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20 February 2010

Master the Chaos in Your Home

household removals
Almost every home in Dubai city is cluttered 24 / 7. The reasons vary as to why this is so. Maybe our apartments are too small or maybe we just love shopping and adding new stuff to our homes everyday. So no matter where you are, a Dubai storage company will always be able to help you with your de-cluttering needs.

Many Emirities are happy with the assistance of storage facilities in Dubai as they didn’t have to shift into bigger homes when their families expanded. Yes… This is another reason why storage units are needed exceedingly in Dubai and other places too. Thus for many people, a storage unit not only creates more space in homes but also saves a lot of money.

If you’re worried about which storage company to opt for in Dubai... don’t be. You will most probably have 4 or 5 options to choose from if you’re looking to store your belongings somewhere in your locality. Take your time to compare the level of service, security, the size of the units available, the number of hours they are open, etc. as it is very important to make an informed decision in the very beginning.

The Box provides all kinds of self storage and household removal services in Dubai. You may contact our representatives for any information on self storage. They will be happy to help you.

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Loving Books Is Not a Crime

document storage service
It is usually hard to get children, teenagers or anyone else for that matter to read books. But as we grow older and do happen to like novels, magazines, digests, etc. we land up facing the problem of storing each and every book we love. Therefore someday or another in our bookish lives, it will be necessary to store away some of them at a storage facility in Dubai.

If storage was to be as simple as tossing your precious books into big bag or an old box, document storage facilities in Dubai would never have existed.

Storage facilities take adequate measures to keep your books safe. They do all they can to save them from withering and to prevent the pages from fading. They clean them from time to time and also pack them, keeping them away from damaging and destructive elements. Storage companies in UAE like The Box ensure that your books are stored in mint condition by protecting them from mildew, corrosion and staining. They use magnetic dry cloth to wipe hardbacks. They also check the books for bookmarks, flowers, leaves and other things that need to be removed from between pages. Objects like these are acidic. They could spoil or discolour the pages of your book in no time.

These are only a few of the many precautions The Box takes to ensure adequate book storage. To learn more about our document storage services, visit

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19 February 2010

Become a Franchisee or an Entrepreneur?

storage companyThose looking to start a business within the self storage industry are often in a dilemma about whether they should start their own business or run a franchise. The financial opportunities are great both ways. But the advantages of owning a storage franchise in Dubai are plenty.

The storage company in UAE that you are interested in will make sure to provide franchisees with the opportunity to learn about the role of the self storage industry and other related aspects. As you are a franchisee carrying their name, they will teach you how to run the business through their extensive programmes. They will also have a department to assist you and to solve any queries regarding your business. You will also gain valuable advice from them, periodically, that will in turn help your business to turn out even more successful.

The stresses of owning a storage company of your own are very intense. But when you opt for a franchise, you don’t have to start from scratch. You can just choose the company you want to work with, invest and join the joy ride. Thus a franchise definitely gives you an edge over amateur entrepreneurs. Franchise holders also receive ready-made guidelines to operate their business. Basically, you can avoid simple but costly mistakes when you open a franchise under a good Dubai storage company.

You can open a franchise with The Box too. Support the growth of the storage industry by visiting us at

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Going Green through Self Storage

storage company
The ubiquitousness of ‘going green’ is prominent these days. Manufacturers know about it, service industries are aware of it and consumers are fascinated as well as touched by it. People know about the different ways in which they can help the environment, but not many of them are able to do so. Hence they appreciate the eco-friendly attempts of others. This is why few storage facilities in Dubai have participated in the push to operate on a greener basis.

If you have decided to help the storage industry, why not do it in the green manner? It is understood that those who have decided to purchase a franchise with a storage company in UAE, may not have enough funds initially. So here is what you can do:

Whenever you have to get rid of something, form the habit of segregating and disposing it in the best possible way. For example: batteries, bulbs, cardboard, etc. can be recycled. Consumers feel good about your company when they know you act responsibly towards the environment. In the same intention, use the idea of planting more trees within the compound of your Dubai storage company. Use it to make a nice garden. If there poses a logistic problem, dedicate a storage unit towards the growth of hydroponic plants. Organizations looking forward to operate will surely help you monetarily in exchange for some publicity.

