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24 November 2015

Making big move with minor effort

Whether you are relocating to a new home or making space for your business, it’s a one-off complex task when it comes to moving a big heavy furniture. We have compiled some helpful and simple techniques that will make the task of moving heavy furniture a breeze.

It’s all about teamwork:
Whether it's a long dresser, long shelf cabinet or a cupboard, handling long or big items can be complex. We wouldn't suggest that only one person do the job, even if you have big muscles. So, grab a friend or friendly neighbour and have one person grab the lower portion of the furniture and the other the top.

This technique centres the weight of the object, putting no pressure on the those carrying the item. This technique also keeps the item from swinging out of control, even on stairs.

From pivot to placement:
Big chairs are a treat to relax on, but they can be a nightmare to move. By following the tried-and-tested L-shape technique, you'll have it sorted in a jiffy. First, walk the backrest of the chair in first, and then, when it gets to the bottom bit, pivot at an angle to allow it to fit through.

Manoeuvre is the name of the game:
A couch is a plump and cumbersome thing, not very conducive to easy moving. But don't worry, we've got a tip to make it easy. Before entering the doorway, hold the couch at both ends, sliding it slowly through the doorway. Make sure not to get it hooked on the door handle on the way in.

If the couch is taller than the doorway, move the couch into a 90-degree angle and lower it slowly into the door frame - you'll make a few extra inches of clearance this way.

Last but not least:
Ever heard of a Shoulder Dolly? Didn’t think so. It’s an effective pair of lifting straps that helps take the load off your back when moving heavy items. Best of all, you can buy them online.

So the next time you plan on calling a moving service in Dubai, don’t forget these helpful hints to make moving heavy furniture, easy.

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Downsizing in 5 Easy Steps

Downsizing your home can be challenging when it comes to packing and moving items from one place to another (it can be a costly affair). On top of that, the long transportation time can be mentally challenging too.

So here are our top five tips to help you downsize your house without all the hassle:

Get rid of the excess "stuff.":
Your house may contain various broken, fragile items that are no longer fit for any purpose. Or maybe you have loads of old stuff that you no longer want or need. We suggest recycling or disposing of these items, clearing the clutter and effectively starting the downsizing process.

Out with the old, in with the new:
Is your closet bursting with old fashioned paraphernalia like shoes, garments and other accessories? Get rid of the clutter and donate any unused items to a charity store.

Space it out:
First things first, think carefully about how you want to arrange your room, office or bedroom. To avoid clutter, always allocate a space where you can place new things without making your existing stuff look cluttered.

Keeping the valuables safe:
Does that old chair serve any functional purpose? Or is it just taking up space in the room? Is that old chipped vase hold any emotional value or you are just too preoccupied to chuck it out? Well, we have sentimental items, so be sure to keep these away from ledges, water or other caution areas in your home. Or even better, find a safe self-storage place to look after it.

When downsizing becomes difficult:
Downsizing isn't as daunting as you might think. The Box has a dedicated moving service in Dubai, ready to help you move, relocate, lift and settle.

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3 September 2015

Quotes To Stir You With Motivation While You Move

Moving house or office can be a daunting task that creates enough stress to absorb all your energy. Below are some stirring quotes that may help relieve some of that stress and help transform your moving process into a pleasant journey:

 “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much. – Helen Keller

It’s true to say that many hands do indeed make light work.

“You must accept great things of yourself before you can do them.” –Michael Jordan

Moving can be a big task, often too big a task for you to manage on your own. Delegating the responsibility for moving your items to a reliable moving service is often the wisest thing to do.

“A goal without a plan is just a wish.” –Antoine de Saint Exupery

Having a plan is important. When you make a proper to-do list and complete your tasks one by one you can ensure that nothing is missed.

“Learn from the mistakes of others. You can never live long enough to make all the mistakes yourself.” -Groucho Marx

Speaking to friends and family to learn from their moving experiences can be extremely valuable. Relying solely on moving tips and tricks found online won’t always inform you of the common mistakes you should try to avoid.

“Patience is the calm acceptance that things can happen in a different order than the one you have in mind.” –David G. Allen

It is okay if things don’t go as planned while moving. It is necessary to stay calm and focus on finding solutions to any issues you face.

“Frustration…is a very positive and essential part of success.” -Bo Bennett.

