and goes back many centuries. Many-a-times we don’t want to throw certain things away, because we feel we might need them in future or that throwing it away will cause a problem. Also, amassing such things at home is not a good option for some, as it can lead to reduction in actual living space.

Personal storage facilities in Dubai can help to a great extent and provide a solution for those running out of space as well as for those who have a hard time deciding what to hold back. Once decided, one can go to a storage facility in Dubai, register and take advantage of the storage space available out there which is actually meant for storing items. This frees up space back at home and one can utilise to the fullest the area that they have rented or purchased.

The Box in Dubai allows for a more comprehensive storage solution. A customer can easily rent out one or two storage units according to his or her requirements and enjoy freedom from hoarding. Apart from personal and commercial storage we also provide packers and movers services in Dubai.

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28 September 2011

Organize and Store Photographs like a Pro!

Organizing one’s photo-collection can be a tough task for quite a few people. To those looking to tackle the old photographs that have been catching dust in the attic, here are a few tips to help you succeed:

Having a place where you can spread out your photographs is perhaps one of the first things you need to tackle in order to succeed. One also has to choose a time, where disturbances (from both human and other factors) would be at a minimum. Once the time and place has been decided, the gathering of photographs should begin. Every nook and cranny, drawer and cabinet should be checked for photographs. Everything that you find must be brought back to your “control-room”.

When the gathering process is done, it is then time to begin sorting. Broadly speaking, photographs can either be sorted in a chronological order or they can be grouped under various categories. The decision on which method to use is best taken based on your preferences. You may have sorted those school time photographs, but are you sure you can remember them, say ten years from now? Labels are a great way to jog our memories during such times. Add in as much detail as you would like, but remember to do this on the back of the photograph. That out of focus photograph, the shaky-cam image and even duplicates, they are all photographs that must be discarded. Remember, they do not add value to your memories and only serve to bloat up your collection.

It is a proud moment when one finishes organizing their photography collection. But to ensure that these memorable photographs are preserved in the best possible way, they must be stored in the right kind of environment. At The Box, Dubai’s leading movers and storage companies, there are specialized facilities available for just this kind of jobs. The Box offers facilities that maintain humidity and temperature at optimum levels to ensure the best storage conditions for all your precious belongings. Also on offer at The Box are relocation services that assist with home and office moves, both, within the city and in the case of international relocations.

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22 April 2011

Tips While Moving House

So your moving house and wondering when and where to start from? Moving house is usually considered to be a very stressful task to accomplish. But that usually happens when you have not planned the move well.

The first thing that you should do, is find a packaging store like the Box Shop in Dubai, such shops will have an answer to every one of your packaging and moving needs. They have packing material like bubble wrap, tape, tape guns and boxes of all sizes. Buy as many boxes as you can because that will help you segregate all the household items separately. Stuff bubble wrap and newspapers in and around delicate items like porcelain vases and artifacts so that they do not get damaged during transit. At this time you should also contact an experienced moving company in Dubai like The Box. The removal company should be well informed about the move and using their expertise they will be able to advice you on how to pack a particular item, couches for example and at what time, should the move be planned for so as to provide minimum inconvenience to your family and make it less stressful. Lastly you should check for all utility and connectivity issues before moving into your new home well in advance. This will avoid unnecessary trouble while moving in and will keep everybody at peace. Last but not the least do not forget to change all your addresses of magazine subscriptions, utility bills and even banking details well in advance. Also remember to select a removal company that is capable of moving according to your requirements else things may go wrong at the end moment when you least expect them to.

The Box in Dubai is a storage company in the UAE. They specialize in personal and commercial storage, while also dealing with removals and record management. They take their position as a progressive storage company in Dubai very seriously, customer satisfaction being their main strength.

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15 April 2011

Commercial Storage Makes Your Office Bigger!

Employers today are trying very hard to accommodate and utilize office space to the fullest, since commercial property prices keeps rising. Small businesses end up stocking and storing lots of flyers, records and boxes of commercial goods right in their workspace which leads to a very crammed working environment hindering the work morale of the company.

The office soon begins to look like a store room where employees have to hop over piles and stacks of documents to get to their cubicles. Moreover this creates a bad impression on the clients visiting the office. A fine solution would be to contact a commercial storage facility in Dubai and store all those extra files, folders, flyers, and documentation which are not used on a daily basis, in a storage facility. Commercial storage facilities like The Box, take care of all your documents and goods with their 24 hour CCTV surveillance as well as climate controlled storage units. What makes The Box so special is that along with self storage they also offer services like, document archiving and management, inventory management and fulfillment, courier, import/export and mailbox services, as well as delivery solutions. Having so many value added services really makes the box unique. The Box will work hard to your satisfaction for all your business needs. They really work like an extension for your office without all the hassles of running and maintaining your own storage facility.

The Box was established with the main aim of meeting a growing need for office and household storage in Dubai. They strive to be a progressive storage company in Dubai by placing customer satisfaction as their number one priority.

