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12 February 2015

This Valentine's Day - Make Your Bathroom a Refreshing Retreat!

Bathroom should be a place where you can refresh your body. However, we decided to go one step further. Here are some scintillating ideas to revamp your bathroom. It will make your bathroom not just a refreshing but a romantic retreat this Valentine's Day!

You wouldn’t want your messy bathroom to come in between your romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. You will see some quick bathroom de-cluttering hacks in the end. But before that you might want to look at the following ways to give your bathroom a romantic make-over this Valentine’s Day.

Have you tried grabbing a bite with your love besides a beautifully decorated bath tub? If not then perhaps this Valentine’s Day is the best time to experience it. The arrangement as shown above creates an invigorating aura perfect for a romantic breather. The best part is that the arrangement requires the least space.

You just have to place a small table besides your bathtub as shown above. On the table you can place a cup of yummy strawberries and a champagne bottle. All set, it will create a perfect environment to rekindle the romance between you and your love. Tempting isn’t it?

Tip: Candles favor a romantic atmosphere. However, to sustain the romantic breeze for long, keep glass candleholders. These will prevent wax from falling onto the floor as well as candles from extinguishing.

De-cluttering is better that floundering later!
De-cluttering your bathroom is important. It is because when you get rid of the unnecessary items in your bathroom, will you feel relaxed. Otherwise this valentine’s day you and your partner would be found in dismay something like this-

You may find this exaggerating. However, women always prefer a tidy bathroom. And what if she asks you to do de-cluttering work on Valentine’s Day? You wouldn’t want to be in that situation. Ah! Right, now the above picture appears somewhat real to you, isn’t it? Even if it does not, making your bathroom clutter-free will nevertheless make your Valentine’s Day memorable!

Below are some quick bathroom storage ideas:

So that you know where your things are. Also it appears sophisticated and it extremely handy, isn’t it?

Whether it's a small bathroom or large, have all-in-one furnishings like above. Its ability to store large quantities will prevent any kind of mess. Also it takes very little space!
It also contains recessed medicine cabinets which will work wonders.

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11 February 2015

What 2 Qualities Drive Sustainable Productive Businesses?

Do you know what makes the most productive business? It is an effective manager which precedes becoming an effective entrepreneur. And the 2 most striking qualities of effective manager are:

1.    Communication-

A good manager ought to be responsive and accountable. A manager can only be responsive and accountable when he is able to communicate effectively. Therefore, communication is the medium which facilitates the flow of words between manager and his team. And when there is a flaw in this medium, there ought to be misunderstandings. This results in operational inefficiencies. Hence, managers with strong communication skills are able to convey information in a manner easily understood by the receiver.
Note- Effective communication involves patient hearing as well.

2.    Leadership-
Guy Laliberté
Leadership is a much talked about terminology. Some say leaders are born and not created which is false. When you closely observe the traits of great leaders, they have one common attribute which stands out. “To take your call”. Take Guy Lalibert√© for example. He is the founder of Cirque du Soleil which is the largest theatrical producer in the world.

In 2009, Guy desired of travelling to space. To gratify his fantasies, Guy sold a fifth of Cirque du Soleil to Dubai investors. And then he blasted into space on a Soyuz rocket.

However, Cirque’s midlife crisis sent Guy back to earth with a serious mission. The mission was to redefine Cirque’s branding and overall operations. And here’s what he said in a two-hour interview at the company’s headquarters in Montreal, “The redefining phase was difficult. And what kept me going is my ability to take a call. You must be able to decide in the harshest situations. Only then you become a great leader.”

The result? Cirque is still the world’s largest theatrical producer in the world!

A true leader is able to generate trust, provide direction and delegate responsibilities between team members.
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