These ideas will surely help your business prosper as it will drive genuine customers towards using your services. Explore franchise opportunities at The Box by calling our office. Our website:

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18 February 2010

Why Dubai Knows Boat Storage Best

storage facility dubaiDubai has been fast evolving as a preferred location for water sports due its many water front properties. Thus along with all the other water sports, the leisure boat market is also growing by the year and is facilitated by the Dubai Shopping Festival. But the Dubai International Boat Show (DIBS) is the main reason for increase in boat purchases. This year it will take place from the 9th till the 13th of March 2010.

If you really like boats, don’t hesitate to make a purchase as Dubai knows best about how to keep them. Most of the boat storage here is done by the many storage companies in Dubai. Storage companies are a great help after you enjoy using your boat. In other words they are great for when your yacht needs to be marooned. Large / old boats or yachts can really use the help of a storage facility in Dubai. They require much more maintenance as they have to face tougher inspections during shows, etc. The wind and engine power of all boats are periodically inspected too at boat storage facility in Dubai.

Dubai storage companies like The Box are also aware about the safety regulations being violated at sea most frequently by boat owners. Therefore they take care to reduce the debris, barnacles and other matter stuck to the hull of the boat. The hull needs to be kept clean for efficiency reasons too. A well kept boat also receives better market value.

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Special Provisions for DSF 2010

storage facility dubaiOur storage solution in Dubai, UAE always has something new to share. After all, the representatives at The Box strive each day only to make this our company famous, all over the Middle East. That is why as customers at The Box you might have noticed small as well as huge improvements in your storage facility in Dubai that take place more than occasionally.

Because of the location of The Box, trolleys and trucks can be used and availed of very easily. The Box has also started providing air and ocean freight transportation services to customers as well. This service has been of great use during the Dubai Shopping Festival 2010. As everyone is aware, the DSF is full of opportunities. It is an opportunity for the shoppers to avail of good quality goods from all over the world at discounted prices. The businessmen are mostly looking to make good bucks out of the opportunity by bringing as much as they can of their products into Dubai around this time. Storing all their commodities safely in a foreign city can be tough for anyone. Therefore this DSF, many are taking the help of the safety, security and customized storage options provided by our storage company in UAE.

No matter where you are, our representatives at The Box are always available to assist you with all kinds of removal and storage requirements, especially during the festive season. Visit us at:

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17 February 2010

Businesses Can Use More Space during DSF

You hardly hear of a business that doesn’t want more clients. As your business grows you will need to store more papers, office equipment, make more space for more employees to fit into your office, etc. Thus your office ultimately tends to require more space. In other words, the sign of a growing business now-a-days is an unorganized office environment. This is akin to the situation taking place in the city of Dubai during the Dubai Shopping Festival.

Small offices can fill up very easily in Dubai just because of the amount of work, clients and business brought in by the DSF each year. Thus it is usual to see office spaces all cramped up. But you cannot just remove anything out of your office to make more space as it would be too costly to do so. Therefore smart business owners always have a storage unit at hand to save them from frequent situations like these. The storage facilities in Dubai are very economical. You can store all the office equipment and documents which you may not require often in your rented storage space. You can also store batches of unused computers, filing cabinets, etc. in an inexpensive storage unit like The Box, compared to buying more office space for the purpose.

The moment you start using a storage unit in Dubai, you will easily make out the difference in the physical appearance of your office. It will look bigger and organized. Besides, a neat office always creates a good impression on your clients and also motivates your employees to work better.

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Customer Service at THE BOX

storage company
Aid in Motion couldn't be more grateful towards the hospitality and generosity shown to us by the teams at The Box. When we were in desperate need of storage space, The Box showed no hesitation to offer our non-profit organization the extra space they had empty free of charge, and what was so wonderful was that it was offered wholeheartedly without Aid in Motion needing to ask or play the "we are a charity card".
(-Lola Lopez, Founder & CEO of Aid in Motion)

Every storage company in UAE thinks it is essential to concentrate on customer service. What most of them do is; place an advertisement in the newspapers/internet stating that they require a customer service agent (full time). From among all those who apply for the job, they hire the ones who know how to sell, how to compel the client into using all their services and how to deny the client of certain requests. They also hire those individuals who know how to speak the most used languages or who have ‘good communication skills’.
Good customer service hardly involves any of the above. It involves treating your client as a human being and not a bank account….

