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8 August 2012

How custom-made or fitted furniture can save you more space

‘Custom-made’, ‘Fitted furniture’ or ‘Hand-crafted furniture’ are the best ways to save space; if you happen to be looking for more space in your existing home or apartment here in Dubai.
Most of us settle down when we enter this city which is bustling with activity and usually treat our homes like hotel room. We walk in and trash the apartment just to dress up and stomp out for a night out with friends. Such habits come to a screeching halt when we begin to calm down and then spend more time at home (usually once you have explored every bit of Dubai city and you need some peace after a long tiring work week). This is when we realize what a mess the apartment we moved into a few months ago seems more like a dorm room.

With the need to be organized, we run out to the closest mall and then purchase space-saving furniture so that we can get rid of the goods, clothing and shoes that have made the floor their home. Space-saving furniture is great, but such furniture has been designed to take advantage of available space that you do not seem to have. Eventually you end up with a semi-organised home, crowded with furniture that reaches from the floor to the ceiling.

A smart thing to do to avoid this chaos is to find a good specialist company that can get you some custom-made furniture. Yes, most people would argue that it is expensive. But if it saves you some more space on the every square foot on your apartment that you paid for, then it seems like a smart choice.

Fitted furniture unlike normal furniture will make space for storage, clothing, accessories and other goods in places which were often ignored and unused in your house or apartment. They make use of the corners and the spaces below staircases or even in the walls in form of hidden or exposed storage.

Once you have had a taste of fitted furniture, you will automatically want to spend more time in your new renovated and spacious home; where everything has its own space — just the way it should be. But if you are really on a tight budget, I’d suggest you find yourself a nice storage unit in Dubai and store all those unused items there and make some space back at home. Simple yet effective!
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