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20 April 2010

Excellent Interiors At The Box

Customers often look for one stop solution to their multiple needs. The Box is one of those few things which offer everything at a single location. The Box alone looks after all your packing, storing and moving needs. Customers also look for best interior in their storage house and The Box is equipped with that.

The storage units are designed with steel and wire mesh partition. Other amenities include lift system, air conditioners, moving convenience and 100% space optimization. It also has latest fire detection and sprinklers. CCTV infrared digital system and security guards provide higher safety levels. Each customer possesses a magnetic card which allows them a 24 hours access. This single storey facility has more than 15,000 square feet of climate controlled storage. More than 150 units range from 50 square feet up to 155 square feet. There is also facility for document management, inventory control, vehicle storage and inventory management. The Box offers amazing interiors to its customers for better movement and convenience. Our efforts have shown good results, every new customer praises the interiors that we provide them. We feel proud to meet with our customers’ expectations.

The Box not only provides a storage facility in Dubai but we are also known for our moving services. We are one of the best moving services in UAE. We continue to look after our customers and try to implement all their suggestions. If you have any issue, request or suggestion then your can freely inform it to us.

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19 April 2010

The Box Makes Convenient Options For Elders

It is our duty to look after senior citizens in our family and society. We must take care of their every need and comfort. The Box also understands these issues and offers every facility that can make life of elders comfortable. Our features are easy to understand and apply which makes it one of the top choices of senior citizens in Dubai.

Travelling is one of the issues that old people avoid and we at The Box understand this problem. To solve this issue we have a feature that allows you to book an account with us just by calling us. When old people have to move to a new house they face a lot of difficulties so we provide manpower for all types of packing, storing, and moving needs. This makes their moving convenient. Our website is well informed so anything that you wish to know about us is just a click away. We are known for providing best security and customer service. So when you call or visit The Box our company professionals will listen to you with patience. They will guide you perfectly for choosing a right type of service for yourself. No other storage facility in Dubai will offer such features but we at The Box do it.

The Box is the most favourite storage solution in Dubai. It is preferred by everyone as it gives many convenient options. If you have any issue, suggestion or request just inform us, we will try our level best to meet your expectations.

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18 April 2010

Your Classic Phones Have Higher Value

All of us move ahead in life but there are certain memories which we hold on to. Things belonging to earlier days keep memories alive. I know quite a few people who like collecting antiques. Having unique collection of classic things is an appreciable hobby. But it requires a lot of space to keep all your articles safe.

Phones of olden era had regal appearance but they are out of fashion now. At the same time they were very much heavy and could not be handled easily. But their royal look compelled many to keep them as their classic collection. Plenty of them were made of gold and sliver so it was out of question to throw away such expensive and attractive phones. Dubai Storage Company provided that extra space where these phones could be kept safe and secured. There are many storage solutions in Dubai but only The Box has special facilities for every storing need. Everything that you don’t use regularly can be stored at storage facility in Dubai. Along with your classic phones you can also keep classic furniture, cars, clocks and much more. You can easily take them whenever you need because you can access your account 24 hours a day.

The Box is one of the leading storage solutions in UAE and has a wide range of customers. We have achieved this success in a very little time. All our customers are happy with our storage and moving service in Dubai. You can easily reserve an account wit us.

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Value Added Services At The Box

Whatever be your concern with regard to storing or moving needs, we will solve it for sure. The Box has many features which cater to every need of our customers. We make sure that our customers do not have to face any trouble and get the best service form our professionals.

The Box provides commercial and household storage in Dubai. Residents of Dubai have shown their trust in The Box and made it a top choice for storage facility in Dubai. One of the important features of this Dubai Storage Company is Value Added Service. By using this feature you can avail yourself various facilities that you would look for while shifting to a new house. For example if you want trolleys and trucks to move your articles then we at The Box will provide you with that. Many people require workers to help them for house removal and other cleaning jobs. We at The Box provide you assistance for removal and cleaning jobs. We also provide air and ocean freight transportation service. You can get all these by using Value Added Service option. We have many such options that can give convenient moving and storing to all our customers.

