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29 May 2010

We Are Here To Help You Store Extra Books

I am sure that your child must be having many projects and books in his drawers. You must be finding it difficult to store all of them. But they are important especially if you have one more child studying in a lower standard. Parents often keep books and projects of elder child for their younger ones to refer to.

No doubt this is a great idea and it helps in many ways. But where to keep so many books would be an unresolved issue for you. Have you heard about storage facilities in Dubai? This can be a great help to you. The Box is a successful storage solution in Dubai which will provide you various facilities as per your requirements. You can easily opt for a unit of your choice and store all your projects and books that are rarely used. By opting for this facility you will make ample of space in your drawers and cupboards. This is the best way to keep your books, projects etc and make your home spacious. You can also store old report cards, certificates or any other documents which are not used on regular basis. Our document storage in Dubai will look after every important paper that you have.

The Box is an established storage and moving service in Dubai. Our company is strategically located so that customers can reach us easily. Accessibility of 24 hours makes it convenient for everyone to use their account whenever they want. Three simple steps will create your account with The Box.

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28 May 2010

We Will Cautiously Move Your Dinner And Tea Set

Moving has always been one of the difficult jobs for people around the world. Handling everything on your own creates more confusion. One of the important factors that are involved in shifting addresses is moving fragile items. Your expensive and delicate things need to be moved properly and with care.

Dinner sets or tea sets are not just other utensils but they play an important role in beautifying your kitchen. Making a collection of matching dinner set and tea set is not a joke. You must have visited hundred of markets before buying a perfect dinner and tea set for your home. Even if a single spoon gets damaged then beauty of the entire set gets spoiled. You need to take several precautions before moving these fragile items to your new home. We at The Box understand your problem and will make your moving damage free. Our company professionals know the art of packing delicate items in a right way and shift them with extra care. Our transportation system is also very smooth which makes sure that all you articles are safely moved. Just tell us your requirements and we will make sure that you get best packing and moving service in Dubai.

Along with packing and moving The Box also provides best storage solution in Dubai. We offer variety of facilities you can choose the one as per your requirements. By following three simple steps you will open an account with us. The Box is the best option for any packing, storing or moving needs.

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The Box Makes Your Holidays More Enjoyable

Dubai has hot climatic conditions. During summer atmosphere becomes hotter hence a number of locals in Dubai prefer going for a vacation. A lot of things need to be taken care of when you are away from home for a long period of time. Safety of your home and things in them is the foremost matter of concern.

But if you have The Box to look after then you don’t have to worry. We will make your holiday stress free so that you can enjoy every moment to the fullest. All you need to do is, reserve an account with us and we will keep your belongings safe and secured with us. If you have some important documents or expensive articles that are of prime concern then store them in household storage in Dubai and be tension free. You can even store your cars, bikes, quads or boats in our large storage units. As soon as you are back from holidays you can take your belongings to your home. Reserving an account with us is very simple and easy accessibility adds convenience. Many residents of Dubai opt for types of storage facilities when they holiday out of town. You too can do so when you are opting for storage solution in Dubai.

The Box has short term and long term storage facilities in Dubai. After analyzing your requirements you can opt for the most suitable one. We also provide moving services in Dubai so you don’t have to worry about moving your large items.

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27 May 2010

Tell Your Friend About The Box

The Box is one of the established storage facilities in Dubai. We have entitled to ourselves a great success in a very little time. This achievement was possible with the trust and support of our customers. We always give prime importance to customer satisfaction and in return we receive love and respect from all of them.

Majority of clients that we have are referrals of our existing clients. This is really good news and we wish to continue just like that. So we request all our customers that if they are happy with the service that we provide then please make an attempt to suggest our name to those who are looking for storing and moving services in Dubai. We have an option for you which will make suggesting our name to any of your friends very simple. All you need to do is visit our website. On our website we have an option called “tell a friend”. As soon as you click on it a new window will open on your screen. You need to fill in some basic details like your full name and email id. Along with that put email ids of your friends and click on “Send” button. That’s it; by following these simple steps you will actually give reference of our website to your friends.

The Box gives every convenience to you and looks after all your storing and moving needs. Our website is very much user friendly and explains every feature clearly and in detail. You must visit our website to know more about us.

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Quote Request Is Just A Click Away

If you have decided to opt for a storage facility in Dubai then next thing in mind would be the amount you have to pay. Many people find it difficult to figure out the size and price of unit that they will need to fit in all their belongings. Not every storage facility in Dubai will help you with this but we at The Box will tell you the perfect prize for all your belongings.