With frustration comes focus. Try to channel this focus into reminding yourself of your end goal and the reason behind all your hard work.

“Think before you do.” –Efthimis

Be careful while handling fragile items during the move, especially glass items. Spending a little extra timepacking will always be worth it to ensure there is no avoidable damage. 
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18 August 2015

Toy Storage Tips To Help Keep Your Home Tidy

When you have children at home, it is guaranteed that you will trip over toys on a regular basis. Our precious little ones have the tendency to play with an item for 20 minutes and then drop them where they stand to move on to the next toy. What is the solution? Toy management. This is the practice of managing, storing, and organizing toys. How can this be achieved? Below are some incredibly easy ways to master the art of toy management and help de-clutter your home.

Water Bottle Containers: 

Empty Water bottles are a wonderful means of storing certain items such as crayons and Lego bricks. You can make the ordinary plastic bottles look a little more creative by just giving a bit of coloring to the lids or labels, adding some animal pictures and applying paint.

Large Handbags or Beach Bags: 

These bags can provide a great deal of space to store items like comics, board games or soft toys. The large handles allow the bags to be easily attached to the end of a bed or even to a cabinet or sofa.

Hanging Baskets:

Hanging baskets are one of the best means of storage that don’t occupy a large amount of space. They may be easily placed on the wall and can store a large range of items conveniently, and most importantly, off the floor.

I hope the storage ideas above help your daily toy management and assist you in keeping your home tidy and spacious. If you have self storage requirements on a personal or commercial level, contact The Box to get immediate assistance.
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17 July 2015

Are You An Entrepreneur Looking To Expand Your Corporate Blog?

It is true that it can be a challenge for an entrepreneur to initiate and expand his corporate blog. However, when you eventually see it paying the dividends, you won’t complain. Effective branding and marketing are both key to the success of any blog but here are some additional tips to help you in the right direction.

Be genuine:
Do not clutter your company blog with corporate discourse and product promotions. It may come across to the reader as being nothing more than a boast of your company laurels.
Your goal should be to develop a genuine connection with your audience. One way to achieve this is by creating content that is heartfelt and honest and relates to topics your audience is interest in.

Long copy always works:
There is some misunderstanding about the effectiveness of short content vs. long content. For example, a research by serpIQ, explained the association between content length and search-engine ranking. The result was that content up to or which exceeds more than 2,000 words, on an average, improves your website ranking and also engages more readers. Another interesting finding from the study was that the most effective blogs took around seven minutes to read.

Storytelling always works:
While you create blogs, don’t focus solely on writing facts. Tell a story. This will help you develop that connection with your audience. Remember that a compelling narrative will always engage your readers more than a bland document of facts.
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6 July 2015

Make the most out of your space

Space is precious, and a spacious surrounding is not achieved through bigger spaces, but often through de-cluttering things by storing it rightly. Below are some practical tips to use storage hacks in a way to give you an enhanced space.

Preserve those ancient relics:
Whether it’s Grandma’s old vinyl player or an antique you’ve snapped up at a local market, preservation is of great importance. With temperature-controlled units that create the perfect conditions to safeguard your treasures, storage units are always the safest way to ensure items of value don’t lose their value.

Saying goodbye doesn’t have to be painful:
A recent study discovered (through brain imaging) that it gives a person actual physical pain when getting rid of things, especially due to space constraints. So give your heart a break. A simple storage unit not only de-clutters your home and avoids you from getting rid of valuable things, but it also means you can focus on loving all the other things that make you happy.

Time is of the essence:
Let’s face it; you don’t want to spend your time sifting through all sorts of stuff to find what you want. Simply put, an untidy house takes more time to clean and it takes longer to find things. Surely you have better things to do with your time. De-cluttering by means of a secure storage unit gives the peace of mind and most importantly - extra time.

Anything goes:
Every Christmas, the tree is hauled out of a dark corner in the garage only to return a week or two later. It’s the same story for fancy dress parties, or get-togethers. With a storage unit, you don’t need to get rid of those crazy outfits or props! Just have it stored and crack it open when it’s party time. 
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17 June 2015

How To Identify and Strengthen The Financial Benefits?

Whether it is the entrepreneur community, individuals or corporations, strengthening the financial benefits of your solution enhances your top and bottom line. Here are some easy tips on identifying and strengthening the financial benefits of your solution.

