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31 December 2009

Let’s Keep Our Bikes Safe

We spend a lot while purchasing valuable things. Maintaining those valuables take a greater toll on us than buying. From a small diamond to a big house everything needs special treatment for well maintenance. Storage facilities in Dubai, stores and maintains everything that is precious to you.

The modern and young generation is crazy behind bikes. You will at least come across one bike fanatic in almost every family. It is very difficult to maintain these two wheelers. Maintaining these bikes becomes more difficult when you plan to go for a long vacation out of town. Monsoon creates bigger problem in maintaining this stylish vehicle. So when the weather doesn’t allow you to go for a comfortable and safe ride or you are vacationing, you can keep the bikes in one of the storage companies in UAE. Opting for a storage solution in Dubai will protect your bike from all the damages. There are many Dubai storage companies which have the facility of storing two wheelers and four wheelers. So now you can leave the stress behind and enjoy your holidays. These companies also take proper care of servicing these bikes on proper timings.

The Box is the best storage facility in Dubai. It offers various facilities to its customers. Be it residence or office the company caters to both. They are also one of the best Dubai moving services. The company has every solution regarding storing and moving in Dubai. So now leave all your worries of storing things to The Box.

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The Box Is Witnessing More Customers

There are many reasons why people look for a good Dubai storage company. Many articles which are not used regularly can be shifted to the storage solutions in Dubai. There are certainly many things which are rarely used or are suitable only in some seasons can be moved to such storage houses.

On the arrivals of festivals we wish to keep our houses clean and tidy. Many guests visit our homes during festive seasons. Many of them stay for a few days. In such situations it is necessary to make our houses spacious. So people in Dubai opt for a storage facility in Dubai. Recently a number of people have started using this facility. It is a very convenient way to make room for our guests. By opting for such storage facility in Dubai you can keep your gift articles, important documents, glass wares, seasonal clothing etc all safe. As New Year is round the corner, many people will be expecting their guests. This has resulted into increased usage of storage solutions in UAE. These types of facilities are not only for residential purposes but even office related things are stored here. They are 100% safe and offer a high quality of security.

The Box is a well enriched Dubai storage company. They offer variety of services regarding storage facility. They are also one of the best Dubai moving services. If you wish to shift your seasonal or rarely used articles in a safe place then The Box is the best option for you.

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30 December 2009

Cherish Your Precious Moments Forever

Memories are important part of our life. We never get separated with the things and moments which touched our hearts. But many a times storing those gifts become a concern. You can keep your memories always safe by opting for storage facility in Dubai.

You might be wondering what storage facilities in Dubai have to do with your gift articles or mementos? Actually such facilities play an important role in keeping those valuables of yours secured. There must be many of you who have kept your first birthday dress, the first gift which your husband brought for you, your wedding dress, your first doll or teddy bear. Your scrapbooks, albums and much more the list is endless. But is there enough space in your house to keep all these things? Moreover what if your pets and kids discover them in your room when you are not around? To get rid off all these worries you should try out storage solutions in Dubai. They will provide you with an ample of space for your precious belongings. Along with that proper safety measures are also taken. CCTV facility assures that your valuables are not stolen. You also have the facility of an easy access to your account. You will not find a better option to safeguard your mementoes forever.

The Box is the leading Dubai storage company. They provide comprehensive service for any storage issue. They are also one of the best Dubai movers. By opting for their service you can leave all your worries regarding storage and moving issues.
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The Box: The Most Reliable Storage Company In Dubai

There are many storage facilities in Dubai. But before you select any one of them it is necessary to know how safe they are? Many people have the assumption that such companies are not reliable. This could be true but not for all the companies. You must know which the best Dubai storage company is.

The Box is one of the most reliable companies in Dubai. They provide their customers with excellent storage solutions in Dubai. They are well equipped with technologically advanced facilities. The Box is situated at convenient locations and provides you with parking spaces. People don’t have to worry about their valuables as closely monitored 24-hour CCTV surveillance is available. To fight with fire explosions storage house is prepared with fire detectors and sprinklers. The storages area is prepared with climate controlled air conditioners. Along with storage facilities The Box is also one of the best Dubai moving services. The Box provides third party insurance to all its storage solutions in Dubai, which is an open option to customers. Very few Dubai movers provide this peculiar and important option.

