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20 October 2009

Situations that Require Storage

The recession has an effect on everyone. If businesses have felt the need to downsize, don’t you think many families in the Middle East might have done so too? Apparently, a shortage of space leads to a shortage of free space to garner your possessions. You cannot just dump your choicest things into a basement. You need to care for them and keep them safe. Thus storage facilities in Dubai make a good solution to the problem. Here are some ideal situations that require a Dubai storage company
While shifting to a new home / office, a Dubai moving service (normally part and parcel of a storage facility) will gladly help you relocate all your items, especially the unmanageable things. On the other hand, if you just need storage services to keep your belongings till the time you are settled, there is a space for everything you wish to store in any storage facility in UAE. This way you won’t misplace any item during your relocation process.
Another time you really require storage, is while renovating your house /office. Keeping your things at a facility will also render more space for your workers to do their job well.
Things like heirlooms, musical instruments, sports equipment, seasonal goods (like decorations, winter clothing, etc.) and antiques that faultlessly occupy a lot of space in your house can also be stored and maintained at a storage unit.
Quite naturally, The Box also looks after storage needs in Dubai. For more information, visit:
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A Storage Unit is a ‘Must-Have’

A storage unit at hand will always surface as useful. As local storage facilities in UAE are now cost –effective, they also provide a bunch of services for you to choose from. Here’s why storage units are a must-have.
If you think it is a good idea to store your belongings at your friends or relatives place till the time you relocate or redecorate…. Think again. Imagine the discomfort you will be causing them by occupying their organized space. But when it comes to a rented unit of your own, there are not formalities and waits. Just check- in and store your belongings whenever you like.
Taking your goods to the Dubai storage company becomes really convenient as these companies also offer Dubai moving services. They also pack your stuff well and sometimes also allow you to use their moving vans for free.
Customized storage is also available depending upon your storage needs. What’s more is that you can easily store almost anything in a storage unit without worrying about the size of the object.
Also, unlike what most people understand, storage facilities in Dubai are quite affordable. This leaves us with no reason to be short of one. Companies offer a range of packages helping you choose one that suits your budget.
Any storage facility in UAE can be economical, but only a few of them are value for money. Our household storage in UAE called The Box provides safety and security too along with the above mentioned facilities.
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19 October 2009

Surrender to a Storage Facility

The sizes of our homes are getting smaller and smaller in modern Dubai. The rooms are also small enough only to hold essential items. Thus most of the area in your home is taken up by useful furniture, kitchen appliances and other essentials like closets, refrigerators or TV sets. People apply all sorts of ideas to their living space to make more room. But eventually they fail. This is because most people don’t understand that for something to move in, something else has to move out.
Now the only way to clear your house and acquire more room is to store all the items that are not in use at a storage facility in your city. If you live in Dubai, a Dubai storage company will turn out to be just right and useful. You can also trust a storage solution in Dubai to help you decide what kind of storage you require for your items. The Box is one such facility that allows you to customize your unit according to your yearnings. They even have climate controlled storage available as an option.
If you are wondering about the security of your goods then you don’t have to worry any more… The Box, also applies its unique security measures and takes the necessary precautions to defend your goods from thieves or the changing climate. Stop by their online storage space at to learn more about them.
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Small-Engine Vehicles

It is not a good idea to think that your small-engine vehicles like scoters, golf-carts, lawn mowers, etc. do not require maintenance. Such vehicles need as much attention as you give your car or a truck. During winter, these vehicles can easily deteriorate and get ruined. Therefore, small-engine vehicles are never abandoned in a storage facility in Dubai.
Take the example of a golf-cart. Putting such a vehicle away, depending upon the particular season it is not in use, can damage it profusely in several ways. Owners of golf-carts usually have a misconception about the maintenance and storage of one. It is assumed that shielding your small engine vehicle from the harsh weather is the only thing that can be done to protect it. Yes. Protection from the elements is required. But storing such vehicles at a particular temperature is also important, according to storage solution experts in UAE. This will prevent it from corroding. The battery also has to be disconnected and stored separately. It has to be kept clean, away from heat. A poorly maintained battery is mostly the problem in a small-engine vehicle.
Different small- engine vehicles have different maintenance procedures. That is why it is safest to pass on your worries to a storage solution in Dubai especially during the winters. The maintenance teams at Dubai storage companies are well aware of how to take care of big as well as small vehicles. Along with documents and seasonal goods The Box also stores and maintains vehicles.
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18 October 2009

Dubai needs Wine Storage too

Dubai has become one of the main business and tourist destinations of the world. With people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds visiting and moving to UAE from all over the world, the popularity of the wine market has been increasing tremendously. This is why wine storage facilities in Dubai are also given prime importance.
A liquor license is required by non -Muslim resident consumers in Dubai, as the sale and consumption is strictly controlled. To top that, hotels and distributors in Dubai face a huge problem stocking wine as they have extensively long lists. But then again, in order to maintain the level of tourism in the city, good wine needs to be imported time and again. Distributors in Dubai further face the problem of storing the wine that remains unsold. As a distributor, the lack of large storage spaces like those provided by a full-fledged storage facility in Dubai also prevent you from buying or stocking new wine. The inability to store wines at a good temperature also leads to its spoilage and wastage. Therefore, a climate controlled facility at a storage company in Dubai that is fully equipped, becomes your ideal option.
As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the wine market has been increasing in Dubai. As the wine market is directly proportional to the growth of the tourism industry, wine storage facilities in UAE have been developing for good. The Box also provides climate controlled facilities for storing a variety of goods. Visit for details.
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Relocating to Dubai

Dubai, a beautiful city located in UAE evidently attracts people from all over the world. The unique sights, sounds and cuisines of Dubai always leave you wanting more. You may come here for a variety of reasons. But some also relocate as their jobs demand them to. The storage facilities around UAE have a variety of services for you to choose from; right from household storage to moving services in Dubai. So whether you are a planning to relocate to Dubai from another country or within UAE itself, Dubai moving services are always at hand.
As you know that moving is a tiresome task, taking the help of Dubai movers makes even more sense. Apart from packing and shifting things, someone relocating automatically requires storage. Here’s why: After arriving at your new house in Dubai, you would naturally require to tidy the place up before placing your things. What if you have decided to renovate your place? Instead of shifting and placing your things in the house, you might as well store them directly in a storage facility in Dubai where they will be safe. This will reduce the amount of commotion. Sometimes your paperwork might not be due by the time you arrive in Dubai. You might have to wait a day or two before you can move in. Thus a storage company in UAE becomes your best friend.
Our storage company called The Box is strategically located in Dubai for your convenience. We also have provisions for easy parking.
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