Get help-
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, solutions are around you. Get help from your sales reps and marketing teams for current ROI case studies, graphs and other related material to get started.

Not keeping easy will make you queasy-
Make a proposal which everyone clearly understands like creating a spreadsheet consisting of maximum 7-15 rows. When it is more complex, it becomes confusing for anyone except technical buyers.

Attain an agreed analysis-
Both parties must co-author see eye-to-eye on the potential financial benefits. The analysis need not be perfect, nor should it be binding.  However, it does need to estimate the financial benefit to give your buyer a clear understanding of the magnitude of the benefit of your exclusive solution.

Consider the solution from all possible aspects-
A solution must be produced after considering all possible worst case scenarios. Your solution must enhance and highlight your value proposition for it s the value you’re pitching to your customers or clients. And you can enhance your solution’s value proposition by examining the entire “pain chain” from the buyer’s perspective. This pain chain refers to the all the possible chain of incidents or events which may occur if things go wrong.
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11 June 2015

3 Clever Yet Simple Storage Tips For This Summer

Weather changes; summer, spring, monsoon, winter; cycle repeats. But there is one thing which remains constant. Be it any weather, summer or winter, you always have storage needs. And therefore I introduce you to this blog which contains 5 clever yet simple storage tips for this summer. After reading this blog you will find your creativity expanded not restricting to this blog contents. You will be able to use and re-use things in a creative and inexpensive manner to store your things.

Browse further to discover some simple storage tips for this summer.

Now you don’t have to worry about your batteries getting misplaced:

Now you don’t need to run all around the house, scrambling nooks and corners of your house just for searching lost batteries. Use a plastic tackle box like the one shown above to store your batteries intact and tidy.

Benefit- The multiple sizes of openings hold your batteries intact and group them by size.

Sounds amazing? So the next time you are to throw your plastic tackle box, remember this idea.

Toilet paper rolls to hold your wrapping papers?

Yes. And when you see that toilet paper rolls hold your wrapping papers so well you will feel that why did not you execute this idea before!

Jars to keep track of your receipts?

This is my favorite and is perhaps very simple yet very useful. Your monthly receipts lie with ease inside glass jars where you can also label bottles as per months and easily keep track of them!

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25 May 2015

Endeavor Adds The Box to Its High-Impact Entrepreneur Network

As an ever-expanding global non-profit organization, Endeavor selects only the most astute, emerging entrepreneurs. During its recent panel held at Chile on 22nd April 2015, Endeavor added another 31 entrepreneurs to its network, recognized The Box as one of its high-impact entrepreneurs. It now supports over 1,082 entrepreneurs from 684 companies across the world.

The 58th Endeavor International Selection Panel (ISP) received great applaud-

It was Endeavor’s 58th International Selection Panel (ISP) where it enhanced its high-impact entrepreneur network by including more 31 high-impact entrepreneurs representing 18 companies and 9 countries; a subject of applaud as received by the business community worldwide.

What does it mean?

Entrepreneurs form the critical pillar for the growth of any economy. Endeavor’s recent panel is one-step further to support the entrepreneur community across the world.

Endeavor’s recent panel’s conclusive step only progresses its ideals to bring top business and industry leaders from Latin America and all around the world together for an inclusive growth.

Endeavor- spreading its influence across industries

“Endeavor entails industries representing from education to transportation to e-commerce. It really demonstrates the wealth and talent pool of entrepreneurs all around the world,” said Endeavor’s co-founder and CEO Linda Rottenberg who was heard congratulating the board members for a yet again successful panel outcome.

About Endeavor:

Endeavor, is a global non-profit which was founded in 1998.  The network selects, guides and accelerates the efforts of high-impact entrepreneurs to support them during their critical growth stages and emerge successful global businesses. It aims to give the world its next generation innovators.

Endeavor has helped generate 400,000 new jobs with $7 billion revenues annually.
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13 May 2015

Want To Become A CEO By 30? Follow These 2 Golden Rules

The path to become a CEO may have changed, mainly for tech and internet startups. However, skills you need to become an effective leader remain the same. And therefore, achieving the dream position of CEO at the age of 30 is not impossible when you follow simple rules as discussed in this blog.

Inculcate a team to atone for your inadequacies:

The most seasoned executive also requires a set of people (team) with sane minds. The team plays an important role to remind the leader of core organizational objectives.