Our company professionals are very well trained. They understand all the issues that you have and try their level best in finding the solution for them. If you want to know the amount you will have to pay for your unit then that can be easily done. If you have a trouble in reaching our company then you issues will be resolved on phone too. But the best way would be visiting our website. Our website has every option to add convenience in your life. When you visit our website you will see an option called “Quote request”, a new window will open as soon as you click this option. After filling in the basic details about your self click on submit button. This way you can easily get to know quote within a short period of time.

The Box is the only storage solution in Dubai which provides convenient options to its customers. Along with storage facility we are also known for providing moving services in Dubai. You will get to know every detail by visiting our website. Log on to to know more about our features.

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26 May 2010

Maintain Your Golf Equipments

Golf is one of the famous sports in Dubai. Locals and visitors love playing golf in Dubai. There are many golf clubs which are specially designed to facilitate golfers. A lot of equipments are used for playing the game of golf. It is important to store these equipments properly in a suitable place.

Along with golf ball woods, irons and putters are major types of clubs used to play golf. Wedges are also used for playing shorter shots. Tees, golf bags, clubhead cover, golf cart and ball mark repair tool are other equipments which are used while playing golf. All these equipments must be occupying a large area in your home. It is not possible to maintain these equipments if your house is small. Moreover your kids can also damage them while you are away. The best solution to all your problems is storage facility in Dubai. These facilities have units of different sizes so you can store your equipments with ease. Along with your sports equipments many other things can be stored in such household storage in Dubai. You can easily open an account for yourself and store almost everything. But make sure that the company you deal with has higher security levels.

The Box is one of the best storage facilities in Dubai. We have different options for you to choose from. Along with storage we also deal in providing one of the best moving services in Dubai. You can access your account 24 hours a day.

To know more about us, visit our website:

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Avoid Storing Flammables

We have told you much about what you can store at the storage facility in Dubai. Now in this blog we will like to tell you things that you must avoid keeping in our storage units. We store almost everything but we have to avoid certain tings for the sake of safety.

We give higher importance to safety and can not compromise with it. We are responsible for safety of every single thing that is stored in our units. The most devastating effects are often experienced due to fire. No doubt we do have the best quality fire precautions but to be more cautious we avoid storing combustible things. A number of chemicals are flammables storing them would be a risk. There are many products which contain such chemicals hence they also can not be stored in our units. We kindly request you to check out the materials that you store with us. If at all you find any risk in them then please avoid keeping them in our storage solution in Dubai. If you are confused about a particular thing then get it checked with out company professionals. They will tell you weather it would be possible to store it with us or not.

Your help and active participation with us make The Box the safest place to store important and rarely used articles. Our humble company professionals will guide you properly and solve all your problems. You can call us if you have any doubt, we are here to make your storing and moving comfortable.

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25 May 2010

Trust The Box For Safety Of Your Belongings

Moving to a new location is not easy. Too many things are involved and they all need to be taken care of. One of the important aspects of shifting is packing things properly. Without proper packing goods can not be moved safely and conveniently. Your valuables can easily break down if they are not packed properly.

If you want your belongings to be packed properly then a good quality of packing materials are must. The Box Shop is place where you will get types of packaging material. Every single thing that is required in packing is available at The Box Shop. If you are confused in choosing a right kind of packaging materials for your articles then our professionals will help you with that. You don’t have to worry about the quality of the materials that we provide. We make it a point to serve you with best facilities. Ordering for these materials is also very simple. You can give us a call or simply visit our website and you will get the materials that you want. You can also tell us if you want any specific kind of packaging material we will tailor our service to suite your needs.

The safety of your belongings is our responsibility. We make sure that not a single article of yours is damaged while packing, storing or moving. We have higher levels of safety and security levels which give you an assurance that your belongings are in safe hands. For any of our services please visit our website.

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We Will Take Care Of Your Lights And Lanterns

Keeping safe delicate things is a difficult job. If these delicate articles are precious then taking care of them is more important. Lamps are on of those delicate and expensive things which require proper care and maintenance. If your home is small and you don’t use lamps regularly then keeping them safe will be a concern for you.

Lamps are often used for decorative purposes. When there is any occasion in a family people hang lights and lanterns to make house look more beautiful. But such occasions rarely come. After the function is over these lights and lanterns occupy a lot of place in your house. If by mistake any one of them is broken then the whole beauty is spoiled. You need to maintain such fragile items with extra care and precautions. If you are worried about its safety then reserve and account at The Box. The box is one of the famous storage solutions in Dubai which will keep your lights and lanterns safe. Many of our customers have kept their fragile items safely with us. We know how to look after your belongings very well. We understand value of your items and look after them the way you will do.

