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21 March 2010

A Clutter-Free Guest Room 24/7

storage dubai
The guest room is always used for other purposes while there is no guest to occupy it. That seems fair… It’s your home and you can do whatever it is you want in it. But occasionally that room is going to serve its purpose. And it is up to you to keep it clutter-free.

Sometimes we forget that the guest-room was made for the comfort of the guest and not as a room in which he/she just has to reside. That is how we seldom forget to clean up after we are done using the room for any purpose. People also mistake the guest-room for a place where they can keep boxes full of things that aren’t required. They also keep large pieces of furniture in this room being inconsiderate of how uncomfortable the guest would be with so many obstacles around them and in their path. Thus, you need to find an appropriate place much like a storage facility in UAE to help you with such a problem.

You can always count on a storage unit in Dubai much like The Box to keep the guest-rooms in your house clutter-free and ready for your guest’s informed or uninformed arrivals. With a storage unit available at hand twenty-four by seven, you can also keep your guest-room clean and confusion-free everyday of the year.

With the help of a storage facility in Dubai your guest-room will always seem like a heart-warming invite rather than a favour.

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Find Recourse at a Storage Facility

storage company
Even if you aren’t in need of a storage company in Dubai right now, you will need one later in life. Because storage units are useful in many ways, you can creatively use them for a wide range of purposes. The most common reason for using a storage facility is to clear the clutter in homes. Offices usually use a storage unit in Dubai to keep their excess inventory and documents safe. Whatever the reason may be…Dubai storage companies have always been very useful in numerous ways.

Storage companies allow you to book a unit for any amount of time. Thus they have short term and long term services. During the booked span of time you can remove and place anything you need to in it whenever you like. You will also be the only one with the keys to your unit. Storage facilities in Dubai also provide key holders with 24 hour access to their units.

But storage companies are mostly useful during the time you need to renovate your home. You can actually save all your furniture from stains and damage by placing them in a storage unit for as long as you want. The best part about a storage unit is that the security measures out there are tight. This allows its customers to retain peace of mind and be content about finding a suitable place for their belongings. The Box is a reliable storage company in Dubai, UAE. Visit for more information on their services.

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20 March 2010

Improvise Your Living Room

dubai storage
The living room is always kept neat and tidy. Why do we do this? We have to because this room is connected to the impression our guests will have on us and our home. With kids around the house it is natural for homemakers to find it difficult to clean up every now and then. Above all, if their own bedrooms are full, half of their stuff like books, bags, clothes, computers, etc. will automatically find place in the hall.

Nobody can be blamed for occupying a lot of space with their things. Why would anyone deliberately do that? Your family members require sufficient space in the kitchen and the bedrooms too apart from their living room, so that they can live a comfortable life. You have the power to solve this complex problem of space in your home. Keep all the things you don’t need at a Dubai storage company just like The Box near you.

By this, it doesn’t mean that you have to take all the extra things in your living room and drop them off at a storage facility in Dubai. You need to take into consideration those items like your old computer, an extra cupboard, suitcases, documents, large cooking vessels, etc. that take up a lot of space in your bedroom/kitchen but aren’t useful at the moment. This will give you the opportunity to shift all the things that aren’t supposed to be in your living room in the first place, making it more presentable.

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19 March 2010

Transporting Fine Crockery

storage serviceAfter listening to a variegated set of moving experiences, crockery seems to be the toughest item to transport during house removal in UAE. That’s because it is fragile (made of clay or glass). Even if one plate of your remarkable crockery set breaks, the beauty of it disappears. For those who are addicted to buying fine crockery sets, a hair crack could also be disturbing.

The safety of your cups, saucers and plates begin from the way they are packed by the professionals from a storage facility in Dubai or by you. If you want to try packing crockery yourself, there’s no harm in trying it out. In fact, packing fragile items is easier than you think. You just need to carry out the packing logically:

Keep in mind that each and every item should not rub against each other, which means that you have to provide some sort of insulation between each cup. Insulation can easily be bought from a moving company in Dubai. Secondly, make sure that the similar crockery items stacked upon each other are placed in crates that match their size to avoid rattling within during transportation. Also be sure to label these boxes as ‘fragile’ along with an arrow showing which side is up.

