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28 July 2009

Redecoration of apartments gets easier with the storage facilities

Dubai is a land that has one of the best standards of living across the globe. So it isn’t surprising when a topic regarding redecoration of apartments or homes comes into picture.
Talking about redecoration of apartments, lot of issues have to be dealt with for that. Arranging everything from paints to storage of your goods comes into picture. The storage of goods is the most crucial and difficult task of all. Many things cross your mind while choosing a storage company in Dubai. The assistance that you will get, the accessibility to your goods etc are many factors that play a key role. The goods you have at your place mean more than mere commodities to you. These goods also form an important part of your livelihood. For such factors the storage and removal facilities offered by the company has to be one of the best. A 24 hour, round the clock accessibility becomes a necessary facility for you to keep a check on your goods. Storing of goods in a safe and climate controlled environment also is necessary.
We at The Box, offer you exactly this. We are one of the largest storage companies in UAE. It’s not always about mass storage; it is also about smart storage. We understand the value of your goods.
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Get sporty and leave the rest to “The Box”

The proverb “All work no play makes Jack a dull boy” states the importance of play and sports in our lives. Dubai is going to be one of the top destinations for sports like football. This emirate is not all about shopping malls and desert safaris. Sports are an integral part of every emiratian’s life in Dubai.
There are hosts of out door activities like tennis, rugby, golf etc. These are also played as commercial games and are offered in various sports clubs across Dubai. There is also room for the adventure lovers with sports like surfing, skiing, dune bashing and wadi driving. For those who have space to keep their sport equipments like cycles, or surfing boards its well and good. The rest can rely on “The Box”. Finding the right commercial and personal storage facilities in Dubai is not an easy task. The ones who understand your needs and offer smart storage solutions in Dubai are very few. We at “The Box” understand the importance of these sports equipments in your life. Be it your surfing boards, or your skiing equipments we have storage facilities for all of it.
Our storage facilities can also be used by companies for commercial storage of your sport equipments all across UAE. We are one of the leading storage companies in Dubai.
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23 July 2009

Pack up your seasonal clothes with “The Box”

The Dubai Summers are extremely hot and humid, when temperatures can reach as high as 48°C and humidity levels soars to 80-90%. The winters also cold enough to precipitate the mildly falling rains if any. The storage of seasonal clothes is a task that requires more attention than thought of. With a smart storage company like The Box, even this too gets easier.
Our clothing styles are altered according to the changes in weather. The summer clothes are light and simple ones with bright colours. In winter we have sweaters, gloves and jackets to keep us warm. This famous emirate is also a land where space for residential and commercial purposes is very difficult to get. It’s in these situations that a storage company comes in handy. As a part of our personal storage facility, our customers get the chance to store their seasonal clothes too. We understand the atmosphere and the temperature required to store the seasonal clothes. The storage area should be clean, cool, dark, and dry so that the clothes are well protected and useable the next season too. We at “the box” offer you exactly this to safe guard your clothes. Our well climate controlled environment takes care of all your storage.

You can check the list of services we provide at “The Box”.
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15 July 2009

Place your inventory management and fulfillment stress inside The Box.

All a business absorbs is time. With many preoccupations and important business deals and trips on the cards it becomes difficult for a person to look into every matter personally. At such times “The Box” comes forward to help its customers with shipments or inventories if any to be dealt with.
We have an inventory management and fulfillment centre where, your products are handled by way of picking, packaging and fulfilling them directly to your end-users be it the customers or even the distributors. This will help you by letting you concentrate on your work and we shall keep you updated about the developments on the inventories. One has to state the business model they follow, register yourself with us and The Box will take care of the rest. These are a few features that differentiate us from the remaining storage and removal companies across UAE.
Our main goal is customer satisfaction. We at “The box” understand the importance of your work, and also co-operate with our customers to their needs to make things easier for them, from our side. For further details you can get in touch with us at: .

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