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29 May 2009

Leave The Packing And Moving To Dubai Movers

moving services
Choosing local movers is a bigger deal than it seems. Choose the right moving services, and your belongings will arrive at your new home right when you’re ready for them. Choose the wrong one, and who knows where your stuff will end up. You may never find out.

With everything on the line, finding local movers can be tough.

As far as the movers in Dubai are concerned, this job is performed with utmost care and dedication. Before moving, all goods are packed to ensure that the goods reach safely to your door step. The goods are labeled, thus making it easier to move on time, with perfection. Most moving services in UAE also make use of modern equipments to move the goods carefully.

Household removal/shifting, office relocation, commercial relocation, packing and moving of industrial goods etc. becomes easy when you rely on professionals.

For hassle free packing and moving…count on The Box.

We understand the value of your belongings. That is why we make sure to keep your belongings safe from any kind of damage by using only good quality material while packing. The Box also provides moving services to the new destination. Actually, we are ready to assist you whenever the need arises.

Experience a high degree of reliability and punctuality by trusting The Box.
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28 May 2009

Commercial Storage: Document Archiving And Storing

Homes and businesses need some additional help every now and again when it comes to finding space for various personal possessions and household/office items. This is why every now and again we all need the help of a self storage company in UAE.

document archiving DubaiDocument storage is pretty much self explanatory. It basically allows you to store a variety of documents that you need to keep but don’t have space for. Hence record management has never been more important to businesses as it is now, as they need to be kept safe from environmental damage and secure over the years.

Even document archiving is not a problem for these storage companies, as they have someone to assist you whenever you need to access your audit and regular use files.

So whether your office is a privately owned building or part of a rented office complex or even a room in your house, why not make use of a storage facility near you to keep these records and documents?

Self storage companies have different sized storage units, for different sized documents.

So whether you want to store 20 files or 100 boxes of files you can do so with the help of our storage company called- The Box.

The Box offers more than adequate space.

You can purchase a unit or multiple units and avail of our comprehensive packages by logging onto our website:
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27 May 2009

How Flexible Is Your Storage Company In UAE?

It is easy to find a storage solution in UAE, but difficult to find out whether these storage companies have got everything you need. Also, there are many companies that make promises and don’t deliver.

If you are looking out for business/household storage facilities right now, try not to make a hasty decision.

Alot depends upon the item you want to store. Storage facilities differ depending upon the methods used to preserve the item. Take the example of wine.
household storage
Storing this item requires your storage company to be flexible in terms of providing facilities according to the requirements of the object. Make sure your storage company provides the right climate control facilities too.

Climate controlled storage costs a little more but will surely prevent temperature changes from damaging your belongings.

We at The Box are open to your requirements and advice. As we are always equipped with 24 hour CCTV surveillance, retained access logs, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems as well, you don’t need to worry about the safety of your belongings.
Also, accessing our storage facility at any time is never a problem via our special access badge.

We are located in Dubai, at Al Quoz Industrial Area 4, five minutes away from the Mall of the Emirates.

You can call our office or e-mail us to obtain information about our services, or simply visit The Box online at:
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Document Storage Facilities In Dubai.

dubai moversImproper management of important documents could lead to huge losses or even the end of your business. No one ever thinks it will happen to them, but each year improper document storage and management costs businesses (just like yours) a fortune.

Is it safe? Can I get to it when I need it? These are probably the first questions you ask when considering off-site document storage services.

Obviously, you can gain a lot by storing documents and files at a commercial storage facility. It helps you worry less, as well as save a lot of space and time.

Hard copies of business, financial or medical records and more can always be stored at storage companies near you that provide a secure and safe environment for your priceless belongings.

A good document storage facility is always equipped with 24-hour security cameras, alarm systems and complete fire protection systems.

Similarly, The Box (our storage company) makes sure that your documents are secure, managed and accessible. Our services also include personal storage, commercial storage, removals and record management. Retailers, business houses and even homeowners can store their documents, equipment, stocks and seasonal goods at our self-storage units and ask for them at any time of the day.

Find out how The Box can help you with your record management and storage. All you need to do is contact us for assistance.
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20 May 2009

House Removal And Storage Facilities In Dubai

Shifting into a new home is difficult. There’s so much tension and stress involved, especially when you have children to take care of. The needs and concerns children face, vary greatly depending on the destination of the move. Also carrying and transporting the household items is really not an easy task. So instead of doing it yourself, take the help of moving services in Dubai.

Many house moving services are available in Dubai for you to choose from. It is wise to be sure that the service you choose has advanced solutions for storage too. Some storage facilities in Dubai actually go out of their way to accommodate the object you want to store in the best possible way, by offering safe, secure and even climate controlled environments depending upon the requirement of the object.

Another feature that people generally look for while selecting a storage company is the availability of it being open 24 hours a day. The benefit you obtain is to be able to access the stored items whenever you need them, at any part of the day.
Very few companies have all the facilities required to keep your belongings safe while shifting and storing and are very professional at that.

Our storage and removal solutions in Dubai, called -The Box are always ready to accommodate your varied household storage and removal needs through a quick sign-in process that is easy to understand.

The Box provides all-round storage facilities in UAE using exceptional security systems that ensure the security of your belongings. Some of the other added facilities we also provide are safe packaging, secure transportation and insurance coverage options.

We are never far away from you, as The Box is strategically located in UAE in convenient locations that have easy access as well as provisions for parking.

Stop by The Box online, at:
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