Therefore, for the sake of reliable transportation you either have to pack the right way or let the experts at a storage facility like The Box handle this job.

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18 March 2010

Your Mattresses Aren’t Safe Outside A Storage Facility

storage company
Sooner or later, time will necessitate the need for you to buy a new bed. If you still want to keep the old one, chances are that you will need to store the mattresses to be used for the same. Therefore your mattresses will also require storage at some point of time.

How and where must mattresses be stored? - is a very important question. You cannot store them in a damp place, or in a place where they are prone to damage. Attics are usually damp, thus you would think about storing your goods outdoors. But the bad news is that your mattresses aren’t safe outside either because of the different weather conditions that could affect them. Therefore the only safe place to keep your mattresses along with your extra pillows, linens, etc. is in a storage facility in Dubai.

Dubai storage companies are noted for their climate controlled storage solutions. Such solutions keep various factors like dust, temperature, humidity, etc. at required levels. These conditions are great for mattress storage in a place like Dubai. With extreme weather conditions outside, a storage unit would be beneficial to people. Therefore don’t hesitate to ask your storage company about mattress storage whenever you need such a service.

As for The Box, climate controlled storage options are available at all our branches. You can store mattresses in our storage units under the household storage option in UAE.

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17 March 2010

From the point of view of self-storage

storage facility
Global warming is not soon to come, it is here. You might have heard about earthquakes and floods taking place in a row in different countries all over the world. But these days global warming has decided to show UAE how awful it can be.

From the point of view of the people in UAE, there may not be any escape from natural calamities. From the point of view of finances, floods and even snow are perhaps better than unexpected hailstones as ice could damage your property (like equipments, vehicles, etc.) left in the open. Similarly from the point of view of storage facilities in UAE, there is a high cost tagged to the cleaning of ice. Thus even storage facilities believe that hailstones could be very destructive. It affects transportation, infrastructure as well as electricity supplies. Thus climate controlled storage is the feature in demand at every storage facility in UAE today.

No matter what the temperature or weather condition is outside; a climate controlled facility can take care of your items, documents or vehicles. Storage facilities are also built in a way to prevent flood water from entering the company and your unit. These facilities are great for leather items like clothes and furniture or even for your hobby collection or artworks. Rely on a storage solution in UAE, leave aside your worries and experience the difference.

Log on to for self storage in Dubai.

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16 March 2010

Facing Climate Change in Dubai

storage company
The month of March always used to be pleasant in UAE, but this year the sudden rainfall has shocked people living in places like Sharjah and Dubai. Many families unfortunately turn homeless at a time like this. In such situations those who did manage to save at least some of their belongings were the ones who previously took the help of a storage company in UAE.

Losing a home is indubitably a very big loss. Along with our homes we also lose our belongings that we have worked so hard for throughout our lives. What justice do we gain for all our hard-work if it could just be swept away by a flood? Floods take place in many countries. But in UAE, most of us aren’t really prepared for it. We need to fight it in many ways.

Firstly, we need to realize that ‘climate change’ is a result of all our actions. Secondly, the government and the people need to support even more green initiatives in UAE. And lastly, we need to take care of ourselves. Valuable possessions and vehicles that are in working condition but aren’t used should immediately be kept at storage facilities in UAE.

Storage solutions in UAE offer many benefits as they are solely made to protect your goods. They are generally built starting from a height to specially face the problem of floods. So if you have some possession that could be saved and know a storage company nearby, sign-up as soon as you can.

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Short-Term Storage to the Rescue

household storage companyStorage facilities in UAE have 2 very useful services adjoining their storage solutions. They are long-term and short-term storage. Everyone is aware of long term storage solutions in Dubai, but many are unmindful about short-term storage solutions.