Not every storage facility in Dubai will give you variety of options to make your storing comfortable. It is only we at The Box who wish to make your life stress free by offering you various services. Our aim is to see our customers satisfied and we work hard to make them happy.


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17 April 2010

The Box Turns Every Opportunity Into Success

Moving to a new location has often been responsible for creating stress in people’s life. Residents of Dubai look for various ways to make their shifting easier and safer. The Box is one of those few ways which turn your stressful shifting into a hassle free moving. Company professionals at The Box look for various options that can give immense satisfaction to every customer.

We often get many suggestions and requests from our customers to make new facilities for them. We have always tried our level best in implementing all the ideas that we receive from our customers. Each request that we take for a storage and removal job is an opportunity for us to excel further in the industry. Meeting challenges and exploring the potential for improvement helps us deliver better next time. Our aim is to give maximum satisfaction to all our customers. Our team of personnel has been working hard in implementing all the requests that we receive on a regular basis. We value all the suggestions of our customers and give them tremendous importance. Every resident of Dubai has shown trust in our company and give us new suggestions. We have the potentiality of providing best service to all our customers.

The Box is the established company in Dubai and has earned a great success in a very little time. We offer quality service to every packing, storing and moving need. We are open to every comment, request and suggestion that comes from our customers.


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Multiple Options For Different Needs

Are you all set to shift to a new house? If yes, then you must prepare yourself for a convenient move. But that can only happen if you take assistance from a good moving service in Dubai. The Box is one of the established companies in Dubai which provides solutions to every storing and moving need.

Different people have different needs but most of the Dubai moving services offer a fixed plan for all types of requirements. The Box is different, first we look at the problem that our customers are facing and then give them a solution that works best for them. We have three packages for moving needs. People in Dubai choose one of them as per their requirements.

Gold: offers full transportation along with manpower services.

Silver: offers full truck transportation from point A to point B without manpower.

Bronze: is a courier mode transportation which can either be on local or international territory.

These three services have different facilities and price range. They are designed keeping in mind needs of people. Everyone does not look for manpower while there are many who prefer courier mode transportation. All the three options are useful but it depends upon the situations and needs which to choose.

The Box is the most preferred moving service in Dubai. Our company assists in local as well as international relocating. We make sure that our customers are happy with the service we provide and accept every request and suggestion that comes from them.

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15 April 2010

The Box Will Make Convenient Transfer Of Goods

When you think of a storage solution in Dubai a number of companies will come in your mind. But only The Box will serve you in the best possible way. The Box is not only a storage house but it is an overall solution to all your storing needs.

We have a wide range of customers who look for transfer of their good. We have designed a solution for them keeping in mind their requirements. Our company provides a centralized center for communication and is efficient at handling shipments and tracking document transfer. Moreover it is not necessary for you to be present every time when your goods are transferred. We will keep you informed about the movements of all your packages/shipments. No other storage facility in Dubai will make your shipments so easy. We at The Box provide each and every convenience to our customers to make their lives stress free. Not only transfer of goods but we also have many other services that give our customers comfort at their fingertips. Our aim is to make our clients happy has earned us a top position in storage solution.

The Box is a prominent Dubai Storage Company. We have solutions for all your packing, storing and moving needs. We are one of the most preferred moving services in Dubai. We pack, store and move things efficiently, with extra care. Reserving an account with us is very simple and easy. You can even do that by visiting our website.

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14 April 2010

Bill Payment Made Easy

Waiting in a queue is one of the most tedious things to do and there are always long lines for bill payments. Many of us delay paying bills because we hate to wait in a line. Will it not be good if you can pay your bill with ease and comfort? The Box, best storage facility in Dubai does that for you.