The Box has the reputation to protect. You will be stress free after keeping your valuables under our care. Along with storing we also provide best moving service in Dubai. You can avail to our service by visiting our website. Every process at The Box is easy, convenient and fast.

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24 May 2010

The Box Gives Value For Your Money

Every product or service that we buy is expected to give quality results. When we spend money behind something, expecting valuable returns is but obvious. But there have been cases where after spending a hefty amount of fees result is awful. Such services have often been responsible in creating mistrust in the hearts of customers.

The Box is one of those few services which understand the value of money and knows how to keep their customers happy. The amount of rupees that you spend for the service that The Box provides is worth it. Every penny that you have invested in this storage facility in Dubai will give the best of return. You don’t have to worry about the service and facilities that we offer at The Box. You have variety of options to choose from and you can also give your own suggestions. Safe, secure and complete value-for-money is how we could best describe The Box's storage facilities in Dubai. All our customers have always appreciated the service we provide and recommend The Box to their friends and relatives. You can put your trust in us and we assure you to provide quality service within your budget. The Box has reputation to protect hence all your belongings will be safe with us.

The Box is one of the successful commercial and household storage solutions in Dubai. We also provide moving service in Dubai. We have different sizes of units and a variety of options for you to choose from. Our company professionals will guide you in selecting the best service for yourself.

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You Can Have Your Own Music Collection

Music is one of those few things which play an important role in keeping people happy and rejuvenated. I am sure everyone must be listening to music everyday. All of us like some or the other kind of instrumentals. You will rarely come across someone who doesn’t enjoy any type of melody.

If you are a music buff then your house must be filled with audio discs all around. Have you ever thought of collecting them in a better way? Having a unique collection of anything is a good idea, but you need an ample of space for that. The Box will solve this matter instantly for you. If you have too many audio CDs in your house then you can easily keep them with us. We have different options for people with different needs. Your collection will be safely kept in our units and you can access your account whenever you want. This could be a nice option for you to make a good collection of your favourite music. The CDs that you don’t listen often will also get a good place to be safely stored. Thus a good collection of music can be easily maintained if you take service from The Box.

The Box is a reputed moving and storage facility in Dubai. We have units of different sizes to suit your requirements. 24 hours accessibility that we provide makes using the account convenient. Every suggestion and request that comes from our customers is always taken into account.

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21 May 2010

Bicycles And Much More At The Box

If you think that little ones have very few things to keep then think again. In fact they have more items to occupy every corner in your house. It would be difficult for you to keep every toy that your child buys. The problem is after buying new toys the old ones are rarely used.

During vacation the most common activity that kids engage in is cycling. But once schools are open kids rarely get time for any other activity. Their bicycles occupy a lot space which could have been used for some other purposes. All you need to do is open an account with The Box. The Box is a famous storage solution in Dubai which deals with storing everything that your house can not. You can keep your bicycles safe with us and can take them whenever you want. Accounts that we provide you are easily accessible for 24 hours in a day. Hence you can conveniently take your belongings whenever you want. Not only bicycles but we also store bikes, quads, cars and even boats. Along with your kids’ bicycle you can also keep your car with us. We have tight security and safety measures to look after your precious things.

The Box is one of the successful commercial and household storage in Dubai. You can keep all your important papers or rarely used articles safely with us. Our website has every option and information that you need before opening an account with us. Please visit our website to know us better.

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We Will Look After Your Old Items

People in Dubai are looking for bigger homes after property rates hitting bottom. After purchasing new homes people wish to decorate it with new articles. But have you thought about those old items in your house? They must be expensive and are still looking good, you can not throw them away. The Box is all that you need.

Many people have opted for storage facility in Dubai to keep their valuables, you too can do so. If you have changed every material in your new house then your old articles require a safe place to be stored. The Box is that storage solution in Dubai which will store every little thing with extra care. Everything that your old house had can be kept safely at the household storage in Dubai. There are various options for you to choose from. The Box has always provided quality service to every client. Many have selected The Box for storing their rarely used articles. At the same time The Box is one of the best moving service in Dubai which will make your shifting to new house convenient and stress free. Reserve an account with us and we will solve your issues of storing and moving.

Opening an account with The Box is not so difficult you can easily do that by visiting our website. The process is also very simple and will take just a few minutes. Our well trained company professionals will guide you properly in selecting a perfect option for yourself.

Log on to to know more.

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20 May 2010

Storage Solution For Joint Families In Dubai

Dubai is experiencing lack of space because people around the world are making this city their home. Many families in Dubai are finding it difficult to keep all their articles properly in their homes. This is a bigger problem when your family expands or if you have a joint family.