Long-term storage is working very well for customers and for the storage industry itself. Therefore this service is in demand. But the need for short-term self storage arises unexpectedly. That is why a short-term solution for your unpredictable requirements always needs to be at hand.

For example, when moving to a new home, chances are that the paper work could be incomplete. In such a situation, you cannot occupy your new home until a week or so. It is easy for you and your family to spend a week residing at a hotel or a relatives place. But where are you going to keep all your household items? Surely you wouldn’t be able to find room enough to properly store your belongings. This is an instance where short-term storage rescues, as household storage in UAE is operable within short-term solutions too. Storing your belongings at a Dubai storage company not only provides the benefit of a temporary home for your possessions, but the team at facilities like The Box make sure that your belongings are protected and taken care of in the best possible manner.

The Box is one of the famous storage companies in UAE. They offer short-term storage options at competitive rates, with incomparable customer service.

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14 March 2010

Take the Worry Out Of Student Storage

moving service
Every student is overjoyed at the end of the term. Some of us are happy about being relieved from study pressure and just want to go home, while some others are just excited about enjoying their vacations without a worry. But it’s hard to concentrate on enjoying your holidays when you’re worried about how you’re going to pack and store your stuff so that they remain safe while you’re gone. If you have to transport everything to your home, the process of finding a moving service in Dubai is in itself a task.

Well, Dubai storage companies will never let you down with their domestic and international moving services. They will transfer your books, documents, clothing, electrical appliances, cabinets, etc. anywhere within UAE. The same goes for packing and storing your goods. You can either order packaging material in bulk or just ask the storage company to send someone who can get the packing done for you. The choice is yours.

At The Box there’s a special online service called The Box Shop. You can buy many kinds of packaging materials and stationery from there at inexpensive prices. After that… whether you have opted for moving services or a storage unit in Dubai, The Box will take it from here.

Get storage smart. Take the worry out of storage with The Box in Dubai.

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Items of Emotional Value

storage facility
Storage facilities in UAE have been used for a number of reasons. Some store their documents, others require storage for their RV, while some others require storage units to keep every thing they love but have no place for in their homes.

Your attachment to your belongings may seem weird or funny to others, but it is a wonderful feeling. People are emotionally attached to all sorts of things as they are to people. Some things that we really love may not be very big to keep in our cupboards or even in our wallets. But things like your grandma’s old rocking chair, your child’s first little tricycle, your wedding gown, a beautiful wooden sofa set, musical instruments, or an antique show piece can occupy much space even though you may be willing to take care of such items. Thus the best place to store them is at a Dubai storage company.

No matter how big an item you may be attached to and want to preserve, a storage company can definitely help you with your spacial requirements. But that’s not all a storage company offers. A storage facility in Dubai offers a helping hand in the form of checks and tests conducted on your belongings if required, from time to time. Customers at The Box can also choose the climate controlled storage option if their priceless possessions are sensitive to temperature, humidity, etc. In this manner the teams at The Box can help you live your life to the fullest by caring for your valuable assets.

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12 March 2010

Why did Storage and Security Combine?

We recently came across a product called ‘safetube’. This item is meant to protect your valuables from dust, rain and animals too. We’re guessing this product was made taking advantage of the fear people have of losing their wealth anytime due to unpredictable natural disasters or man-made accidents. The acceptance of this and other such products clearly highlights the fact that safety and security is something that we will never stop trying to achieve more of.

Years ago, the idea of storing goods by paying rent to the owner was a very simple one. The owner was only responsible for goods remaining there till the time you returned to collect them. That was their job. But now, storage companies in Dubai offer more than just a place to store your goods. They offer the most sought after features- safety and security. In other words, Dubai storage companies would never have existed till this date if no one would bother coming up with a plan that provided a wholesome storage package to the customer.

If security is what makes self storage facilities in UAE worthwhile, why invest in a one that isn’t geared with extraordinary security measures?