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8 April 2011

How To Make Space In Your Wardrobe

Does your wardrobe cabinet look like a disaster where the clothes just drop out when you open the doors? Well there is only one person to blame here and that is you! Most of us keep piling up on old garments when we purchase new ones. Piling up clothes is only a part of this issue. Some of us even store clothing like leather jackets and coats which take up a lot of space in the wardrobe. Another problem that results in a messed up wardrobe is the amount of clothing and gear that ends up in there, winter jackets from last years ski trip to Switzerland for example.

A simple solution would be to first take an extremely strict approach and discard all the old clothing, clothing that is years old (which you think you would wear someday… Yes someday!) and get rid of them. After you have removed the clutter from the chaos, the next task is to find out which clothes or gear you would use often. Divide the pile into two lots ones that you use daily or weekly and the ones that you don’t wear often even occasionally for that matter. With the majority of the work almost done now all you need to do is arrange your wardrobe with the clothes that you wear on a daily basis. What do I do with the other clothes you ask? That’s where storage facilities like The Box come in. Box up the entire lot of leathers, sports gear and those odd boots and head to a self storage facility in Dubai like The Box.

The Box is a safe and secure way to store all your unused household items, seasonal clothing, sports gear and even luggage. The Box is a storage solution in Dubai which strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction, be it in terms of removals, storage, moving and even logistics.

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1 April 2011

Choose What You Store

Most of us like to collect and preserve old photographs, household items and even old documents. All of this fine up to a point at which the house doesn’t end up looking like a mess, especially in the case of smaller apartments. Choosing what to store and what to dump and let go is important.

When it comes to old electronic appliances, be it even a mobile phone, get them discarded at the store the same time you buy a new one. Most mobile phone stores these days will have a system in place to safely recycle old phones. Keeping small electronic items things like old calculators, tapes, unused stationary (which you think you probably would use someday) in a drawer will usually lead to a pile up. So its best to discard such items the minute you buy something to replace it. This habit will automatically reduce clutter at home and in turn also help in saving the environment when it reaches the recycler in time. In terms of old furniture, either reuse the wood for other applications or ask the furniture company to get rid of it for you. The good thing about electronic appliances are that most stores usually have an exchange offers set in place for dealing with your old appliance. When it come to old photographs and antiques store the ones that really have value and not anything and everything. Else you’ll end up with a cartload of boxes lying around the apartment containing all the photographs turning your memories into a mess.

Now after you have chosen what to retain and what to discard, you will still end up having a couple of boxes lying around using up all those corners and spaces in and around the house and even in the wardrobe. This is when you should search for a storage facility in Dubai like The Box. The Box is a smart storage company in the UAE offering a variety of services to securely store all your precious goods and antiques with their climate controlled and CCTV monitored storage facilities.

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22 March 2011

Make Your House Spacious

It is getting more expensive by the day to rent and buy bigger homes and apartments. Rent rates seem to be going one way only and that’s up! People are trying to make more space at home by designing them better. But how much of that space do we really use? There is one issue that comes in place between having space and using it and that is storage. How many of us living in apartments have enough space to store things like a cycle or coats and even boxes of stuff filled with last years adventure holiday gear?

Well, a cost effective and convenient solution is a storage facility. Storage facilities prevent the horrors or hoarding at home. Keeping all your unused items at a storage facility makes good sense since you never use these items on daily basis anyways. Finding a reliable self storage in Dubai is the important part. Smart storage facilities in Dubai like The Box are ultra-modern and come with a lot of over and above features like 24 hrs CCTV surveillance, infrared recording to keep all your valuable items safe and secure. They also offer climate controlled air-conditioning in their facilities so you can be sure that your documents, personal possessions and seasonal objects are safe and well preserved without all that extra humidity. Additional facilities include trucks and trolleys for better accessibility.

The Box is a progressive storage company that always tries to exceed customer expectations.

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15 March 2011

Relocating Your Office?

Shifting your office to a new space will always be a difficult task to accomplish. Shifting from one office space to another can also bring down the morale of your staff. Moreover shifting if not done quickly and in an orderly fashion will result in a drop in the productivity and more importantly a drop in the revenue of your firm. The best thing you can do is prepare for it in advance.

Prepare at least a couple of months in advance because it will give you a head start and will prevent any sudden issues from showing up. First thing that you should do is contact a good and reliable movers and packers like The Box. You will need to connect with the movers well in advance and make sure that they are capable of doing the job. Begin by first visiting the office space you are going to move in to. Device a floor plan and make sure that everything is measured so that you know that the new or existing office equipment fits well. Also ensure that all connectivity and utility issues are resolved well in advance before shifting in. Just before the day of the relocation, inform staff about the floor plan as to avoid chaos while moving in. Just see to it that your computers are packed in a proper manner to avoid the damages which may take place while relocating.

The Box is the best storage solution in Dubai for all needs. The Box helps in shifting in a hassle- free manner. They also offer services like record management and a full team to dismantle pack and shift your office to a new location.

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8 March 2011

Storage And Maintainence Of Leather Items

Leather jackets and accessories make a great fashion statement. Expensive as they are the style factor makes up for the pricing. And expensive as they come, maintaining them is another story. So you bought a new leather jacket, flaunted it and now your thinking how do I maintain and store it? Conditioning it is one option. Waterproofing a leather coat will prevent moisture stains making it last for decades. Getting your leather coat maintained by a cleaning specialist also helps. But just keeping it in your closet won’t.

