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12 November 2009

How to Protect Electronic Items

Climate controlled storage is required for many things today. Such things can range from organic material to musical instruments. When I say organic I don’t only mean food items. Organic also refers to things made of wood, leather, etc. Apart from obvious things that need climate controlled facilities, we often forget that electronic items also need some protection. They could get spoilt very easily due to dust, dirt and humidity. Thus a suitable storage company in UAE for electronic goods is one that has appropriate climate control features in their units.
Most of us are aware about electronic items being susceptible to moisture and that dry places are much better for things like these. Moisture is really bad and also makes items damp and musty. Climate controlled storage solutions in UAE are good for your belongings for this reason. They don’t let moisture seep into your devices. So if you happen to stay around the costal areas, you might as well consider the climate control option. But dust? Not everyone takes care of that. Every electronic item you need to preserve must be perfectly bubble wrapped and needs to be placed in boxes. Only boxes well packed and sealed with tape can sneak away from dust filling on the items they bear inside them. We can’t run away from the dust entirely, but climate controlled storage facilities in Dubai are a better bet.
Stock the electronic devices and gadgets that aren’t in use, at a store house like The Box.
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People of Dubai and Self-Storage

Self-storage units are used by those in Dubai at an alarming rate. Why? - Is the question you might ask with all naturality. Well this blog is here to decipher the same. A Dubai resident mainly considers a storage facility in Dubai as a back up. Life is unpredictable. So who knows whether you can get a space in time, to store your things… They think it is better to stay on the safe side and rent a unit to help them out in times of trouble.
Every other reason people use household storage in Dubai is ultimately related to the main reason above. People take advantage of a storage facility for almost anything.
You might get stuck mid-way in the process of relocation anytime. You have bought a house and you are ready to shift into it. But cleaning and dusting the house is also necessary before getting settled. What would you do at a time like this? Well, this would be a really great time to have a storage unit at hand. Of course you will never be relocating all the time. Instead of leaving the facility vacant, you can easily store some things that are cluttering your home and get them out only when they are required.
Many in Dubai have big homes, but there are some who don’t. A storage solution in Dubai easily makes up for the lack of space in your house, letting you live comfortably.
Visit The Box to learn about the various storage services in Dubai.

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11 November 2009

Revolutionary Climate Controlled Storage

As every other business evolves, the self–storage industry also has. Gone are the days when a storage facility just meant renting out a space. Taking care of the valuables in it has now become an added advantage to consumers even here in Dubai. Climate controlled storage has become a popular feature in Dubai storage companies only since the last decade.
The revolutionary climate-controlled storage option and the cost-effectiveness of renting a storage solution in Dubai are 2 things that maintain customers. Storage facilities that provide this feature are the ones who are benefiting too by having their units full throughout the year. So basically, there’s a win-win situation for the customer and the company.
The conditions in our homes, our garages or ordinary warehouses are usually extreme. It is dry, very cold or humid in such places. Apart from the temperature conditions at warehouses, another factor of concern is the shape your belongings are going to be in once they are out of storage. Only a climate controlled storage facility in Dubai with a team to take care of your goods will be able to keep your belongings unaffected.
Climate controlled facilities are used by almost everyone for goods made of different kinds of material. But there are certain goods that must not be denied this facility. Electric items, clothing, mattresses, upholstery, paintings, artwork, things made of wood /leather and even musical instruments need to be kept in climate-controlled storage. Visit The Box for more on our climate-controlled facilities.
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The Box is also a Fulfillment Centre

This is surprising yet true. Our company is well known for storage, but we are also a fulfillment centre. This could be good news for your business as the fulfillment process involves a lot of work. At our Dubai storage company, this job includes picking, packaging and fulfilling your product directly to customers, distributors or end-users.
For those not very well versed with the fulfillment process, here’s a short explanation of the term. The fulfillment process of a company begins when an order for the product is received. It generally involves warehousing, finding the item ordered, packaging it, and shipping it to the right address. It can be done in 2 ways. You can either do it in-house or by outsourcing it. The fulfillment task done by our storage solution in Dubai may seem simple, but in reality is very hard to perform. This is because there are a lot of complications and mishaps that normally occur during the process. But The Box is totally aware of such problems and also prevents them from taking place.
Every company follows a different fulfillment procedure, but The Box is familiar with most of them. So when you decide to avail of our services, all you have to do is state the one your company follows and we will be right with you.
Not all storage companies in UAE have as many services as The Box does. For bookings or information on this service, log on to
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10 November 2009

Is self-storage really that useful?

The concept of storing things at a storage facility in Dubai is becoming very popular with homes and businesses. Ever wondered why? Dubai storage companies are coming up with more and more options when it comes to storage. They have different facilities like long term / short term, climate controlled storage, etc. This variety is what people want. Hence they find that investing in a storage unit is highly beneficial.
Apart from it being used as a space saver, a storage solution in Dubai is useful in many ways. Think about it. A storage facility can be useful while renovating your home. Otherwise, you could keep aside those things that you rarely use in them. Thus storage units are great to use on a temporary basis. You could also use such units to store things that are bound to deteriorate over time. Such things could range from paintings, sculptures, leather or wooden furniture, old paper documents, Christmas cards, hobby collections or even an extra car or a boat. If you would like to store any of these items in a facility, then you should probably go for a long term storage option. Signing up for long term storage is useful as the team at your facility will be able to take care of them in every way possible. Right from keeping your storage unit clean to providing the right temperature to your goods, a storage solution always turns out to be advantageous.
Looking for useful storage solutions right now? Contact The Box.
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Caring for the Collector’s Item

Packing your cherished collectibles is much stiffer than packing the rest of your belongings when you plan on a move. And packing them the right way is definitely worth it, as this is the only way to make sure that that you are going to end up unpacking without any of your items being damaged. But where will you be able to find the right people for the job? A Dubai moving service is the answer.
Movers at a moving company in UAE, have a knack at packing fragile items. Submitting your collectibles to a company that has a good reputation and is well known in your city/country is the best thing to do. I say this because there are some precautions that need to be taken while packing; regarding how to pack and what should be used to pack. Dubai movers never use old boxes or boxes that may have been designed for other purposes. They use special storage boxes that are tough at the bottom. This reduces your chances of the box giving way. A professional moving and packing company has a lot of items that you may not be able to find on a regular basis that are useful at keeping your collectibles safe. Depending on the size of the collectibles, these professionals figure out the kind of packaging material that needs to be used. They ensure that your items have the least possible chance of moving or swaying during transportation.
For professional packers/movers, contact The Box.
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