The ability to speak a language well is wrongly termed as ‘good communication skill’ by many Dubai storage companies. Individuals who interact with customers need to understand and empathize with his/her storage problem by listening to what they have to say. They must have the ability to explain services clearly, as well as advise the customer towards choosing the right storage option for better storage results. Therefore, The Box recruits customer service executives and other representatives with utmost care. Their excellent customer service is reflected not only by those who frequently interact with the customer but also by those who work behind the scenes.

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16 February 2010

From Visiting to Living in Dubai

Dubai city has always projected itself as luxurious. The government of Dubai has also taken much effort to turn this sandy region into an oasis. This is the reason why those who visit Dubai are amazed at the international festivals, gigantic structures, parks, mini cities and man-made islands here. This city provides tourists with the highest level of hospitality, warmth and friendliness any time of the year.

Right now the city looks marvelous with the Dubai Shopping Festival (DSF) celebrations going on. Thus this city is very lively at the moment. All the breath-taking and colourful events along with Dubai’s many man-made marvels make it a very tempting place to reside in. This is how the number of people visiting this place is increasing.
household storageDrawn to Dubai by its gleaming festivities, many people actually make the decision of buying a home and settling in Dubai. As property is highly expensive around here, people buy small apartments and take advantage of the inexpensive storage facilities in Dubai. That’s the best idea so far in the face of fulfilling your lavish dreams.

Thus there are many storage solutions in UAE that are available for different purposes. If you need to stack all your personal items while you look for the perfect home, you can depend on a storage unit in Dubai to take care of your things. If you’ve decided to live on rent, you can take the help of a Dubai storage company again.

The Box in Dubai is perfect for all your last minute household storage requirements in UAE. Visit us at:

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DSF 2010 can be Picturesque too!

storage companies
For those who like peace and serenity better than the hustle and bustle of city life, boating might appeal to you even more than the DSF. But one advantage of sailing on the waters of the creek in February is that of watching the warm DSF lights and firecrackers from afar.
Even though a boat of your own can really satisfy the senses, almost everyone admits that taking care of a boat is not an easy job. When you’re on a vacation it is easier to take care of your vehicles, but when you have to get back to work, vehicle storage in Dubai is a painful task. ‘How should it be maintained?’ And the biggest question of all is ‘Where should you keep it?’

A beautiful boat like yours deserves a decent amount of attention. It doesn’t even matter if you don’t have the time or skill on your hands to do it. Many don’t… So why not take your boat to the professionals at a storage company in Dubai…

The Box understands that boats come of various sizes and each boat requires a unique style of storage. We also understand that our customers prefer a storage facility in Dubai that is very close their home or office. At the end of it all, we know that you would definitely love to store your precious boat in a storage unit that suits your budget. The Box takes care of all this.
All you need to do is drop by our company or give us a call. Our contact details are mentioned on our website:

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15 February 2010

Why Self-Storage?

storage facilities dubaiEven though we live in homes that are adequate enough for the number of people residing in it, we will still experience some amount of shortage in terms of space. This happens unnoticeably as the years go by due the ever changing wants and needs of our families and ourselves. Similarly, small as well as big organizations have difficulties working within the given space. Having many wants is normal for a human being. But what we must try to figure out is a solution to the lack of space in our homes and business spaces.

In most cases, storage facilities in Dubai can solve the problem of lack of space. People help themselves by using a storage unit on rent. They use it on a short term or on a long term basis. Storage companies in UAE also offer specialized services today so that you can choose one according to your specific preferences. You can choose the size of your unit ranging from the size of a locker till a size that is fitting for you RV. Most storage companies also give their customers the privilege of being the sole holder of the keys to their unit for security reasons.

Apart from that, Dubai storage companies like The Box have CCTV surveillance, alarm systems, identity systems, etc. that take care of the security of the entire company 24 hours a day. This company is famous for its various self-storage services in Dubai. Visit their website for more information.

