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20 May 2014

Searching For the Right Packers and Movers for the Best Services

Every user wants to experience the best services while moving. As an end user you are concerned about the services you are receiving from packers and movers and there is an added caution attached to your goods safety.

Finding a trusted Packers and Movers is not a daunting task:
Any disservice or bad experience leads to a trust deficit between two parties especially the Client and the Company. Finding a trusted packers and movers is unlike selecting a prospective partner. It is not such a daunting task. Some of them even have an international presence which makes them more visible to the eye. The trusted names in the business are ISO certified.

Understand your needs:
Finding a trusted packers and movers is not a very difficult task. However you will have to zero down on the ones of your choice if you wish to have it your way. In order to understand your needs you need to know the goods you want to move and the ones you don’t. It is that simple. With personal storage you can keep with you the things you like and stash away the rest.

Understand what Packers and Movers are offering:
It is essential as a client to understand the packers and movers you are going to opt for, based on your needs. It is essential to understand what each company is offering if you want to choose the right people suitable to your needs. After looking up the websites of the packers and movers you will understand their offering and how it might help to fulfill your necessities of packaging and moving.

Communicate with the packers and movers:
It is essential that you spend time communicating with the representatives of the Packers and Movers. They are available on phone through their call centers, through email communication and through the chat facility available on their websites. There are innovative ways through which Packers and Movers reach out to their customers like social media, chatting, telephoning. They are easily accessible and want to be accessible. Packers and Movers too are specialized and at times may cater only to a particular type of clients. A packers and movers catering to commercial type clients may not cater to residential types.

Understand the rates:
There is a base rate for every service offered by Packers and Movers. However you need to understand that while some packers are cheap, others are reasonable and while others still charge exorbitant rates. It depends on the service offered. While a well known Packers and movers will offer an assurance for his services there is a new entrant in the market who is ready to do the same thing for half the rate. He may have developed a reputation over the years serving hundreds of thousands of clients while the newbie wants to build his client base.

Understand the brand you are dealing with:
When you are dealing with a big brand you will notice quality service being delivered, though not necessarily. However big brands will give you assurance and it also depends on your needs if you choose to go for a big logistics partner for business needs or personal storage and moving needs.

Breaking the Myth:
The myth buster goes this way. You identify a negative publicity you hear on social media, trade circles and friends. You mostly go with it because that’s what most people do. You can go by what people say on online forums and other places like social media. Each experience is unique - a baggage of complaints about a particular company means that the company is bad but a single complaint doesn’t mean much, though it counts.

Choose carefully:
Make an informed Choice about your Packers and movers. After researching much and enquiring from friends and relatives you will come to a conclusion. The Packers and movers need not provide you with the best of the facilities in the world. Just go for the one that suits you.

Payments are accepted in cheque’s, cash, and all major cards. The services are prepaid. You will have to pay in advance for residential services category. In the commercial category, you will have to sign agreements. Payments are important so make them carefully .Companies are very particular about payments.

Final delivery

Companies make sure your goods are delivered safely .You can even insure your goods for a fee. This is an option.

End product

The end product is what the Packers and movers have to offer you. It is the ultimate gift of satisfaction that they deliver to you of your precious goods so never compromise on it. In the end it is you who is supposed to be happy.
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16 May 2014

An Expatriate Guide to Using Self Storage

When you are an expatriate you may be travelling worldwide from place to place. If you are a business man in the emirates you may be travelling within the emirates in order to fulfill your company’s business goals.

Record of serving a host of corporate clients:
Our corporate clients include some large corporations like Microsoft, Vertu, Blackberry, Nokia HSBC, DiaGeo, Shell, DHL and CISCO. We have been serving clients since 2006.Within a span of 8 years we have provided storage facility to a host of corporate and personal clients. We have tied up with several corporate entities to serve them and their employees who come to Dubai.

A strong value system:
We believe our customers are kings and our USP is our timely service. It becomes essential that we put to practice those values in serving customers. We have packages customized to suit everyone’s needs. We understand that each client is different and unique. Someone on the move will look up for the best range of services on a platter.

List the items:
Firstly you need to make a list of items you need to put up for storage and the ones you carry with you. The purpose of self storage is to make it easier for your goods and valuables to find a place that is easily accessible to someone whom you can authorize or do it on your own if you have no qualms about it.

Prepare a Checklist:
You will have to make a checklist of the things you need with you and the ones you want to stash away in storage. In order to prepare a checklist use the app on your phone to prepare a checklist of the things you want to carry on the next flight you are boarding. Make a list of clothes leaving some place for gadgets - phones, tablets and earplugs. Make sure you carry your passport, air tickets and medications. Do not forget the toiletries .While some of the toiletries are provided on board they may not last long for the entire journey.

Keep your Books in storage:
You might have some of your treasured books, documents and other things in your place which deserve a good storage space. It is essential keeping in mind that you need to choose the best company for your self storage, one of them being “The Box”. “The Box” offers a complete set of solutions for your storage needs.
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