Thus The Box is one of the most trustworthy Dubai storage company. Customers feel relieved from the worries of their belonging after giving them under Box’s supervision. All types of things are properly maintained at The Box. You can access your storage facility at the Box any time you want. You can also buy various storage related units and packaging materials of various sizes at the Box. Along with that you can also purchases many value added services.

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29 December 2009

The Box Clears Storage Misconceptions

The Box is a self-storage company that provides diverse storage solutions. As the storage industry begins to rise in UAE, The Box is determined to clear certain misconceptions that are hindering the industry’s progress.

A few years ago the self-storage industry wasn’t as hyped as it is now. This industry has evolved to great extents towards the end of 2010. In spite of UAE supporting the idea of storing their belongings in self-storage, the storage industry isn’t moving ahead as quickly as it should. This is mainly because many people have still not understood the entire concept of self storage in UAE.
The Box in UAE is also part of the self-storage industry. They provide diverse storage and removal solutions. As mentioned above, The Box also feels that the citizens of UAE are not very lucid on this subject. Therefore they have determined to sweep the misconceptions hampering the success of this industry.
Many residents in UAE feel that storage is only for business purposes and cannot be used for personal reasons. That is not so according to The Box. While businesses also use storage, there are no restrictions on who can avail of such space rental services. Those who have understood the concept of self-storage are making good use of their rented spaces through the year. In fact, storage facilities in UAE are used by homeowners more than corporates.
Some individuals are also of the impression that Dubai storage companies only pick and store goods. But the truth is that every storage company has different sets of management teams to pack, load, transport your goods to the facility, store them and deliver them back to your door step.
The Box is a reputed storage company in UAE. They offer diverse solutions like self-storage, removals, packaging, transportation, documentary/inventory management and many other services. The Box is strategically located in the Al Quoz area, central to the boundaries of Dubai.
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Buy As Many Books As You Want

Our house is the place where we feel the highest amount of comfort and peace. But what if your home is dumped with ample of things? All your comfort zones are converted into storage areas. To keep your home spacious and comfort giving there are many storage facilities in Dubai. But make sure you opt for the right one.

The storage facility in Dubai is a boon to book lovers. If you belong to a category of book-worms, I am sure people in your family are tired of you and your books. There is a storage solution in Dubai to get rid off those daily arguments. You can use a reputed storage facility and keep your treasure safely with them. I do understand how important and valuable books are for book lovers. But you can’t keep every book which you buy almost everyday in your house. This will turn your house into a library which is not properly managed. If you have little ones and pets in your family, maintaining costly and rare books is a challenge. Moreover your family members will feel irritated because of your books which occupy a lot of space in the house and do not keep room for other important things. These little quarrels sometimes become a great cause for the fights with your dear ones. Instead of having distance with your loved ones in a same house, a smart way is to opt for a storage facility. This way you can keep a few books in your house which you use very frequently and keep the rest in a Dubai storage company. These storage companies provide very comfortable facilities, so bringing and keeping books here is an easy task.

The Box is a well known storage solution in Dubai. It helps people in storing their valuables without any worry or stress.

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Old Fashioned Clothes Are Back In Trend

If we think about storing stuffs then so many things come in our minds. There are many things which we can keep in a reputed storage facility in Dubai and make our houses spacious. You might have thought of many articles which you think you can store but I have one more suggestion for you. This is about your out dated clothes.

I know I have made you bewilder by my weird thought. But actually it can turn out to be a useful tip. Many of us give away the clothes when they are out of fashion. But have you ever noticed that those same styles are again in trend after a few years and many after a season. So the best idea is to keep them safe in a good storage solution in Dubai. This way you will keep your expensive collections safe and reuse them when they are back in demand. Similarly you can also store your out of trend accessories, shoes, bags, belts etc. There are many clothes which you can make fit in the trend by little alteration or a few stitches here and there. The price of everything is touching the sky. Giving away your costly wardrobe collection is a waste of money. If you purchase only branded clothes then you must be paying a very hefty cost, why to waste so much money? The option of saving is available; you have to simply trust a reputed Dubai storage company.