Most experts recommend storing leather items in climate controlled units which protects the leather from the excessive heat and humidity in the closet which can lead to drying out of the oils in the leather. Preferably a dark room, because exposing leather to sunlight causes discoloration. Also hang coats and jackets on wide wooden hangers to avoid getting creases. Climate controlled units in a storage facility like The Box in Dubai fit the bill.

The Box is a storage facility in Dubai with safe and secure, climate controlled units. Their storage facilities in Dubai have 24-hour CCTV surveillance along with round-the-clock access so that you can visit just about anytime. The Box provides personal storage, document storage, record management in Dubai along with home and office removal services.

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1 March 2011

Protect Your Old Memories

Photographs capture the emotion, the essence and every aspect of life as we see it. But in the end we have a whole bunch of memories to file and store. You get a bunch of photographs lying down scattered all over the house in different places. But you always feel like treasuring those memories having the whole grand family in them.

The invention of the digital camera made our lives a lot easier. But what about the antique photos which really need to be preserved? As of today many commercial solutions are widely available but according to experts, photographs need to be stored in the dark at a low temperature (not freezing) and with a humidity level fluctuating a little below 40% and nothing above 50%. Also as most people usually do, avoid storing them in a loft or attic as humidity levels in there change according to the seasons which can result in photographs sticking together and obviously loosing print and deteriorating when taken apart. Magnetic sheets leave behind a residue on images and vinyl pages have the potential to give off harmful fumes.

Storing photos in archival materials helps in preventing common damage and the archival corners are a great tool in this regard. Climate controlled units help you to store these precious archives. The Box is a storage facility in Dubai which guarantees you the safety of your priceless belongings. They provide you with storage space in Dubai having climate controlled environment.

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22 February 2011

The Box provides Best Climate Controlled Unit

People these days are facing lot of storage problem in Dubai. It is so happening that the occupied space is increasing while the empty space is diminishing. You have sufficient storage at your place but do not have climate controlled units. Because of this things kept in the storage facility may get damaged by the period of time.

There are few storage solutions in Dubai who provide with climate controlled units, of these The Box is one of the most preferred one. We at the climate controlled units protect your sensitive belongings like antiques, paintings, musical instruments, seasonal clothing etc. We have built the structure of these facilities in different way. The roofs of these facilities are impermeable roof which will help protect from rains. Also they are built up at particular height to protect the goods inside the unit from flood. The temperature of the climate controlled units at The Box is controlled depending upon your belongings as we know extreme climatic conditions may spoil your belongings. The best part about storing your goods with our climate controlled units is that, your wooden furniture is prevented from termites. With the metal construction and tough concrete pests can be kept at bay.

The Box is one storage facility which provides with various storage solutions like commercial, personal, document storage in Dubai etc. We are known for providing the best storage facility with best services to the customers.

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15 February 2011

Storing Things in New City Now Easy

Dubai is a business hub. Many a times it happens that people come down to Dubai to start up their business. In this case it may happen that you take a place on rent till the time you settle down properly. If you belong to UAE then relocating is not a difficult task but what if you are not from UAE. It may happen that before you are settled your luggage may reach you. What would be your plan of action in this case?

This is the very moment we come into the picture. The Box is a storage company in Dubai who would surely help you out with the problem. At the storage facility in Dubai you can keep your goods safely. Whether they are your personal goods or your official belongings at storage units of The Box you can keep them and we guarantee you the safety of your goods. Our storage units in Dubai have climate controlled facility. The temperature in these facilities is set depending upon the need of your object. Also these storage units are accessible for 24 hours of the day. The facility at The Box has round the clock updated visitor access log. Your goods are safe as we have 24 hour CCTV surveillance. We also take the precaution that your valuables are safe and they are not eaten up by the insects.

We also provide you with long term and short term storage solutions at The Box depending upon your requirement.

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8 February 2011

Go on Vacation Tension Free

Why do we go for a vacation? Just to relax ourselves from our daily chores. But it happens that, even though we are out to relax there are number of things which are constantly going on in our mind. Those things are like locking the house, closing the taps etc. But most important thing which many people think about is “whether their car is safe?”

While going on a vacation it is not necessary you take your car. That time you keep your car in the parking but, is that place purely safe? Many a times it happens that deck from your car may get robbed or some parts of the car or even there are cases where when family is on vacation their car has been stolen. This is surely a thing which will make you worry but The Box a storage facility in Dubai is ready to help you. With the car storage in Dubai available at The Box you can store your cars safely with us. Also we will keep a proper check on your car. We help you with keeping it clean, regular ignition, tire checks etc. The storage facility at The Box is open for 24 hours of the day.

Apart from car storage we provide with various storage solutions like personal storage, document storage and record management in Dubai etc. At The Box we also provide with house removal services like movers and packers in Dubai.

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1 February 2011

Multiple Storage Solutions in Dubai

Dubai is the center of attraction, people round the globe visit Dubai either for holidays or for business purpose. There are many storage solutions in Dubai, these storage solutions in Dubai provide you with various storage facilities, moving services and house removals in Dubai etc. But people in Dubai prefer to store their valuables with The Box. There reason behind The Box being the preferred solution is:

The company provides with ample of storage space in Dubai.