The Box became famous through word-of-mouth communication in its initial days. This highly difficult form of advertising was successful due to the company’s genuine effort at satisfying the need for security in every storage unit they had. For storage and security combined, visit The Box at

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A Unique Renter’s Checklist

storage facilities
All storage facilities in Dubai obviously have many offers and solutions when it comes to storage. But make sure you physically check the selected Dubai storage companies for the following. Here is a checklist a renter should carry along…

LOCATION: Choose a facility that lies between your home and your work-place. If there are none on that route, try to pick one that is closer to both these places. What you will gain out of doing this is a precious gift called ‘time’ that never fails to translate into money.

SECURITY: Visit the different units at each storage facility in Dubai city while storage company hopping. Check different sized units for its security measures. Check for sprinklers, alarm systems and fire extinguishers too.

TRUST WORTHINESS: Many companies use standard alarm systems and other security measures. As a renter you also have the rite to ask the representatives of the storage company about their systems being approved by the local civil defense department. If possible, find other customers using a unit at the same company and ask them whether they have been satisfied with the security of their goods in these units so far.

CLIMATE CONTROL: Investing in a storage company without climate controlled units is as good as storing your goods in a warehouse.

Storage and removals go hand in hand. Full-fledged facilities offer air/ocean freight transportation services too.

INSURANCE: Third party insurance coverage for your belongings is another smart option to go for.

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10 March 2010

Will Your Furniture Make It Out Alive?

moving services
Though a lot of you might think about saving money by not hiring a moving truck for relocation purposes, such trucks actually benefit you more than your standard vehicle.

Relocation involves the transportation of a whole lot of things including your kitchen ware, sofa’s, beds, chairs, etc. That’s too much to be handled by a standard vehicle don’t you think? In your defense you might say, that you will compromise by making 3-4 trips from the storage facility in Dubai till your new place. But think about the amount of fuel and time you will spend doing this. Aren’t these 2 factors money after all? …Think about your sofa set being stuffed into a space meant solitarily for seating. Your furniture isn’t going to get out of there without being scratched, torn or ruined. With all this in mind, you’re bound to make more than 3-4 trips back and forth.

In a moving truck meant for proper transportation of your goods, you wouldn’t have to worry about things being damaged on the way to your new home. Neither will you have to worry about them swaying aimlessly in the back of the truck, as moving services in Dubai generally make sure to fasten all items with padding and cords. Fragile items can also be transported safely through the hands of packing and moving professionals.

The Box in Dubai is well known for its relocation services as it is known for storage. Get to know our services better at

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Being Proactive Before Moving Day

storage company
Packing and planning a move at the last minute is a very common episode encountered by everyone very often. The commotion that takes place in families due to lack of organization and planning becomes worse when it is not limited to the ears of the family members. Sooner or later, people realize that taking the help of the packers and movers from a Dubai storage company was the best way to go about the whole thing after all…

Moving services in Dubai can help you whenever you like. They don’t mind taking up your job in advance or even at the very last minute as they are quick at what they do. Therefore you can actually count on them whenever you need them the most. This is the best advantage provided by this service.

Having said this, last minute planning is never a safe idea though, especially if you are running late to catch a transport. Therefore even storage companies in Dubai wouldn’t encourage you to be late. But they want you to know that even if you are… due to any reason, they will be around. Thus the next time you are tied up in a tardy situation, don’t delay any further. Call a moving service in Dubai as soon as possible.

The Box is positioned in a centralized location in Dubai city. They also provide packaging and moving services along with self storage. Visit their website for more information.

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8 March 2010

Dubai Dealing With Lack of Space

dubai storage service
Only 20% of Dubai’s population is Emiriti. The rest are all expatriates. Dubai also receives a huge number of tourists every year, which is the reason why the city is a bit too crowded always. The expatriate crowd and even some of the Emirities in Dubai usually live in smaller homes. But the amount of stuff that they own in Dubai is more than what they can fit into their houses.

If you’re planning to stay in Dubai for many years, buying so much might be worth it. That’s where the storage companies in Dubai benefit. No sane person living in Dubai/planning to settle in Dubai will actually let go of their essential belongings just because they have no space to store them. Therefore a household storage service in Dubai helps. In here you can save just about everything you need to.

