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24 November 2015

Making big move with minor effort

Whether you are relocating to a new home or making space for your business, it’s a one-off complex task when it comes to moving a big heavy furniture. We have compiled some helpful and simple techniques that will make the task of moving heavy furniture a breeze.

It’s all about teamwork:
Whether it's a long dresser, long shelf cabinet or a cupboard, handling long or big items can be complex. We wouldn't suggest that only one person do the job, even if you have big muscles. So, grab a friend or friendly neighbour and have one person grab the lower portion of the furniture and the other the top.

This technique centres the weight of the object, putting no pressure on the those carrying the item. This technique also keeps the item from swinging out of control, even on stairs.

From pivot to placement:
Big chairs are a treat to relax on, but they can be a nightmare to move. By following the tried-and-tested L-shape technique, you'll have it sorted in a jiffy. First, walk the backrest of the chair in first, and then, when it gets to the bottom bit, pivot at an angle to allow it to fit through.

Manoeuvre is the name of the game:
A couch is a plump and cumbersome thing, not very conducive to easy moving. But don't worry, we've got a tip to make it easy. Before entering the doorway, hold the couch at both ends, sliding it slowly through the doorway. Make sure not to get it hooked on the door handle on the way in.

If the couch is taller than the doorway, move the couch into a 90-degree angle and lower it slowly into the door frame - you'll make a few extra inches of clearance this way.

Last but not least:
Ever heard of a Shoulder Dolly? Didn’t think so. It’s an effective pair of lifting straps that helps take the load off your back when moving heavy items. Best of all, you can buy them online.

So the next time you plan on calling a moving service in Dubai, don’t forget these helpful hints to make moving heavy furniture, easy.

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Downsizing in 5 Easy Steps

Downsizing your home can be challenging when it comes to packing and moving items from one place to another (it can be a costly affair). On top of that, the long transportation time can be mentally challenging too.

So here are our top five tips to help you downsize your house without all the hassle:

Get rid of the excess "stuff.":
Your house may contain various broken, fragile items that are no longer fit for any purpose. Or maybe you have loads of old stuff that you no longer want or need. We suggest recycling or disposing of these items, clearing the clutter and effectively starting the downsizing process.

Out with the old, in with the new:
Is your closet bursting with old fashioned paraphernalia like shoes, garments and other accessories? Get rid of the clutter and donate any unused items to a charity store.

Space it out:
First things first, think carefully about how you want to arrange your room, office or bedroom. To avoid clutter, always allocate a space where you can place new things without making your existing stuff look cluttered.

Keeping the valuables safe:
Does that old chair serve any functional purpose? Or is it just taking up space in the room? Is that old chipped vase hold any emotional value or you are just too preoccupied to chuck it out? Well, we have sentimental items, so be sure to keep these away from ledges, water or other caution areas in your home. Or even better, find a safe self-storage place to look after it.

When downsizing becomes difficult:
Downsizing isn't as daunting as you might think. The Box has a dedicated moving service in Dubai, ready to help you move, relocate, lift and settle.

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