For instance, consider Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg of Facebook. Mark leads the product development initiatives, while Sheryl is the more business-oriented type. Both complement each other very well with their respective skills. They work coherently to achieve common objective of building and sustaining a successful company.

Similarly, Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin hired a more experienced Eric Schmidt. This enabled them to acquire crucial management depth afore taking the helms themselves.

Vital Tip- While building a team, don’t search for persons exactly like you. Find the one who will round you out, challenging you to grow.

Embrace intellectual humility
Google while hiring keeps this facet at the forefront. It hires people who have the ability to step back when needed and consider the better ideas of others.

Being humble also lets you listen and learn from others and therefore you grow with a wider wisdom and clearer perception.

So, practice intellectual humility, but do not forget to win.

For more such entrepreneurial blogs, visit The Box.
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13 April 2015

5 Smart Storage Ideas Which Might Deceive Your Eyes

Did you know that March is regarded as National Craft month? It is in this honor of the prestigious National Craft month, we introduce you to the 5 smart storage ideas. These crafty storage ideas are absolutely genius, so don’t miss them!

Let’s start with getting both creative and roomy with the 1st storage idea.

The veiled closet-

You may have watched Narnia and other such movies showing a way through a closet to another world. Well, in the real world it may not be possible. However, what is possible is a bookshelf which veils another room. And this extra room will give you the required extra storage space. Hence, rather than placing a door, get creative and utilize the limited space for a bookshelf as well as for storing your items.

How about cool drawers which provide an elevating-shift?

Not happy reaching the top cabinets? Your issue is solved. Design some step-drawers like above. It will store your heap of belongings and requires very little space.

Have a small garage? Try this trick-

There are a lot of things and your garage space is falling short? Have you thought about using the all empty ceiling? Store all your gears in this easy DIY overhead storage solution.

Forks can be great storage items?

So now you know that forks aren’t just for eating.

Have something to add? Let us know in the comments below.

And you can contact us for any of your storage needs.
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8 April 2015

Learn How Magnetic Jars Are The Best Kitchen Storage Options

No one likes mess, especially the mess in the kitchen. It’s because, it is the mess which not only throws disgust to the eyes but nose as well.
And the pungent aroma ultimately battles with your peace of mind.

So here, in this blog I am going to talk about the best creative way to get rid of kitchen mess.

The Solution: Magnetic Jars (And as striking or huge they sound, the making is just as simple!)

The process:
The first step is to collect some baby food jars like below-

Rinse them clean. 
The second step is to get some nice powerful magnets which are easily available. You can use one large magnet or 2-3 small ones; glue them on the bottom of the jars as shown below-

Now comes the labels. Of course you would not want to keep guessing what’s inside the jar. The labels make your work easier as you will have an enhanced cooking experience pulling up the jar you need instantly when needed.

Simply make the labels from circular pieces of paper. Write names of the spices, condiments, etc on the circled labels and glue them on the jar lids.

Bonus tip: Let the labels dry for sometime ensuring no fade of what’s written on.

Whew! That's plenty of explanation for a task requiring little skill!

I’m sure you will find these much adorable as they add a touch of fun, freshness and convenience to your mundane everyday chores.

And last but not the least, you’ll be mesmerized to notice never-experienced-before textures and colors of different spices through the glass!

Happy cooking!

Further if your self-storage needs or commercial needs are searching for someone reliable, we’re always happy to help you.
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19 March 2015

How To Store Your Bikes When There Is Little or No Space Available?

Are you a bike lover but limited space is holding you back from having the coolest bike collection? Are you living in a small home and storage worries for your bikes haunt you? Not now. Because here you will discover some amazing storage ideas for your bikes regardless of space concerns.

Custom made DIY bike storage solution:
The below shown custom made DIY bike storage solution would only require 15 cm of space! And all you need is a simple wooden plaque, some hooks and some screws! The rest you will easily understand when you look at the illustration-

A quickie:
This is perhaps the easiest, yet frees up the floor space in your garage or home with a pole and some handle-bars.

A DIY bike storage made from a pole and hooks:
This is an economical solution which helps you store your entire bike collection utilizing only 3 feet of space!

Your most reliable bike stand:
We love this idea the most because it is extremely cheap. You just need a wooden plank, chop it off and attach it on the wall with a couple of screws to get something like this-

Pretty smart, eh?