The Box is one of the well established Dubai storage company. It has all types of storage solutions in Dubai. They will maintain your clothes the way you would have wished.

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28 December 2009

Store Your Decorations

All of us decorate our houses during festivals or on the occasion of some ceremonies. But don’t you feel that many of these decorative materials can be used again and again. To reuse these decorations you need a perfect storage facility in Dubai.

Day by day people are giving importance to recycling, hence they prefer to reuse many things. But to reuse things it has to be properly maintained and stored. It is not possible to keep everything in our houses as it occupies much space and often it is difficult to take care of valuables and delicate things. The best option is to take service from Dubai Storage Company. This company provides all types of storage solutions in Dubai. You can easily store all you decorative articles in this company. Lights, lanterns, colours, ribbons, streamers, glass articles, lamps, artificial flowers and much more can be kept safely in storage facilities in Dubai. Many of the decorative materials are costly and are used once or twice in a year. Hence keeping them safe throughout the year, is a stressful and space consuming task. But Dubai Storage Company will keep them secured for you. You can easily access your account whenever you feel.

The Box is one such storage solution in Dubai. They take care of all types of personal and official things. The company is equipped with closely monitored 24-hour CCTV surveillance, on ground security, infrared recording and update of the visitors. Thus The Box keeps all your belongings safe and it is quite easy to access your account at any time.

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Store Your Interiors In A Right Way

Buying and furnishing new home gives everyone a delightful feeling. But making a new home is a tiring task. With the help of moving services in Dubai this has become a comfortable activity.

When you buy a new home the first thought that starts lingering in your mind is “how will be the interiors?” this is a fact that all of us want our homes to look the best. We spend a lot of time, money and energy to create superlative interiors. We often purchase many new materials for our new house before it is fully constructed. Then the problem is where to put those costly materials and articles by the time they are required. Dubai Storage Company is the solution. You can store your valuable articles, fittings, materials etc all in a storage company up till your house is prepared. Gradually you can take them when they are needed to be fit in your new apartment. Once your house is ready, shifting there is also a stressful task. All the problems that you have in terms of shifting to a new house will be resolved by Dubai Movers. You don’t have to worry about anything; storage facility in Dubai is ready to help you from storing interiors to shifting to your new home.

The box is one of the best Dubai moving services. It also provides storage solutions in Dubai. The Box is always ready for any help regarding moving or storing in Dubai.

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26 December 2009

Storage Facilities Save, As Global Warming Hits UAE

As the summers get undoubtedly hotter in UAE, storage facilities like The Box in Dubai become a boon to city dwellers.

The summers are getting hotter, while the winters are getting cooler all over the world. At the current rate of global warming, climatic change has unfortunately begun affecting the hotter divisions of the globe. As Dubai is one of the hottest regions in UAE, the people here have already started experiencing climate change.
As questionable as it sounds, global warming and storage have a lot to do with each other. As it is obvious that extreme climate cannot be good to store everything we possess, climate controlled storage facilities in UAE indispensably enter the picture. Climate controlled storage promises that the temperature in your storage unit will remain as it has been customized to be, leaving the belongings in the unit thoroughly unaffected. This is what an established Dubai storage company offers its customers.
It has been estimated that the citizens of UAE are ultimately going to invest in a storage facility just because of this reason. In other words, the incompetency of taking care of possessions like the way a storage company would in extreme climatic conditions, will lead to the frantic utilization of this industry. On the whole, the storage unit which is now an option might turn into a necessity.
Global warming is unfortunate and must be controlled; but till then, storage facilities like The Box in Dubai commits to keep your valuables safe.
The Box is a reputed storage company in Dubai. They offer diverse solutions like self-storage, removals, packaging, transportation, documentary/inventory management and many other services. The Box is strategically located in the Al Quoz area, central to the boundaries of Dubai.
For more information on their services, visit:
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24 December 2009

Keep Your Gym Equipments Safe

In recent times everyone has become more health conscious, this has increased the number of people hitting the gym. But with fast life everyone does not get time to go to gym regularly. So the convenient way is to buy gym equipments and keep them in home. This gives everyone ease to exercise on their convenient time.