People who still hold on to traditional values emphasize on having a joint family. This is not at all a bad idea but requires an ample of space. There are many families in Dubai who live with grandparents and immediate cousins. Their major worry is, adjusting in little place with so many items to keep. Kids and elders keep on fighting for drawers, cupboards and empty places to store their stuffs. These small fights can turn into bigger family disputes if not solved on the right time. The Box is there to understand your problem. You can avail to our storage solutions in Dubai and store all your rarely used, seasonal or gift articles with us. This will create space in your home and peace in your mind. Storage boxes are available with different sizes you can opt for anyone of them. You will not find a better solution to make room in your home.

The Box provides best moving and storage facility in Dubai. Our company professionals will guide you in choosing the right option for yourself. You can also give us any suggestion that you have in your mind and we will put in all the efforts needed to fulfill your requirements.

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19 May 2010

The Box Is Always There To Help You

Who doesn’t like a helping hand? Every human being is limited in strength and intelligence. No one in the world is perfect and complete. All of us need support and help from people around us. But it would be really amazing to have a service that is looking forward to help you. If there is someone who feels happy after helping you then you must know them. We at The Box are here to help you earnestly.

Packing, storing, cleaning and moving isn’t easy. A helping hand will make all these strenuous jobs easier. There are many options which we have designed just to add convenience in your life. But if you need any kind of help with regard to packing, storing, cleaning or moving then there is a special option for that too. You just have to mail us on and all your issues will be resolved. The process is very easy to follow. Simply write whatever your matter of concern is and we will do our level best to solve the problem. This service has been very helpful to many of our customers. If you are in need of something then feel free to tell us and we will get it done for you.

The Box is providing one of the best storage and moving service in Dubai. People are happy and satisfied with our service and they often give us suggestions. We have a variety of option to choose from, select the one that suits you the best.

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18 May 2010

You Tell Us And We Will Get It Done

A warm welcome to all of you who have just become a part of The Box. Let me explain what The Box is all about. The Box is a storage facility in Dubai. People in UAE were finding it difficult to fit in all their belongings in their homes. So we at The Box thought of solving their problems and gave them an ample of space to store their rarely used articles.

We not only store extra items in your house but also make packing and shifting easier for you. We are one of the best moving services in UAE. Our aim is to provide convenience to people in UAE when it comes to packing, storing or moving issues. We have always given importance to customer care and that’s why we have won hearts of millions of our clients. We are open to any type of suggestion or request. You can tell us your wish and we will accomplish it for you. If you have something in your mind or want a particular type of service then you can inform us and we will do it for you.

The Box is a prominent Dubai Storage Company. We have solutions for all your packing, storing and moving needs. We are one of the most preferred moving services in Dubai. We pack, store and move things efficiently, with extra care. Reserving an account with us is very simple and easy. You can even do that by visiting our website.

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The Box Is Nearby To You

No one will prefer a service that is too far to reach. We all like things close to us. So there can be many storage facilities in Dubai but the one that can be reached easily is preferred by majority of people. The Box is one such storage solutions in Dubai which is strategically located to provide ease to its customers.

The Box is situated in the center of the city so that everyone can easily visit it. It will not take more than five minutes from Mall Of The Emirates to reach to The Box. How can one easily access the account if the service center is located far away from your house? But we at The Box are smart enough to make your life easy. We have located ourselves in such a way that everyone can easily reach us. Al Quoz area is a central to boundaries in Dubai and hence provides easy access to all the customers. We are strategically sited so that reaching us can never be an issue for our customers. In case you still feel that we are far away from you then call us, mail us or simply visit our website. Whatever be your means to reach us we will provide you quality service for sure.

The Box is the best packing, storing and moving service in Dubai. We are there to look after all your needs. Our company professionals will resolve all your confusion with regard to storing or moving issues. A simple procedure will book your account with The Box.

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17 May 2010

The Box Provides Special Care To Special Needs

You must have come across various storage facilities in Dubai but a very few of them will look after all your needs. We at The Box understand your worries and try out finding ways to give you comfort and convenience. All our options are designed to keep customers happy. You can choose the one that is most suitable to you.

If you want to opt for any option you can easily call us or visit our website. Our website is user friendly and gives detailed information. There are many people who are physically challenged and for them visiting our company become tougher. So keeping in mind their problem we have designed our website in a way that they can easily book an account online. If they have any other issue then that will also be handled by our humble company professionals. Shifting to new homes creates troubles for our special customers so we make it a point to move their things conveniently. Cleaning houses, packing and storing will also be taken care of. Thus those of you who find packing, storing, cleaning and moving on your own extremely difficult can take help from The Box. We will be obliged to serve you and give comfort to your life.