The storage facility is accessible at any point of the day.

The Box is equipped with storage units of various sizes to store any kind of object you wish to.

Your belongings are stored under 24 hour CCTV surveillance. They are assured to be stored under high standard solutions.

The Box provides its customers with climate controlled units for their belongings.

The Box is known for making provisions for any storage solutions in UAE, needed by you. This is the one of the most exclusive feature of The Box which puts the company in the league of storage facilities.

To be the member of The Box you just have to follow three simple. They are choosing the unit, complete the sign up form and you are the member of The Box. Car storage in Dubai is one of the eye catching features of The Box. The experts from the company are always ready to help you.

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31 January 2011

Make Space for the Things You Have Shopped

Dubai Shopping Festival has already started. People are busy shopping clothes, jewelry, furniture etc. The name itself suggests “shopping”. During this festival, the shopkeepers offer huge discounts on their merchandize. The shopping during the festival is tax free.

So now if have shopped a lot you obviously need space to keep those things at your place. When you buy new things you won’t sell the old ones so the problem arises is of space. Where will you keep the old goods and new ones? There is one simple solution for your problem and that is opting for a storage facility in Dubai. The storage facility will allow you to store all of your goods that you have bought from Dubai Shopping Festival. You can store clothes, furniture, electronic gadgets etc. If you are a resident of Dubai you can hire a storage unit for long term as it may be useful to you any point of the time but what if you are not a resident on Dubai? The units are also available on short term basis. You can shop and keep your belongings with the facility and while leaving from Dubai you can collect it from their.

The Box is one of the known Dubai Storage Company. We provide our customers with best storage solutions. The best part about us is that you can access your unit at any point of the day as we working for 24hours. You can also afford to keep your gold items in the storage units at The Box as there is 24 hour CCTV surveillance and infrared recordings. Also updated visitors access log is maintained.

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30 January 2011

24 hour Accessibility to Your Units

The demand for storage facilities and moving services in Dubai is growing tremendously. Due to the busy working schedules it is not possible for them to take care of their belongings. This is the reason why people here opt for services which provide them great convenience. The Box is one of the most reputed storage companies which people like to opt for because of its reasonable rates and efficient representatives.

At The Box we provide our customers with various facilities and options. People prefer choosing those options which are best suitable to them and which fulfill theirs needs. The most preferred of all the services provided by The Box is the 24 hour accessibility to your unit. Because of the busy life it does not become possible for one to come and check their units or move their belongings during the day time. This is the reason why for your comfort our storage facility is opened for 24 hours a day. You can even access your account during holidays. There are many of our customers who have their accounts with us before there was 24 hour accessibility. This feature has attracted people who lead a highly busy life. Moreover unit reserving process is also quick and easy, that also saves time.

The Box a Dubai Storage Company has gained a huge success in a very short period of time. The company has its name all over UAE and provides with the best quality service. Just with a mouse click you will be provided with detailed information on our moving services and storage facilities in Dubai.

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28 January 2011

Tips to Pack Your Goods

When you plan to relocate from one location to another, there are many things you have to take care of. You have to look for reliable moving services in Dubai. The moving service you choose should not only have moving facility but should also provide you with manpower as it may become difficult for you to move belongings by yourself.

When you plan to relocate the most important thing you have to take care of is the packaging of your belongings. You have to be very careful while packaging, as not all companies would assist you with the packaging work. Following tips should be taken into consideration while packaging of your articles:

1. Whenever you pack objects like show pieces, clocks, glass articles they should be wrapped with paper. If they are directly wrapped with plastic sheet, there would be mark on the object. When you move a glass table or heavy glass object put sheet of cloth on the glass.

2. Once wrapped with paper or covered with the cloth sheet, wrap them with a bubble wrap sheet. Bubbles of the bubble wrap sheet act as cushion for the objects which protects the object from cracking during moving process.

3. After covering the object with bubble wrap, apply tape to the object. Using tape guns for bigger objects would be anytime comfortable.

4. Last but most important choose proper boxes to fit your belongings. Boxes of large, medium and small sizes are available in the market.

The Box is a Dubai storage company who will provide you with the best quality material for packaging of your goods.

For more details visit The Box at

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27 January 2011

Things You Should Be Clear Before Searching a Moving Company

Whenever you plan to relocate your house or office, you are in search of a reputed company with good networks. If the company is reputed there are more networks and it is easier to move. Also the company should be able to provide with customized services. Before looking for a moving company you should ask few questions to yourself like:

What will be the amount of luggage you will be moving?

How far is the area where you are planning to shift?

Although these questions do not seem to be of great importance to you, they are very essential. It is anytime better to prepare yourself with the answers for these questions. As this will help you to make a rough idea of the cost you are about to spend. Also it makes the task of finding out the estimate easily. Many Dubai moving services often are interested to know where you are relocating in order to decide the distance and the amount to be charged. Accordingly they will calculate your estimate and also give you an idea of how to pack your goods and the packaging material needed to pack them. If you answer these questions then moving your goods would be very easy.