The problem with these exercising machines is that they occupy a great amount of place and most of the people don’t use them after they have reduced by some kilos. Your treadmill, bicycles, dumbbells etc all occupy a lot of space. If you are not using them even once in a week then keeping them in a storage facility in Dubai is a nice solution. Moreover these heavy equipments may hurt any of your family members, it’s difficult to manage them. You can keep these risky equipments in a storage solution in Dubai and leave your worries behind. Whenever you feel that you need them again you can get them back. There are many Dubai storage companies which offer various options to store personal belongings.

The Box is one of the storage facilities in Dubai. It provides a high level of security service. It is very easy to access the account at this household storage in Dubai. It provides 24-hours CCTV surveillance and you can access you account at any time of the day. Along with storage facility it is one of the best Dubai moving services. You can also buy all types of packaging materials from The Box.

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The Box Protects Your Art Works

If you are a painter and have made many portraits then maintaining them well will be a difficult task for you. How do you do this? You must have occupied one or two rooms in your house with your art works. If that is the case then everyone in your family must be irritated with you. You can give them good news by informing about storage facilities in Dubai.

This is the most convenient and appropriate idea for storing any type of personal or official belonging. As the Dubai storage company provides a high level of security you don’t have to worry about your valuables. By keeping all your paintings in a storage company you will have specious house and can work better. Besides you don’t have to worry about their neatness when you are occupied in doing some other work or cleaning your house. This storing system will also help you if you have kids or pets in your home, your paintings are maintained very well away from them. This storage solution in Dubai is widely used by everyone for different purposes. Easy accessibility and high security attracts many customers.

Before opting for any storage facility in Dubai, you need to check out its safety levels. The Box is an established company which provides storage solutions in Dubai. The company has exceptional security system with closely monitored 24-hours CCTV surveillance and fire detection and sprinkler system. The Box provides a magnetic card to access your account during any time of the day.

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23 December 2009

The Box Will Provide You Specious Home

The Dubai storage company has many privileges for its customers. It is up to you how to utilize its comprehensive service of storing and moving. There are many things which we can keep in this storage facility in Dubai and be stress free. Your big extra luggage can be kept here and you can make your home specious.

You should make a list of those things which are rarely used in your house. The things which you don’t use very often can be shifted to the household storage in Dubai. One of those things is your traveling bags. How often do you travel? Once in a year, twice or even if you travel once in a month you can keep your luggage stored. Traveling bags and suitcases are huge and heavy so they occupy a lot of space. There will be many bags and suitcases in your house based on the number of people in your family. So if there are four people in your house then you will be having at least 4 huge suitcases and around 8 small bags. Along with these many small traveling kits and other things which you use only while traveling must be there. Instead of keeping all these things in your house you can move them to a storage solution in Dubai.

The Box is a reputed storage company in UAE. They provide variety of facilities to keep all your personal and official things safe. The easy accessibility and high-tech security assures customers that their belongings are safe and only they can access to them.

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Third Party Insurance Will Keep Your Goods Secure

We all love buying new things and keep them safe. Similarly we are emotionally attached in some ways to the gifts which we receive. Every one of us wishes to treasure all our favourite articles properly and forever. It is a difficult task to do it. But you can easily achieve it with the help of storage facilities in Dubai.