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Reusing Boxes Doesn’t Always Work

household removalsWith all your DSF shopping being done, it is now time to unwrap all your goodies. It is quite tempting for most of us to save all the wrapping material like boxes and bags that were used to only present the products that you purchased. Thus most of us get carried away into using these throw away packaging boxes intended only for single use, for our house removal or household storage purposes in Dubai.

It would be a shame if we carefully and skillfully packed all our belongings in weak boxes like these, as they would ultimately give way when being lifted or transported. Thus investing in some good packaging material for house removal purposes in UAE is important.

Many storage facilities in Dubai will have a special section on their website that caters to the packaging material that they sell. For example: The Box our storage company has a section on our website ( called The Box Shop. There you will be able to find all kinds of packaging material required, if you ever had to move to another place. What’s more is that the boxes sold at storage companies in Dubai will cater towards specific purposes.

At times, storage facilities also rent out certain material like plastic covers, racks, etc. Some other companies also offer discounts if you buy their products in bulk.

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Make Space for DSF 2010

household storage
The Dubai Shopping Festival is a season during which people can go crazy about buying new clothes, jewellery, furniture, show pieces, toys, kitchen ware, etc. Shopping is really fun. But many people complain about their homes being over whelmed by the new stuff that needs to settle in afterwards. Obviously, you need to make room for all your new stuff. And if your house is already full with no space left, you will need to move a few things outside. Well, you don’t have to get rid of your antiques or your trunk of special memories that you never wanted to give away. All you need to do is contact a household storage facility in UAE.

By renting a small sized storage unit you don’t need to get rid of your priceless belongings. In other words, you will only get rid of your storage problems at a storage facility in Dubai. Most storage companies allow their customers to store a range of items in their units. Be it a sports bike or a box of paper documents, anything finds space inside a storage company. All you need to do is decide on how big a unit your belongings will require and whether you prefer the climate controlled storage option for your items or not. The rest is taken care of by the representatives at the Dubai storage company you have opted for.

The Box in Dubai is the number one choice in UAE when it comes to customer service and storage satisfaction. Visit The Box online at:

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Shop Around For the Perfect Unit This DSF

household removalsEveryone including the tourists and expatriates in Dubai are excited about the loads of entertainment and shopping discounts provided at the Dubai Shopping Festival 2010. But few shoppers are also concerned about replacing the old with the new. It is not uncommon for people to make huge space wasting purchases on their DSF spree. That is why some people in Dubai are also on the look out for a great storage facility in Dubai to help them shop even more.

Shopping for the perfect storage company in UAE can be nerve wrecking and physically taxing, especially when you have so many festivities out on the road. The search for a storage facility can also be compared to the search for an ideal home in Dubai. This is because; one of the main requirements in storage is that of easy accessibility, that too in a centralized location. You may find the 1st criteria being fulfilled in almost every storage unit in Dubai, but not every company can be located exactly in the middle of Dubai. Then there are other criteria’s that help you decide on the perfect unit, like the services available there. There is no point choosing a company that does not have varied services. This is because you might require only storage solutions at the moment, but you never know when you might need house removal options or office removal options in Dubai.

Our storage company has many services to offer. Drop by The Box just 5 minutes away from the Mall of the Emirates.

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4 February 2010

We Know The Right Size For Your Belongings

storage dubai
Everyone loves spacious houses and offices. People use various storage solutions in Dubai to make room in their offices and homes. Out of so many companies available it is important that we choose for the best one in the city. For many customers it becomes difficult to choose the right size of unit for their belongings. With a little detailed working it would be easy to select a right size of unit for all your articles.

First of all it is important to make a list of things that you would like to keep in a storage facility in Dubai. By making a list you would come to know that how big and how many things you are storing. Accordingly you can select the size of your unit. If you find it difficult to figure out the size of your unit then company professionals would help you in that. It is important that you opt for the best Dubai Storage Company. Many times companies give you a wrong idea of the size of unit and try to make more money from you. Even untrained employees would fail to give you the correct size of the unit you require. But trustworthy and reputed company’s personnel would provide you a correct information about which size of unit would be best for you.