The Box is one of the very well known storage solution in Dubai. We provide you with the best moving services in Dubai. We offer our customers with different suites and depending upon their needs we provide with the service. At The Box we offer “rent a truck” option for those who just want to transfer the goods.

For more information on The Box visit us at

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26 January 2011

Storage for Controlling Climate

Due to global warming the climatic conditions are changing drastically. The summers are getting hotter and winters are getting colder. There are snow falls in those areas who have never received snow fall. Dubai is seeing summers hottest of all times and winters are getting cooler. It is easy to feel the difference every year. It is quite surprising to see this topic in a storage company’s blog. But climatic conditions and storage facilities in Dubai have some link with each other.

There is a connection between global warming and climate controlled storage solutions in Dubai. Many times people do not understand what climate controlled units are. Climate control means that the temperature is controlled and monitored. Because of this; temperature of units will remain constant and will not affect the state of the possession. Because the climatic conditions it has become necessary to store your belongings in storage facilities as there are some objects that would tend to get damaged because of the changing climate. In olden days storage units did not had climate controlled facilities. Now-a-days the demand for climate controlled units is increasing. Though global warming is only one of the reasons for storing climate sensitive goods in a climate controlled storage unit in Dubai, it is one of the main reasons why this industry is and will be in demand all across the world.

Global warming is adhere to affect your sensitive and valuable belongings or may change its appearance. Almost all modernized storage solutions in UAE will provide with these units. So does The Box.

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25 January 2011

The Box knows To Value Priceless Belongings

Many people find it very unsafe to store their belongings with the storage facility. People are always worried, if their things would get robbed. I myself earlier never agreed to store things outside my house but in recent past this storage facility in Dubai has become a boon for me.

We all want your house to look elegant, attractive different from others. But that is not easy as we are very careful about these belongings and find it difficult to take care of these things at our place. Even I am fond of antiques like lamp shades, clocks, vases etc. Knowing this when I relocated to new house, my friends and family during the house warming party gifted me with beautiful antique clock, vases etc. I didn’t wished to keep these valuables at my place as I have two kids who are very mischievous. Later one of my friend suggested me with the storage solutions in Dubai. Today all my antiques are kept carefully and under security with The Box. I bring my valuable items whenever necessary. When my kids will grow older enough to understand the value of priceless things will get it back home.

The Box is undoubtedly one of the finest storage solutions in Dubai. Also it is located at ideal location which is easily accessible. It is the best household storage solution in Dubai. The company’s website provides with detailed information about their services and facilities.

To know more on The Box you can visit at

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23 January 2011

Are You A Drummer?

People love playing various different instruments. Playing instruments give them pleasure. Be it guitar, flute, bongo or even drums; they get a worldly feeling by playing them. You can utilize your leisure time meaningfully by playing them rather than by wasting it in some useless activity. But many a times you are worried about storing these instruments. Flute, bongos are some instruments which hardly occupy some space but what if you are a drummer?

People in Dubai love music, especially western music. If you are a professional drummer you will surely own a drum kit. This drum kit occupies a huge space at your place and also in today’s busy life you hardly get any time to play the instrument. It is very difficult to handle these instruments. They are needed to be taken care of in a very sophisticated manner. A drum kit contains many components which are very difficult to handle. If you own a large apartment or a villa then you can manage to store the kit. What if you have a small house and if you have kids then it is not at all possible to keep it in your house. Dubai Storage Company is one place which will surely help you with this problem. 24 hour easily accessible storage facility in Dubai is the solution. Just before opting for the storage solution in Dubai make sure that it is the best.

The Box is one of the most reputed Dubai Storage Company. We provide high security to your goods and provide with magnetic access cards to easily access the account. We at The Box not only provide with storage facilities but also provide with moving services in Dubai.

For more details on The Box visit us at

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21 January 2011

Things To Be Kept in Mind before Registering with Storage Company

The trend of storage facility in Dubai is increasing. People leaving in small apartments face the problem of storing their belongings. This is when people find it necessary to store their valuable objects with the Dubai Storage Company. You will come across many storage houses but you have to be careful while selecting.

While registering with a household storage in Dubai following things are needed to be taken into consideration:

1. The most important is the space management. Make a list of those items which are not needed daily and are to be kept in a storage unit. With the help of that list you will get an idea about how many things are to be stored in storage unit and how big unit is required.

2. There are some storage houses that provide easy accessibility while some don’t. While selecting a storage facility determine whether you need accessibility to your belonging often or not.

3. Before signing up with storage company just make brief study of rents needed to be paid. See to it that the rent fits your budget. Check the amount of fine to be paid if you exceed the deadline and also compare the rents with other storage houses.

4. Before signing contract read the terms and conditions carefully and understand the minutes of it. Accept all the terms and conditions and get all your doubts cleared. Also read the rule book carefully.

The Box is one of the reputed Dubai Storage Company. Signing up with us is very easy as there is just a three step process involved.

To be the member of The Box visit us at

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20 January 2011

Have Tension Free Vacations

Everybody feels the necessity of taking break from their daily chores. The best way of taking break is going on vacations with family. But when you go on vacation what worries you most is the safety of your belongings. You are worried of them being burgled in your absence. But now you need not worry because there are various storage facilities in Dubai who can keep your goods safe.