We at The Box value your time and don’t want you to wait in a long queue every time you go to pay the bill. We have designed our website keeping in mind the convenience of our customers. We have an option called “pay my bill” which facilitates you to pay your bill while relaxing at your home. It is very convenient to pay your bill through our website. As soon as you click on the “pay my bill” option a form will come up on your computer screen. You have to fill in some basic details that are mentioned in that form. It will hardly take some time. When you finish filling up the details click on the “make payment” button and your bill is paid. This process will save a lot of time and efforts of yours. We at The Box make your life simple.

The Box is one of the prominent companies in Dubai which serve you with all the facilities of storing, moving and packing needs. We make sure that every client of ours receives proper guidance to choose a type of unit that will suit them the best.


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Perfect Transporting Facilities

The most important thing required while shifting to a new location is, transportation. Without proper transporting facilities it is impossible to move things safely. The Box is equipped with proper transporting facilities to make shifting comfortable and easy. Whether it is road, water or air The Box has all the facilities to move your belongings to a new location.

If trolleys and trucks are not in proper condition then it is a risk for you to move your valuables in them. We at The Box provide you very well maintained trolleys and trucks to shift your precious things safely. Many companies provide trucks but they are not in good condition. Such vehicles can either damage your belongings or can meet with the accidents. But we at The Box make sure that all our vehicles are properly maintained and are in best condition. We also assist you for air and ocean freight transportation service. If you have international moving needs then we look after that too. We also have courier mode transportation locally and internationally. All your belongings will safely reach the destination in our vehicles. Various options for transportation and best service, is what everyone looks for. We at The Box offer you all the facilities that you would be looking while transporting all your belongings.

Along with moving services The Box provides best storage solutions in Dubai for all your belongings. You can easily store your things and use them whenever you want. Different options give you convenience to choose the best facility for yourself.


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13 April 2010

The Box Is All That You Need

If you are looking for a couple of things then certainly you will have to go to different places for different requirements. But if you find everything under one roof then that will save so much of your time, efforts and money. We at The Box understand your need for comfort and give you all the solutions at a single venue.

When you are shifting to a new location a lot of things are involved and you will have to find out different services that will do the needful for you. But if The Box is your choice then all your worries are ours and you don’t have to opt for any other service. Okay let me list down a few things that must be bothering you when you are moving to a new house.

1. Packing: packing things perfectly and with care. We at The Box do it.

2. Packing materials: you will need packing materials to pack things properly. You can buy packing materials at The Box shop.

3. Cleaning: if your new home is cluttered then we can make it clean and tidy for you.

4. Moving: our transportation facility will move your things with caution.

5. Rearranging: our professionals will help to unpack and rearrange things in your new home.

What else do you need? I think this is what one looks for when it comes to moving to a new location. If there is something more that you want from us then you can suggest us. We will look into the matter and try our level best to assist you.


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Types Of Car Storage

Many storage companies in UAE have car storage as an added service to compliment the rest of the amenities that they offer. But each storage facility in Dubai offers a different kind of storage. Basically there are three types of car storage: outside car storage, covered car storage and inside car storage.

Outside car storage: You might ask- “Why outside car storage?” Well, parking spaces in Dubai are like gold. Therefore the amount of people benefiting from such a storage solution in Dubai is phenomenal. Outside car storage can’t do much for your car. But to some, low parking rates are all they want for their cars. Thus they love outside storage.

Covered car storage: This facility will only shield your car from the sunlight that normally damages a car brutally. The roofs help do that. Since the height of different cars is different the roofs at such facilities are adjustable or have a range of heights to choose from. This kind of storage is relatively inexpensive, but doesn’t provide any other protection. Hence it could be perfect for those looking to just store their car someplace away from the sunlight, with no other motives.

Inside car storage: Indoor car storage units like at The Box, generally have shutters so that your car can be parked easily inside the storage facilities in Dubai. This kind of storage makes a lot of sense as your car can be protected completely from sunlight. The security of things inside the facility is obviously better than outside it. Tests or checks are also conducted on your car from time to time. The colour will not fade, the engine will work efficiently and neither will your car become a victim of crime.