If you want to multi-task then this is something you will like:
If you are ready to experiment then perhaps you may have this uber-practical bike storage solution customized for you. It will act as a built-in table slot for working with your laptop, peddling and have a sip of coffee simultaneously! Pretty versatile and cool, eh?

Last but not the least, best use of very little free space outside your house-

If you want help in storing things from bikes to cruise, The Box is a leading storage and moving services providers in Dubai you can always rely on.
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11 March 2015

Why Budget Self-Storage Is Becoming Increasing Popular?

The era of Budget-self storage has begun

Recently, IAN publications in New York published their insightful research document. It entailed concerns about storage concerns around UAE. About 65% of organizations depend upon reliable commercial storage solutions to store their important documents and files. 60% of households struggle to find reliable moving and relocation services in Qatar. However, what caught the attention of most eyeballs is the increasing popularity governed by budget self-storage providers (70%) rather than the costly ones.

We, at The Box are proud to be a part of this legion, consistently earning the trust of consumers and a proud badge of budget-self storage company in Dubai.

Let’s see what makes budget-self storage so popular?

Various lucrative benefits of budget-self storage:
First off, budget self storage consists of any self storage unit that is provided at a budget price. This is simply a price point where it is affordable for just about everyone.

Rather, it is a pricing that you just can't argue with because it is so low in comparison to the amount of value given. Such can be difficult to find when dealing with self storage units as many charge higher premiums. However, there are still some self storage companies with affordable units and these can be highly beneficial to you.

There are many benefits associated with an affordable self storage unit:
•    First off, it is affordable.
•    The storage provider will offer you adequate space to keep your items stored for as much time you need.
•    Practically anything can be stored at most self storage companies, such as furniture, boats, jet skis, pool tables, and so on.
•    The indoor storage units are usually climate-controlled. Therefore, there are no worries of your items getting damaged due to extreme temperatures. Outdoor storage for vehicles is similarly managed with all the necessary arrangements for complete vehicle protection.

You can always rely on The Box where your storage parking is always reserved-

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12 February 2015

This Valentine's Day - Make Your Bathroom a Refreshing Retreat!

Bathroom should be a place where you can refresh your body. However, we decided to go one step further. Here are some scintillating ideas to revamp your bathroom. It will make your bathroom not just a refreshing but a romantic retreat this Valentine's Day!

You wouldn’t want your messy bathroom to come in between your romantic evening on Valentine’s Day. You will see some quick bathroom de-cluttering hacks in the end. But before that you might want to look at the following ways to give your bathroom a romantic make-over this Valentine’s Day.

Have you tried grabbing a bite with your love besides a beautifully decorated bath tub? If not then perhaps this Valentine’s Day is the best time to experience it. The arrangement as shown above creates an invigorating aura perfect for a romantic breather. The best part is that the arrangement requires the least space.

You just have to place a small table besides your bathtub as shown above. On the table you can place a cup of yummy strawberries and a champagne bottle. All set, it will create a perfect environment to rekindle the romance between you and your love. Tempting isn’t it?

Tip: Candles favor a romantic atmosphere. However, to sustain the romantic breeze for long, keep glass candleholders. These will prevent wax from falling onto the floor as well as candles from extinguishing.

De-cluttering is better that floundering later!
De-cluttering your bathroom is important. It is because when you get rid of the unnecessary items in your bathroom, will you feel relaxed. Otherwise this valentine’s day you and your partner would be found in dismay something like this-

You may find this exaggerating. However, women always prefer a tidy bathroom. And what if she asks you to do de-cluttering work on Valentine’s Day? You wouldn’t want to be in that situation. Ah! Right, now the above picture appears somewhat real to you, isn’t it? Even if it does not, making your bathroom clutter-free will nevertheless make your Valentine’s Day memorable!

Below are some quick bathroom storage ideas:

So that you know where your things are. Also it appears sophisticated and it extremely handy, isn’t it?

Whether it's a small bathroom or large, have all-in-one furnishings like above. Its ability to store large quantities will prevent any kind of mess. Also it takes very little space!
It also contains recessed medicine cabinets which will work wonders.

If you want to browse through more such storage hacks, subscribe to our blog. And if you’re searching for long-term self-storage facilities in Dubai, visit The Box Storage.

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11 February 2015

What 2 Qualities Drive Sustainable Productive Businesses?