The Box has been very helpful to elderly people for their moving and storing needs. Not only elders but everyone in Dubai is finding The Box one of the most helpful services. You are just a call or click away from The Box and its storing and moving service in Dubai.

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16 May 2010

Think Before You Say ‘No’ To The Box

Storage solutions in Dubai have been very helpful to people. It is one of the convenient options that people opt for storing their unwanted or rarely used articles. Though it is a storage facility but it provides many services to make packing, storing, cleaning and moving convenient. The Box which is one of the successful storage facilities has become a necessity for people in Dubai.

If you are one of those who are still unaware about this wonderful facility then you are losing out something for sure. Out of so many options that The Box provides there has to be something which will meet with your needs. Don’t think that you don’t need The Box because our company is helpful in all the ways to your packing, storing, cleaning and moving needs. If your house is occupied with too many things then our storage will make it spacious. If you want packaging materials then visit The Box shop. If shifting address is the issue then our moving service in Dubai will make it easy for you. Thus we provide multiple services to all our customers. Moreover opening an account with us is very simple and fast. The Box adds convenience to your life, so don’t ever think that you don’t need such a wonderful service.

The Box has gained success in a very short period of time. Our customers have always shown their support and trust in us. We give highest importance to customer service and give our level best in keeping our every customer happy and satisfied.

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Keep Elegance Of Curtains Intact

Who doesn’t like a beautiful and clean house? All of us try out various ways to decorate our homes. Certain things add elegance to our houses but they need to be maintained properly. One such thing is Curtains. Fine curtains on windows of your house give splendorous look which will be appreciated by every guest who visits your house.

But if you have already purchased expensive curtains and your new home is still not ready then where will you keep those curtains safe? The Box is the place which looks after your every storing need. Curtains are very costly and you need to keep them safe. The Box has different storage facilities in Dubai which are designed to suit to your requirements. You can choose a type of household storage in Dubai which guarantees to keep your articles safe. The Box has different options and many have stored their valuables without hesitation. You too can do so by opting for our valuable service. We have stored types of fabrics and seasonal clothes for many of our customers and they have appreciated our service. You can easily take your curtains once your house is ready. 24 hours accessibility allows you to take out and keep in your articles whenever you want.

If you have any query then just call us or visit our website. Our company professionals will solve all the issues that you have in your mind. The Box is one of the prominent storage and moving services in Dubai and is known for providing quality service.

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15 May 2010

The Box Builds Long Lasting Relationships

There are many things involved in making an organization a successful one. One of them is establishing healthy relationship with clients. A proper combination of efforts and talent can win hearts of customers. We at The Box understand the importance of healthy relationship between customers, vendors, colleagues and partners. Hence we give priority to healthy work atmosphere.

Teamwork plays a key role in maintaining smooth working within the organization. When every member has good rapport with his/her colleague and supervisors then automatically work environment becomes cheerful. Not only relationship within the organization but having a healthy relationship with customers is also important. Partners, vendors and colleagues everyone should have a cooperative attitude with one another. The Box is one of those few storage and moving services in Dubai which understands such qualities and gives importance to them. All our professionals are perfectly trained and try their level best in working as a team. They cooperate very well with each other to make the company grow in all domains. There are many companies in Dubai which provide storage facility but all of them do not have such corporate values to follow. But we at The Box have always included higher values as our guidelines.

The Box is a prominent Dubai Storage Company. We have solutions for all your packing, storing and moving needs. We are one of the most preferred moving services in Dubai. We pack, store and move things efficiently, with extra care. Reserving an account with us is very simple and easy. You can even do that by visiting our website.

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The Box Is The Leader

You will always be appreciated for doing something unique and useful. But only experts will try to stand out and The Box is one of them. We at The Box are known for being different and our unusual approach has won hearts of all our customers.

Most of the people when think of storing of moving service in Dubai they think of The Box. The reason is that we handle each and every process with a different and effective approach. We don’t follow the same rat race that others are doing since a long time. We constantly look for different approaches and keep ourselves updated. With our smart and unique way of working we have impressed majority of people in UAE. We have set an example for others to follow. Many storage facilities adopt similar ways that we follow to be as successful as we are. The standards that we set become achieving target for many other companies. By replicating our procedures and facilities many have achieved success for themselves. This clearly shows that we are leaders in moving and storage facilities in Dubai. Our unique system of handling clients and providing facilities has made us successful in a very short period of time.

Along with moving and storage solutions in Dubai, The Box also provides variety of packaging materials in Dubai. There are many other facilities which guarantee to give stress free packing, storing and moving. Not only local but we make even international relocating convenient and fast.

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