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12 April 2010

Journey of the Self-Storage Industry

Self-storage has evolved from primitive warehousing to today’s modern climate controlled units with limited access. The journey before self-storage being known as warehouses was mighty long and complicated to pen down; but the industry’s journey after 1960’s is an interesting one.

Storing things in warehouses was known as public storage. The owners of the warehouse offered no security of your belongings whatsoever. Later, mini warehouses with on-site or off-site offices gladly embraced self storage as a business with potential. Thus they made sure to provide at least minimum security by fencing the area around the building.

Then came the need to provide customers with air-conditioned storage solutions in UAE which were allowed to be used at higher rent rates. They also built multi-storey buildings and provided better security at the gate as well as some security in the storage facility itself. Outdoor storage was still available at that time. Later outdoor bays were cancelled and all kinds of storage were provided in spaces within well designed self-service storage buildings.

The latest storage facilities in UAE like The Box are designed keeping green motives in mind. Today, the concept of real-estate and self-storage work side-by-side as they similarly focus on customer needs and are business oriented. Storage facilities in Dubai also provide customized storage units. Therefore you can even have the exact temperature you are looking to store your goods inside your unit. The facilities and teams at such facilities today assist the customer professionally.

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9 April 2010

Benefits of Using Household Storage

Personal storage is also referred as household storage in UAE. Like any other service in a Dubai storage company you will be able to access your storage unit 24 hours a day. You can also decide upon how you want your household belongings to be stored inside the unit. Above all you will be the only one to have access your unit.

What are the benefits of using a storage unit for household items?

When we generally remove one piece of furniture from the living room, we experience a sense of satisfaction in our minds, even though it is the room that has acquired more space. Therefore imagine how you would feel when your entire house is clutter-free. Household storage in Dubai can do a really neat job by freeing up the space at home.

This kind of storage also helps when you have to move from a larger home to a smaller one. You can book your storage unit for as long as you like.

You can use the same unit for emergency purposes too as it would always be at hand. Store everything that will take up space if you’re expecting guests or to just make your house more presentable during occasions.

Bulky items or leisure equipments that aren’t used throughout the year can also be stored at The Box. We customize your units completely, for your varied storage requirements.

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Personal Storage Isn’t Luxury…

Self-storage may have emerged as a business only years ago, but ‘storage’ existed as an active concept since 6000 years. In the ancient times people all over the world tried to save all kinds of valuables from natural disasters. They would mostly store all their household items underground. Gradually, storage became an essential part of life. Despite all the confusion, it is now clear that self-storage in the modern world originated from the act of storing household items which came to be known as ‘personal storage’.

Personal storage is the basis of a storage facility in UAE or anywhere else in the world. For those who might still be new to the concept- personal storage simply involves storage of belongings that are of private nature in a rented room.

One of the reasons why personal storage is in demand is because of the reasonable prices of units. Personal storage in not a luxury, it is a necessity. Therefore almost every family or household in Dubai city rents out a unit at a Dubai storage company. It’s nothing unusual to rent out some extra space. Thus people in Dubai are actually accustomed to placing all their excess household items in such a place without a thought or worry.

Personal storage spaces can only be convenient. Therefore renting a personal storage unit in Dubai would seldom be wrong on your part. If you would like to try out a unit located at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4 in Dubai, try out The Box.

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8 April 2010

Why Perishable Items Aren’t Allowed

In every storage facility in UAE, there are unique lists of items that cannot be stored. Self storage companies have such don’ts for many reasons. But the main reason why items are denied at a storage facility is because of the safety of the rest of the belongings in the neighboring storage units.

Flammable items like oil, fire crackers, alcohol, paints, etc. are surely not allowed in any Dubai storage company. This you might have guessed for obvious reasons. But what could be the reason for disapproving perishable items. Many things can come under the term perishable, but most of them would be food items. Food storage is hardly ever encouraged in storage companies. However the few facilities that allow food storage will only keep your items with them for a couple of days or for a temporary period. When food items are kept with self storage facilities in Dubai they could be the cause for many critters infesting non-perishable organic items like paper documents, wooden items, etc. Perishable items also attract rodents and other insects that could lead to an unclean environment for the goods stored in the neighboring units by other customers.