But it’s not just the expats who have a problem with space, it’s the tourists too. They come to Dubai with all sorts of things included in their luggage. Once they are in the city they increase the amount of luggage they already have by shopping for some more things to take home (lured by the discounts at the DSF). So could there really be a better place to store all their belongings apart from a Dubai storage company? I guess not… as dumping stuff at a relatives place or settling for a messy hotel room isn’t even an option.

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Freight Transportation Services Receive a Push

storage company UAE
Services directly and indirectly linked with international trade in UAE are benefiting the country much this time. Because of the great structures being built or recently inaugurated in UAE, the need for the development of transportation and logistics is the need of the hour in the Middle Eastern regions.

Therefore an event called the Global Logistics Forum has been held in Abu Dhabi, UAE. This forum is all set to highlight the growth opportunities in the related sectors on the 15th and the 16th of March 2010. All companies involved in this industry including air and ocean freight transportation services belonging to storage and removal companies in UAE will benefit economically from this event.

Freight transportation services provided by storage companies in Dubai, are gaining more importance today because of the amount of infrastructure being built in Dubai. Trade is necessary at a time like this and only when transportation and logistic services are strengthened through events like the Global Logistics Forum these companies can grow, improvise and encourage others to get involved with transportational services as well.

Another event that takes place every year in the Middle East is the International Freight Week. These programmes and events held in UAE show that trading is not tough for the Emirities and certainly not for a renowned company like The Box in Dubai.

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6 March 2010

The Stolen Computer Crisis

commercial storage serviceAre you afraid of your computer being burgled while you are on a vacation? We are not talking of the virus or hacking incidents here. Computers and laptops are actually being stolen from homes these days. Most people in Dubai do not even care to prepare backups. Thus the stolen computer crisis gets worse in Dubai compared to other places. That explains the reason why storage facilities in Dubai are gaining a moderate amount of business from computer storage.

Holiday goers are becoming increasingly concerned about their computers and laptops being stolen while they are away from home. But what they are much more concerned about is the information that is stolen along with the hardware. For some people, their laptop or computer is their life, business and bread. Thus such people have no option but to lock their computer away at a Dubai storage company where they know that everything will be kept safe by the time they return.

Storing your computer at a commercial storage unit in Dubai like The Box brings you more benefits than keeping your computer safe. At The Box, your computer or laptop will be stored under the right climatic conditions and will be kept spick and span as well. Another benefit of placing your asset in a storage solution in Dubai is that of attaining ‘peace of mind’. The security at The Box is never a concern.

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Staging Your Home for Prospective Buyers

household storage serviceAccording to the present economic scenario in Dubai, selling a home has become quite difficult. It’s not about find people to buy your home. Many will want to buy it. Selling your home at a high price is the laborious part. But there is a way around every tangle. One of those ways is to stage your home well when your prospective buyers arrive.

Anyone would be drawn towards a home that is tidier and roomier than the rest they have seen. Imagine your home without the extra clutter of clothes, toys, furniture, vessels, etc. Your home will definitely form a good impression for itself. Realizing the need to make their house more appealing to prospects, more homeowners are using a self storage company in Dubai. People find self storage great to store their non-essential belongings for the time being.

The idea of making your property more appealing to buyers is psychological, but it surely works. If you think that an idea like this one can’t be effective you should talk to regular sellers elsewhere who actually renovate their houses for the same reason. Presentation is all that matters today. And the best way to present your home is not by getting rid of your stuff, but by storing them at a storage facility in Dubai.

The Box provides household storage in Dubai especially for storing your extra household belongings like furniture, clothes, utensils, books, hobby collections, etc. Visit for more information.

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3 March 2010

Leaving Your Home for a House?

house removal Dubai
There is a lot of pleasure and pain involved while turning a house into a sweet home. Shopping for the perfect lamp shades, carpets, furniture, curtains, etc. tend to make you love your home even more, as you have embellished it from scratch. That’s why it becomes really hard to leave your ‘home’ for another ‘house’ at the time of shifting addresses for the sake of binding certain other needs.