You must select a proper Dubai storage company for keeping all your belongings safe. There are many such companies in Dubai but it is very important for opting for the right one. With the changing time risks are growing rapidly and on a larger scale. Keeping your valuables away will create a lot of anxiety. There is one storage solution in Dubai which will make you completely stress free, that company is The Box. The Box is a Dubai storage company which is having a very well reputed image in the market. It is one of those few companies who offer Third Party Insurance. This particular insurance is very useful for all your belongings. By taking Third Party Insurance you secure your goods from all the possible damages. The Box definitely takes 100% care of your goods but there is a chance that sometime something may go wrong. In such circumstances you will be entitled to some amount of money. There are a very few household storages in Dubai who provide such a wonderful facility.

The Box is not only a storage company in UAE but it also offers Dubai moving services. You can buy all sorts of packaging materials and value added services from The Box.

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22 December 2009

Organic Materials Need Storage

Climate controlled storage is one of the best services that storage facilities in Dubai provide these days. While some goods are good to go without this service, there are many others that cannot do without it. Here is a list of organic stuff that needs a Dubai storage company:
Mattresses- The weather in Dubai is hot and humid most of the time. This kind of weather is actually a breeding ground for dust mites. Mattresses attract mites more than any other item. This can be prevented only if the item is stored under regulated temperatures.
Carpets- The same logic applies to the storage of carpets. Carpets gather the most mount of dirt and different kinds of insects. Since their colour and feel needs to be maintained they need customized facilities.
Books, Documents- Many of us leave documents/books in the corners of our homes. Documents and books both need favourable temperatures for an extended life.
Furniture- Furniture made of leather, cane or wood that is mostly untouched needs a climate controlled facility on the double. Such furniture can succumb to holes made by termites and could also crack if stored under extreme temperatures.
Musical instruments- Arabic musical instruments like the Nay, the Oud, the Buzuq, etc. are wholly and partly made of wood. These instruments are sometimes stored as show pieces too. Either way, they need to be perfectly maintained.
We know all about temperature specifications that suit each item. For peace of mind contact our storage solution in Dubai- The Box.
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Allow Box To Make Room In Your Cupboards

The Box is one of the best Dubai storage company, it offers various solutions to your everyday problems of storing. The company assures you that your belongings are managed safely in spite of being away from you. You will actually experience a sense of relief after keeping your things at The Box.

There are many items which you can easily store at any household storage in Dubai. It provides 100% safety and easy accessibility. Similarly you can store your medical reports. Most of us definitely suffer from some or the other ailment and we go to the Doctor to cure our problems. But today even for mild sickness we are advised by the Doctor to go for medical checkups. These checkups are your medical reports. You will certainly not throw them away as they might be useful for reference in future. In such situations we fill our cupboards or drawers with so many reports. If you have elderly people or a patient suffering from some major disease in your house then you must be having many files of medical reports. They are all useful and you have to keep them safe. You should opt for document storage in Dubai and keep your medical reports secure. Select one of the best storage solutions in Dubai to protect all your documents and files.

The Box is no doubt a very good storage company in UAE. You can access your account at any time of the day as they provide service for 24 hours. Many people trust The Box and become stress free by keeping their belongings safe here.

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The Box Offers All Storage Solutions

When you think of storing or moving things, there might be many storage facilities in Dubai which would come in your mind. The Box is one such company which serves people with their storing and moving needs. The Box is not only a household storage in Dubai but offers a lot more.

This storage solution in Dubai provides you with everything that comes in connection with storing and moving. If you are in search of any material The Box will provide you. Let us have a look at a few things which is provided by this company.

1. Flexible self storage unit sizes: Large 155 sq. ft., Medium 100 sq. ft. and Small 50 sq. ft. other sizes are also available on request.
2. Packing material: bubble wrap, tape, tape guns, boxes (small, medium and large)
3. Value added services: courier service, transportation, removal and relocation, inventory management and document management.

Even for house and office removal the Box provides different suits as per your requirements.

1. Gold: this provides you a full team with tools and packaging materials. The team dismantles packs and moves your home or office to the new location and assembles your belongings.
2. Silver: a transportation move along with handling and man power service.
3. Bronze: it is a simple transportation service just like pick up and drop off.

These are some of the facilities which you can avail to from the Box. All the facilities available at this Dubai storage company are designed keeping in mind the requirements of the customer. You can select the one which suits you the best.

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