The Box is a very well acclaimed company and is working successfully. They offer an advanced level of security which protects your costly belongings. The company also deals with moving service in Dubai. Our personnel will guide you in selecting a perfect size of unit.

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The Box Assures You A Secured Holiday

moving service
As I have mentioned in my earlier blog that many students use storage facility in Dubai. The requirements and situations may be different but without any doubt this facility is the best and is useful for many. As Dubai is a fastest developing city in the world it provides many employment and educational options to students. Hence many students from around the world migrate here.

During vacations students plan to go to their own countries to meet their families. They might even go out of the city for holidaying but it is little unsafe to keep valuables without any security. So many students decide to keep their precious things, certificates and other documents in document storage in Dubai. It is the safest way to keep your belongings here while going away from the city. These facilities provide 24 hours CCTV surveillance which guarantees the safety of your articles. Many students believe that these Dubai storage companies have helped them a lot. These companies make homes spacious and pupils can move wherever they want without worrying about their important things. Most of the students opt for this service during vacations when they go out holidaying.

The Box is one of the reputed companies and has won hearts of many in a very less period of time. The company has a very high level of security system. They provide you with different sizes of units, you can choose the one you like the most. It is also one of the best moving services in Dubai. If you want any type of packaging material then you will get it at The Box.

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3 February 2010

Dubai Storage Company Makes Room For Students

removals dubai
Storage facilities in Dubai are very helpful to students. A student’s life is full of projects, notes, files and books. It becomes very difficult to keep all the project files and books in small drawers.

Many students migrate to Dubai for better career prospect or for further studies. They often stay in small rented apartments. It is difficult to keep all belongings in a small area. There are many storage companies in UAE which offer various storage facilities. If you are a student and can’t handle all your materials properly then opt for a storage solution in Dubai. Your projects, files, certificates, notes, books etc. everything that you don’t use regularly can be kept safe in a storage house. Document storage in Dubai could be helpful to you if you want to keep certain important papers safe. This will give you a spacious room and you don’t have to worry about your important worksheets, projects etc when you are out. Many students in Dubai opt for the best Dubai storage company which has advanced level of security system. Make sure that everything fits in your budget and all your needs are met with satisfaction.

The Box is a reputed storage solution in UAE and offers all types of storing facilities. They have a 24 hours CCTV surveillance which assures that all your belongings are secured. They are also one of the best moving services in Dubai and provide all the packaging materials.

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Storage Facility In UAE Safeguards Your Memories

dubai movers
“If you carry your childhood with you, you never become older.” As per this quote there are many who hold on to their childhood memories and cherish them forever. Childhood gives all of us unworried days to enjoy life. Many events and things play an important role in making those indelible days. A child is hard to be described without a toy. Many give away these toys as they grow older and there are many who preserve them forever. If you are the one who wish to be a child for all your life then Storage Company in UAE will understand your feelings.

Storage solution in Dubai resolves the confusion of storing toys in a right way. A special care is required for packing and keeping delicate and soft toys. Your huge, soft teddy bears must be occupying a lot of place in your home. Along with that you must be having many different kinds of games and toys. A storage facility in Dubai will be helpful in keeping all of them safe. There are different sizes of units available, you can choose the one as per your requirements. The efficient personnel know the art of packing and storing delicate and soft things. Instead of occupying a lot of place in your house, keeping your memories safe at the Dubai Storage Company will be a right move.

There are many storage facilities in Dubai but The Box is the best. They provide a perfect security system. Closely monitored 24 hours CCTV surveillance, infrared recording, on ground security and updated visitors access assures that all your belongings are safe and properly maintained.

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2 February 2010

Dynamic Uses Of Storage Facility In Dubai

boxme dubai
Everyone lives in an assumption that they don’t need a storage solution in Dubai. But in fact this wonderful facility is useful for all of us. Many of you have a misconception that Dubai storage companies keep heavy luggage and some unwanted materials only. But this is not a whole picture. A storage house is used for many different purposes.