When you plan out your vacations they are minimum 15 days long or maximum till you get refreshed. When on vacation you always keep on worrying about precious items at your place, your vehicles, etc. Because of the growing cases of thefts one has to be very careful while going on vacation and has to take preventive steps. The best way to enjoy your holidays is by keeping your precious belongings safe with a Dubai storage company. These storage companies have well equipped security systems. They have 24 hour CCTV surveillance cameras. You can easily access your account and take back your things once you are back from holidays. Most of the storage companies provide their clients with magnetic access card because of which it becomes very easy to access the units. Household storage in Dubai is one of the best ways of storing your belongings.

The Box is one the best storage companies in UAE. You can simply register with The Box and can opt for our services. The company also provides all types of packaging materials and also our professionals will help you in packing, moving and storing things.

For more details visit us at

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19 January 2011

You will Surely Be Provided with Third Party Insurance

People love to buy things which have some kind of exclusivity and when these exclusive things are bought they have to be kept carefully. We get attached to these special goods emotionally. Also when you receive some gifts you get attached to them too. We cherish our belongings and try to keep them as much safe as possible. Safety of goods is easily possible at storage facilities in Dubai.

If you want to keep your goods safe under proper environmental conditions select the best storage company. Because of the growing trends there are many storage companies in Dubai but you should know to select the company which is perfect. It is obvious that you must be worried about storing your valuables away from you but with The Box you have to be tension free as your belongings are safe in the storage facilities their. The Box is one of the renowned storage solutions in Dubai and has reputation in the market. It offers Third Party Insurance to its clients. Insurance anytime is useful for your belongings With the help of third party insurance you can secure your goods from damages. The Box is known for taking the best security of your goods. It understands the importance of your valuables. Not all household storages in Dubai provide you with this facility but The Box provides with it.

The Box not only provides with storage facilities but also provides with moving services in Dubai. At The Box you can also buy all sorts of packaging material and other value added services.

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18 January 2011

Number of Storage Solutions is offered by The Box

There comes number of storage facilities in Dubai to mind when you plan to store or move your belongings. The Box is one Dubai storage company who provides you with storing and moving services in Dubai. It has household and many more services.

The Box provides you with everything that is needed in connection with the storing and moving of your belongings. If you are planning to move from one location to another or if you want to keep your goods in a storage solution and need packaging material The Box will help you out. The company provides you with:

1. Various self storage units depending upon your requirements. Like 155 sq. ft., Medium 100 sq. ft. and Small 50 sq. ft., other sizes are available on your request.

2. You are provided with the packaging material like bubble wrap, tape, tape guns and boxes of large, medium and small sizes.

3. You are also provided with courier, transportation, removal and relocation, inventory management and document management services.

For office and house removals in Dubai The Box provides you with different suites depending upon your requirement.

Gold: Here you are provided with the team of experts, tools and packaging material needed to dismantle, pack and shift your office or house to a new location. They also help you with assembling of your goods.

Silver: You are provided with transportation move along with handling and man power services.

Bronze: It is a simple transportation service from point A to point B just like pick and drop.

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16 January 2011

Your Car is in Safe Hands

Some people are very much passionate about their cars, they are car addicts. For them it is one thing which provides with an irreplaceable comfort. So when it comes to going out with family for holidays or for a business trip they are always worried about keeping their vehicle safe. The best way to keep your cars safe is with the storage facility in Dubai. They are well equipped with latest security measures and a car addict will surely want his car to be in safe hands.

Before going ahead and storing car, one has to take into consideration the following checklist to determine the best storage company:

1. The most important point is to check whether the car storage is indoor or outdoor. If the car is stored in an outdoor storage facility the vehicle tends to get damaged because of dust etc.

2. See to it that the storage facility provides additional security like precautions in case of accidents etc. Ask the company, what preventive measures are taken to unauthorized access to vehicles and such similar questions.

3. Even make sure that value of your car will be fully recovered in certain cases.

4. Will there be routine checks on your car which involves keeping it clean, regular ignition, tire checks and everything else that is routinely required. Because once the car is out of storage, it should be ready for use.

The Box is a storage company who provides its customers with various storage solutions in Dubai. It also provides the customers with the provisions of storing their cars.

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14 January 2011

The Box for Your Help

In the world of business it takes time to gain reputation in the market but a small mistake can harm your reputation. In this business world one has to always keep the customer happy and provide him with the best services. One mistake is enough to destroy the reputation; there is place for second chance. This rule applies also to storage business too. The competition of storage facilities in Dubai is increasing so before making any provisions the storage company has to think twice, whether it will be able to fulfill the demands of the customers or not.

There are many storage facilities in Dubai who have their own set of rules and regulations. They permit to store some items in their facility while some items are not allowed to be stored. The main thing is they ask their customers to stick to the rules. They want their customers to understand the reason behind the ban on particular items to be stored in the facility.