So if you are thinking of making a move sometime soon, see that you don’t pick the option of leaving your precious things (that are the identity of your home) at the current place. Take them with you to turn your new house into a home once again, with the help of a moving company in UAE. With plenty of movers in the emirates, house removal in UAE will be the least of your worries. They will help you pack your goods in the right manner and transport them via their vehicles too.

You can also place your trust in their hands for taking care of fragile or huge and heavy items. But what if you have to shift into a house that is smaller than the one you are currently occupying? Well… as long as you are in our company, storage is also not an issue. With The Box in Dubai you can even store your items by hiring a unit at our storage company in UAE whenever your plans change.

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It’s easy to get ‘Storage Smart’ in UAE

As opposed to the many articles that talk about storage being new to in the Middle East, this concept isn’t new to any one here anymore. Everyone especially in UAE is well aware of it. People have expanded their knowledge on the storage industry over the years. Thus we can assume that people are indeed ‘storage smart’ in UAE.

With the availability of vast storage solutions in UAE, there is no way you can miss out on your options and make a bad choice. Even if you aren’t sure of the choices available at the storage company you are at, just hop on to the next facility close by and inquire about anything you would like.

If the different services still seem to confuse you, jotted below are the basic services you can expect all through the year at a full fledged storage company in UAE. Storage facilities in UAE revolve around 2 main services-
  • Removals:
Removals include house removal in UAE. This service if of immense help when you have to shift addresses on a regular basis or once in a lifetime. Movers are available for office removal as well.
  • Storage:
You can store everything except those items that can pose a threat to the safety of the other goods stored in the building. Climate controlled storage options are common in the Middle East. But tight security and 24 hour access to your unit are important features to look out for these days.

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1 March 2010

Timesaving Methods at The Box

storage facility dubai
How often have we thought of 24 hours as not being enough in a day? So many jobs are left undone all because of the lack of time. Finding a storage company in UAE that understands this is also very time-consuming. But finding one that’s in tune with your fast paced life is more important.

At our Dubai storage company The Box, you can be rest assured that things move on very quickly around here. The Box has developed many time saving methods only for your convenience. Some of them are:

  • 3-step Sign-In
The sign in process at The Box is quick and comprehensive because of the 3-step method to safety. 1. Choose your individual unit 2.Complete the client sign up form 3.Move in and access your unit anytime.

  • Online bill pay
Making your payment on time is always easy at The Box through its new online payment method. You can pay your bill no matter where you are through this system.

  • Booking your space
There is no need to physically reach our storage facility in Dubai to book a unit. Just type in the details of the space you are looking for and we’ll get back to you with more information.

  • Quick responses to feedback
Whenever you need to report a comment you can do it in the quickest possible way through our ‘online contact form’. The sooner you let us know what’s on your mind, the faster we can implement it.

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Dismal Property Days

Dubai storageBuying property could be easier than selling it in Dubai, because a number of dream homes are coming up at preposterous speeds. That’s a good thing… but not when a city suffers from an over supply of ready property without an exit strategy. Selling an existent home in Dubai has been very difficult since the year 2003. Then why bother buying a place in Dubai?

Perhaps, buying property in Dubai is not a very good option, but the idea of renting space will always be. So if you think your home/office is slightly or substantially short of space, try renting instead of buying some. Then again, if renting space for those extra assets is such a good idea, why not just rent a unit at a storage company in Dubai?

Many people store their goods at a storage facility in Dubai rather than at rented apartments/rooms; simply because here there will be someone to care for their goods. This is reason enough for them as far as logic goes. But according to storage companies like The Box, you should use a self storage unit in Dubai for your goods to be treated the way they should be, under appropriate climatic conditions. Besides, a unit meant for storage will always be protected day and night.

Depriving your possessions of the security conditions acquired at a storage solution in Dubai cannot be good for you or your belongings. So do the right thing and select a good storage company to take care of your belongings during the dismal property days in Dubai.

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