If you apprehend yourself with all the facilities offered at various storage companies in UAE, you will certainly think of using one for yourself. This facility helps in making your offices and homes spacious. From delicate things to huge luggage everything fits in storage houses. Important documents and papers are kept safely here. The personnel are trained and know the perfect way to pack everything. This facility has turned out to be a boon for many people and its popularity is growing day by day. Storage facilities in Dubai is used by students, housewives, hotel owners, businessmen, employees and many more. This facility is convenient for all as it offers units of different sizes and best security system. There are many companies which also provide moving services in Dubai.

The Box is one such storage facility in UAE. The company has gained success in a very short period of time. Many people are opting for its service. The company has well acclaimed image and provide best service. Their advanced security levels and efficient personnel make work more convenient. They also provide one of the best moving services in UAE.

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A Photographer Needs Storage Solution UAE

movers uae
There are many things that can be kept safely at storage solution in Dubai. The increasing usage of this facility is convincing people that a storage solution is much more than a normal misconception. Photography could be a passion, a hobby or even a profession for many. But wouldn’t it be difficult to store every photograph in your house? You family must be looking for an opportunity to get rid off them all. Before they do so, why don’t you find a way out?

You are definitely thinking that it’s weird to store photographs in a Dubai Storage Company. But as I said these storage facilities are much more than what you assume. There are various facilities offered and they all deal with different types of things that you can keep safely. Climate controlled storing options would keep your belongings safe from the changing temperatures. So if you have photographs which are occupying a lot place and hide them from your little ones to keep them in single piece, opt for a storage solution in UAE. Foremost security levels make people worry free about their belongings. The company professionals make packing and storing of everything very easy and convenient. The company will keep your photo collection safe and will well maintain it.

The Box is a storage company in Dubai and will guide you for all types of storage solutions. Their excellent service has earned them a trustworthy image and a great success in the city. The company gives full facilities for all types of packaging, storing and moving needs.

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1 February 2010

Dubai Storage Company Makes Wedding Arrangements Easy

movers uae
Marriages are always coupled with shopping. A lot of shopping is done by the bride and the groom before three-four months of the wedding. But the problem is where to store these costly articles as all of them would be used on the wedding day itself. Storage solution in Dubai is very useful in such situations. Many people opt for these facilities during an up coming wedding in their family.

With an up coming marriage many things play an important role. For every thing you require an ample of place. Many ceremonies are held before the day of wedding and we require enough space in our homes to make all our guests feel comfortable. Our close relatives stay with us for many days before and after the wedding day, there has to be empty rooms for their convenient stay. There would also be many delicate decorative items which must be kept safe, away from children and pets. For all these concerns storage facility in Dubai is the best alternative. It keeps all your belongings safe and secure. The company takes as much care as you must be doing. The easy accessibility allows customers to take their belongings whenever they need.

The Box is one such company and has a very good reputation in the market. The security provided by the company assures that all your articles are safe. It is also one of the best moving services in Dubai. The Box provides you all types of solutions which deal with packing, storing and moving.

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You Must Use Storage Solution In UAE

Storage facilities in Dubai have proved themselves as one of the very useful services in the city. This rented space has become a boon for many people. Not only does it provide you a spacious home but also security to your goods. You might be having enough space to keep things in your house but won’t be having the advanced level of security system.

Storage solutions in Dubai are gaining popularity tremendously. Increasing number of people are opting for these services. There are many who have understood that using this service would always be beneficial in many ways. Let us see some of the benefits you would get for using the Dubai Storage Company.

1. More space: this service definitely makes your homes and offices more spacious by keeping extra, rarely used things.

2. More security: even if you have ample of space you will not have the advanced security levels that are offered at these storage houses which keep all your precious things 100% safe.

3. Business purposes: many people who run their business from home or have small offices keep their important documents in document storage in Dubai. This way their documents are safe and there is more space in the office.

4. Shifting: while shifting to new homes or renovating your home all your luggage is kept safe with sophisticated treatment at storage facility in Dubai.

5. Students: it is very useful for all the students to keep their notes, projects, certificates etc. safe and make room in their small apartments.

These are just a few benefits, there are many more. It is not only about place but how you use this facility makes the difference. The Box is one of the best storage companies in UAE.

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