But above all other reasons, insurance companies deny coving claims of those goods damaged because of perishable food items, just the way they don’t provide cover for property that has been damaged by a natural disaster. The Box in Dubai also has its own list of items that aren’t allowed into their units.

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Ever tried air-conditioned storage?

Why would our goods need to be stored in an air-conditioned storage solution in UAE? Air-conditioning is for people, not for things. This is a known fact that is stuck in our minds. But people seldom realize how important air-conditioning could be when it comes to storing certain goods for long periods of time…

Inappropriate climatic conditions can destroy certain goods, while air-conditioning could actually preserve its life. Things that can easily get affected by heat and humidity are the things you should place in a climate controlled facility designed for long term usage, which also provides a cool environment.

Now the things that are likely to be damaged in non air–conditioned self storage facilities are those that are organic in nature. The word ‘organic’ doesn’t necessarily mean food. It also notifies items that are made of natural materials like paper documents, furniture made of wood or leather, clothing like coats, hats or even foot-wear, purses and belts made from animal skins, items made of cloth, paintings on canvases, etc.

By reducing the effect of heat on items such as these, storage solutions in Dubai like The Box actually reduce many factors that could damage or spoil your goods. The examples of goods that need air conditioning mentioned above are very few. So when you have to make a decision to store your belongings at a storage facility in Dubai the next time, do check to find out if any of your goods are organic.
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7 April 2010

Fabric Storage In Dubai

There are many factors that can affect your belongings during the different times of the year. At certain times the level of humidity could be very high, while at some other times the weather is very cool. When it comes to fabrics like clothing, linen, covers, etc. again the duration of storing your items could also affect the quality of the item to a certain extent. Therefore in this case packing your items and storing them in climate controlled storage facilities in Dubai could be the best.

So far, climate controlled storage is the best way to preserve all your fabrics. Even a little amount of sunlight could result in the fading of fabric colours, therefore care has to be taken when it comes to the place in which you will be storing cloth and items made from it.

The packaging done to store fabrics for a long period of time should also be done carefully. That is because any acidic content interacting with the cloth can also result in its ruin. Boxes of low quality sometimes have acidic ingredients in them. In other words certain acids are used while making boxes of certain materials in the box making process. Therefore you need to buy containers that are acid-free in order to be on the safe side.

Our storage company in UAE The Box knows how to handle each and every item including fabric that you would like to place in storage. Visit for more details.


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Relive Old Classics through Self-Storage

Technology changes almost everything. This is evident from the improvement in communication that takes place every year. Similarly, technology also influences the ways through which we can listen to music. Most of us prefer mp3 players today even though we have many compact discs and old records at home. But there is certain feel good factor when it comes to hearing old classics through records that aren’t available any more. Therefore, even if you have upgraded your music collection, you don’t need to get rid of the old ones. Just keep storing them in a self storage facility in Dubai.

Doing this will also help you clear out on some space at home. And don’t worry about your precious records once they are in a secure storage unit like The Box, as generally any good storage company would always have trained personnel who are equipped with the knowledge to handle all kinds of items. The management teams at the storage facilities in UAE are used to taking care of a wide variety of goods that are commonly difficult to handle. They take care of fragile items well, by cleaning them every time it is required to do so, thus extending their durability. Therefore, records could be really easy to handle as compared to their other storage experiences.

Apart from the teams at The Box, the physical storage unit and the entire facility is fully equipped with modern security systems. Therefore access to your belongings at The Box is impossible without your consent.


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6 April 2010

Duration of Storage: A Valuable Input to Your Search

The first decision you need to make before planning on opting for a particular storage facility in UAE is about the duration of storage. Deciding upon how long you will require a storage unit is a very valuable input. This will help you choose an appropriate storage solution in UAE that would defiantly level up to your expectations.