Most of the Dubai storage companies have storage facility for small items to large ones like cars, quads etc. But they may not allow the storage of inflammable items, plants, animals etc. which can create unhygienic conditions. The main reason behind storing your goods in storage facility is the security of your goods and if dangerous items are stored in facility then what purpose will the facility serve?

Our storage company in UAE The Box has its rules and regulations about storing of certain goods. Even we do not allow storage of particular items under precautionary measures. If you have any queries, comments or inquiries feel free to submit them under our ‘Contact Us’ section on our website

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13 January 2011

The Box for Decorative Articles

We decorate our houses during the time of festivals, occasions or ceremonies. Some of these decorative articles are not needed daily but they occupy a huge space in your house. Also there are many decorative articles that can be reused. To reuse these articles and to make the space at your place you can store your decorative articles at storage facility in Dubai.

The prices of commodities are rising day-by-day in this situation giving out decorative articles after using for few times and buying a new one is equal to wasting money. To reuse them you need to maintain them in a proper manner. It is difficult to take care of these delicate and valuable belongings and if you have children then it is next to impossible. The best option to store them is the Dubai storage company. It provides you with various storage solutions in Dubai. It has units of different sizes to store your decorative articles depending upon your requirement. These storage facilities has provisions to store your any kind of decorative article like lights, lanterns, ribbons, glass show pieces, artificial flowers etc. Dubai Storage Company takes good care of your costly and delicate decorative articles. You just have to be member of the storage facility.

The Box is one of the storage companies in UAE. They take good care of your belongings be it personal or official. The company has closely monitored 24 hour CCTV surveillance and also an on ground security. The storage units at The Box are accessible for 24 hours a day. Once you are the member of The Box your belongings are in safe hands and also it is easy to access your units with magnetic access cards.

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12 January 2011

Growing Need of Storage Facility is Fulfilled by The Box

Dubai is becoming the hottest tourist attraction. More and more people are getting attracted to Dubai not only for sight seeing but also for business purpose. Because of the tourist attractions like Burj Khalifa, Desert Safari, Dubai Shopping Festival etc. people are pouring in Dubai round the world. Also as the rentals have fallen down in Dubai people are settling in Dubai. Because of all these reason the need for storage facility in Dubai is increasing.

Those who have newly shifted to Dubai are in need of the storage space. Many a times it so happens that you cannot afford to buy a bigger house and you have lot of things to store. As there is less storage space you somehow manage to adjust belongings at your place because of this your house seems to be much messy. This is when Dubai Storage Company plays an important role. It is the best option for one to store their belongings. These storage companies provide you with long term and short term storage solutions in Dubai. The duration of renting space may differ from company to company. There are storage solutions which provide with climate controlled units. These units protect your belongings like paintings, furniture, clothes from getting damaged. The storage solutions in Dubai not only help you with personal storage facility but also with commercial storage.

There are many storage solutions in Dubai but The Box is one of the best and most preferred storage solutions. It provides customers not only with personal and commercial storage but also with document storage and document archiving in Dubai. There is nothing that cannot be cared at The Box.

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11 January 2011

Old Trends Now In Demand

When you think of storing your belongings a long list comes to our mind. There are number of things which can be stored in the storage facility in Dubai which would help you to make your house look spacious. You may thing of storing your old furniture, toys etc. But apart from that you can also store your old clothes in the storage facility.

The reason behind this weird thought coming to my mind is just because old styles are back in trend. We give our old clothes thinking them as old fashioned but after a while that same fashion is in demand. The best way of keeping these clothes safe is the personal storage in Dubai. The storage facility will help you keep these set of your clothes safe and you can use them back whenever they are in fashion. The climate controlled units will make it easier to store these clothes and protect them from insects feeding on fabric. Giving your costly clothes and again buying them when they are in trend is just waste of money. Also the prices of the commodities are touching sky. Dubai storage company is the best solution to save your money. You can also store you trendy accessories, shoes, purses, bags etc.

The Box is one of the well known storage companies in Dubai. It provides its customers with various storage solutions like commercial storage, personal storage, household storage and also has moving services in Dubai.

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9 January 2011

Whom is the Storage Facility For?

The popularity of storage facility in Dubai is increasing by the period of time. People are using these facilities to store their belongings in large number. Now-a-days these storage facilities not only provide with just one service but with variety of services. Many times people raise the question that for whom are these storage facilities meant for.

Here in Dubai people have misunderstood the concept of storage companies. According to them these facilities are not for personal use but just for commercial storage. As many business houses and companies make the use of these facilities on large scale it does not mean that people cannot store their personal goods in these facilities. As the amount of commercial storage is on large scale it is very beneficial to book a bigger space. These storage facilities are available also for personal storage in Dubai. The space in Dubai Storage Company can be used by an individual to store his personal or official documents and also by a commercial business organization to store their important documents, old furniture etc.

The business organizations and home owners opt for this facility because they provide with various services convenient to them. These storage facilities provide with climate control units for your belongings because of which your goods do not get damaged.

The Box is a storage solution in Dubai which people mostly prefer to opt for. The company is highly flexible and also provides with the moving services in Dubai. We at The Box are always ready to help you.

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7 January 2011

Is Assistance Necessary?