Do you know what makes the most productive business? It is an effective manager which precedes becoming an effective entrepreneur. And the 2 most striking qualities of effective manager are:

1.    Communication-

A good manager ought to be responsive and accountable. A manager can only be responsive and accountable when he is able to communicate effectively. Therefore, communication is the medium which facilitates the flow of words between manager and his team. And when there is a flaw in this medium, there ought to be misunderstandings. This results in operational inefficiencies. Hence, managers with strong communication skills are able to convey information in a manner easily understood by the receiver.
Note- Effective communication involves patient hearing as well.

2.    Leadership-
Guy Laliberté
Leadership is a much talked about terminology. Some say leaders are born and not created which is false. When you closely observe the traits of great leaders, they have one common attribute which stands out. “To take your call”. Take Guy Lalibert√© for example. He is the founder of Cirque du Soleil which is the largest theatrical producer in the world.

In 2009, Guy desired of travelling to space. To gratify his fantasies, Guy sold a fifth of Cirque du Soleil to Dubai investors. And then he blasted into space on a Soyuz rocket.

However, Cirque’s midlife crisis sent Guy back to earth with a serious mission. The mission was to redefine Cirque’s branding and overall operations. And here’s what he said in a two-hour interview at the company’s headquarters in Montreal, “The redefining phase was difficult. And what kept me going is my ability to take a call. You must be able to decide in the harshest situations. Only then you become a great leader.”

The result? Cirque is still the world’s largest theatrical producer in the world!

A true leader is able to generate trust, provide direction and delegate responsibilities between team members.
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22 January 2015

Spending Too Much? About Time You Set a Budget

It is never too early to make a budget for your finances. The earlier you start, the healthier your finances will be.
image source:-

How do you start?
If you are starting to set a budget regularly, the 50/20/30 rule is a good place to start. Here is how it goes:

1. 50% of your income (or less if you manage well) should be spent on the essential expenses. Essential expenses include housing, food, commute and other necessary utilities. You have to make sure that your essential expenses are 50% or less than your income.

2. 20% of your income (or more) should be your savings contributions. Yes, you should put away 20% of your salary for the distant future even when you are in your 20s. In your 20s, your retirement might seem far away, but remember compounding interest pays well in the long run. When you start saving early, the returns are exponentially higher.

3. 30% of your income (or less) can be used for all the fun stuff. Going out for the movies, eating in fancy restaurants or getting the latest smartphone: all of these come under the umbrella of “fun stuff”. All of these expenses should not be more than 30% of your salary.

Tips that will help you stay within budget:
1. Use a personal finance app for tracking your expenses. You can update it on the go and it will help remind you to stay in budget.
2. Review your expenses periodically to make sure. When you review your expenses periodically you start reducing impulse purchases and increase your chances of saving more money. When I started making a budget, I realized that I was spending way too much on take-out food. Being aware of this expense, I consciously made the decision to order food less often and cook more.
3. Set an emergency fund aside that is worth at least 3 month’s salary. You might need this money anytime and having an emergency fund will allow you to take more risks with your career.
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8 January 2015

How Business Errors can be Converted to Opportunities

The Box Self Storage founder and CEO Wadih Haddad was recently published on the Overdrive blog, the blog for entrepreneurs and aspiring entrepreneurs around the world.

In the blog titled "Seeing Errors as Opportunities", Wadih borrows lessons from the Greeks, Nike and star football performers to tell you how you can overcome business challenges, celebrate them and turn them into opportunities. Here is the article in its entirety:
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Change of Address: A New Office for a New Era

It is the start of the New Year and time for new beginnings.

With much joy and pleasure, we announce that we have changed our Head Office to a different location. Here is our new location:

P.O. Box 75583
Marabea Road, Al Quoz
Dubai, UAE.

The Box in the Al Quoz district is a strategic and central location right in the heart of Dubai and only 5 minutes away from Times Square. Simple storage access is provided to customers from Business Bay, Downtown, Marina, JLT, Tecom, Jebel Ali, Sheikh Zayed Road and much more.

Our working hours remain unchanged. From Saturday to Thursday from 9.00 am to 6.00 pm.

You can visit our head office for Self Storage, Bulk Storage, Local Moving and International Relocation requirements. You can also visit our office to buy packaging materials.

Drop in for a cup of coffee sometime in our new office.

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