You can store things in most of the Dubai storage companies for as long as you want. But for organizational convenience and quality standards storage units differ from each other depending upon long term or short term storage. Therefore if you would use a unit meant for short term storage, your goods wouldn’t be as safe as they could be under the protection of long term storage unit facilities. Thus, you have to decide in this manner- Do my belongings/goods need long term or short term facilities? Because finding your goods all damaged would be the last sight you would want to behold.

Some companies only provide short term storage units and facilities. Therefore, if you are already using a storage facility in Dubai since a while for short term storage, find out whether that company provides long tern storage as well. Otherwise when you really require long term storage and that too on short notice, it wouldn’t be very easy to find one.

If you are still ‘storage hunting’, save yourself from such situations and find a self storage company much like The Box to rely on for both short as well as long term storage.

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‘Your Self-Storage Search Ends Here’

There are bountiful reasons as to why we look out for storage facilities in Dubai. But our wants within household storage, commercial storage, personal storage, vehicle storage or document storage are diversified and unique too. Some of us are interested in the kind of facilities offered along with the unit, while others share a keen eye for discounts. Maybe you just need a unit to strictly store wooden furniture or even 20 boxes of paper work… Whatever maybe the reason, we’re sure your reason is justified. So whenever you need a storage company in UAE, make yourself heard to our customer service executives at The Box. We will have your customized unit ready for use.

Why come to The Box for self-storage?

The Box is a flexible storage company in Dubai, UAE. Our units have high quality features and measures for the protection of your belongings. As we allow our customers with 24 hour access to their belongings our security is always tight. Each an every unit has 24 hour CCTV camera surveillance, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems as well. We also have climate controlled storage units in our facilities in UAE.

But the best thing about The Box is that we can make provisions for all kinds of storage. Even though our knowledgeable teams are experts at their specialized duties, we allow our customers to also educate us on how we can serve them best.

Above all, The Box is not just a self-storage company. We are renowned for moving, packaging, transport and inventory management as well.

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5 April 2010

Make the Most of Good Storage Units

Anyone would want to make maximum use of their self storage unit. There are many ways through which you can do that. Finding an inexpensive storage unit in Dubai is what most people think is a good way to take advantage of this useful facility, but such a technique could backfire someday. Therefore the best thing to do is to rent one at a renowned Dubai storage company and make the most of it.

If you will be visiting your unit rarely, it is better to adjust with a small sized unit. Since you would not be placing and removing things frequently, it wouldn’t be a problem to just fill up or use every little corner of the available space. But then, there are ways to stack your goods in order to make maximum use of your storage solution in Dubai. If you’re doing this, heavy goods should be placed away from the entrance. Pack all your belongings in corrugated boxes. Boxes can be nicely labeled, stacked over each other and take up minimum space. Utilize each box only till its prescribed limit.

If you will be visiting your unit frequently, it is better to opt for a larger unit. A larger storage unit will provide you with more space as well as allow easy transfer and removal of large items.

At The Box you can opt for a different sized unit according to your changing needs. Visit us at

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Just-In-Time Self Storage

The city of Dubai is a refuge to millions of people around the globe. For those outside Dubai it is a great place to export commodities. Dubai city also acts like a centre point for trade to the cities around it. Therefore great potential lies for businesses of all sizes within this expanse as well.

Good businesses always make sure to provide their customers with what they are looking for, at the right time. Thus the JIT/Just-In-Time inventory strategy evolved. JIT is very important for every business and in today’s highly competitive world it is treated like a queen. But be it clothing, accessories, equipment or even vehicles, where should a business person store his inventory? There may not be adequate space in your home or a safe place in your back yard where your valuable products would not be stolen or damaged. Thus a self storage facility in Dubai can help. Here you will be able to storage your belongings with ease and even change the size of your storage unit according to your varying business requirements. The unit you will be using can also be customized according to the manner in which you need your goods.

But not all Dubai storage companies can help you with your JIT strategy, as not all of them will allow you to access your goods 24 hours a day like The Box in Dubai would. As a dedicated business person you deserve to find a storage solution in Dubai that understands your unique storage requirements. You deserve The Box!

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