Relocating from one location to another involves lot of tasks and responsibilities which are very difficult to complete single handedly. Most important thing one has to take into consideration is the estimate of the belongings which are needed to be moved. There are many moving services in Dubai who provide you with excellent customer care services. You just have to call the customer care service and your queries would be answered.

There are some Dubai storage companies who send their agents at your place for an onsite check. These agents measure number of items and check out the quantity of goods that are to be loaded in the truck during the time of relocation. Then they tell you the estimated amount which is needed to be paid. But these all formalities are is not necessary. Good Dubai movers are those who give you the choice of selecting the assistance only if you need it and not the one who forcibly make you to select it. Counting the number of items going into the truck is not a difficult task. If this is the case then you by yourself can count the number of items going into the truck, rather than hiring an assistant and paying him for that job.

The customer representatives with Dubai movers of The Box give you the estimates directly on phone. They are always ready to guide you with the queries you have. Just you can contact the representatives at and they are ready for your assistance.

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6 January 2011

Storage facility for Students Available Easily

The students of Dubai generally travel abroad for educational purposes. They stay over there in hostel till the time course is completed like for 2-3 years. After coming back from hostel the students generally face the storage problem as they carry their belongings full of boxes. In this case the perfect solution is to opt for storage solution in Dubai.

As the demand for storage is increasing among students also the storage facilities are increasing and each storage company tries to avail discount on the facilities that they offer. The main reason behind offering discount is the growing demand for the storage space by students. They place these discounts in order to attract more and customers and to win the race with their competitors. The storage facilities in Dubai have come up with storage units of different sizes to fit your requirements. If you want to store your books a unit according to your requirement is available, for sports storage you can get unit of different size, also you can acquire a unit big enough to store your sports equipments, books, clothes etc. A storage unit with best climate controlled units can keep your items safe till the time you wish to keep them in storage unit.

The Box is a storage company which people preferably choose for storing their belongings. People consider our storage facility as much needed extension of their homes as well. The experts at The Box help you in finding the storage unit of the size you demand and serves you the best.

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5 January 2011

What is a Self Storage

The demand for the storage facility in Dubai is growing tremendously. People prefer to keep their valuable belongings in storage facility rather than keeping them at home. But while selecting a storage facility and before becoming the member of the facility there are many queries people have regarding the storage solutions in Dubai. The queries which people mostly have are:

Q1. What are self storage facilities?

Ans. Self storage facilities are those who lease a space either to an individual or group of organization for storing household goods, business inventories etc.

Q2. What can be stored in these storage units?

Ans. There are many things that can be stored in storage units like show pieces, glass articles, crockery, furniture, office documents etc. Storage facilities mostly do not allow storing of goods that may cause harm to other goods and even those objects that are that inflammable.

Q3. Where are these self storage facilities situated?

Ans. It totally depends upon your requirement which storage facility is to be provided. If you are in search of small lockers they are easily found in the city whereas bigger lockers are found on the outskirts of the city.

Q4. What are the after effects if the bill is not paid on time?

Ans. Some companies auction your items to recover money, whereas some companies have very harsh laws and also may sue the client.

The Box is a very well known storage solution in Dubai which provides you with perfect space for your belongings. At The Box we assure you safe and secure environment for your belongings. We provide you with moving services in Dubai. The best part is that at The Box you can easily pay your bills online.

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4 January 2011

The Box Solves Household Storage Problems

There are many a time you think of having a big apartment. The reason behind this is you don’t have enough space at your place to store your belongings. In city like Dubai the rates for empty space keep on increasing, this is a time where a storage facility in Dubai is ready to help you and that is The Box.

The Box provides you with the storage facility where you can store your household belongings from show pieces to your furniture. We provide you with household storage in Dubai. At The Box we can assure you the utmost safety for your precious belongings. There is 24 hour CCTV surveillance camera for your belongings; also there is updated visitors log and on ground security. We provide our clients with magnetic access cards and your unit is accessible for 24 hours of the day. So that your belongings do not get damaged we provide you with climate control facility. We understand the importance of your objects and try to keep them under proper safety.

The Box is one storage facility which provides you with office and house removals and also with moving services in Dubai. It also provides you with personal and commercial storage facility. Just complete the three step process and be the member of The Box.

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2 January 2011

The Box makes your House Redecoration Easy

The standard of living of the people in Dubai is high. People in Dubai always want their house to look beautiful and elegant. So it is not all surprising if the people here go in for giving a new look to their house or an apartment.

When you talk about painting your house many things come into pictures like arranging everything from paintings, relocating your goods to storage solution etc. The most important part is of storing goods in a reputed storage facility in Dubai. Then you come across things like the assistance provided to you, accessibility to your goods and many such things which play an important role. The objects at your home always have a special place in your heart, when you think of moving them during the time of redecoration; you want them to be shifted carefully. Also you want them to be stored in proper storage facility where they won’t be damaged. For this reason you need to have the best storage and house removal facilities. To store goods safely there is also necessity of climate controlled units. So when you select a storage solution see to it that it has all these facilities.

We at The Box will give the comfort of storage facility as well as house removals in Dubai. We are one of the best storage companies in UAE. The experts at the facility understand the importance of your goods and handle them very carefully.

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