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5 April 2012

Simplicity saves space in your home

Simplicity as clearly defined by the Merriam Webster, is the state of being simple. Modern is simple, in terms of design and architecture that is. Simply put, both design and architecture deal with space; which is why simplicity and space often work better together.If you are in the midst of designing your home, or are stuck with a small apartment, there are many ways in which space can be made; although the former is much easier to deal with. This can be done for various reasons; some may want a more spacious room while others; quite frankly, are looking for more storage space within the same area.

The idea is to go simple. Simplicity is the key to space. For example, one could replace closed cabinets in a kitchen with open shelves; for items that are used more frequently like dinner plates and serving dishes. Open shelves surely save a lot more space in a smaller kitchen; and the plates themselves if colour-matched with the interiors, can form a part of the kitchen decor.

Another smart way of making more space if you have a taller house is to install a spiral staircase. They occupy a lot less space as compared to conventional ones; as can be seen from the Eestairs spiral from the picture above. But if you happen to have one of these around, you will also need bigger windows to bring in bigger objects like furniture, when the movers and packers get to work while moving in. Mounting objects like the dining table and your grand LED TV on the wall can also help in increasing the space in your hall. The important part is to begin by de-cluttering your home; which means that you first need to remove all the old stuff and keep back only what is necessary. This will help reduce unnecessary items and objects that you can get rid off and find newer and more efficient alternatives. However, if you do need some extra space to keep some of the things you like, we are always here to give you a helping hand with our professional storage services in Dubai.
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