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11 December 2012

Reduce your Companies Eco-foot print

Electronic Records management is a facility that provides companies with efficient storage solutions at secure archiving facilities. It is a practice that is becoming increasingly well-known due to many reasons such as lower cost, staff efficiency, increased work space etc. One of the chief reasons why this trend is taking over the corporate world is because of tremendous environmental benefits. Not only do the environmental benefits of record management change the way customers see your company but it also results in cost savings for your company.  

The following are a few ways in which record management benefits the environment:

Meets growing storage needs: Using record management systems are an extremely good way to minimize your company’s eco-footprint. This equipment can be used to reused increase storage capacity and use less space because they allow you to create aisles whenever and wherever you need. Not only does using these systems maximize space resources and optimize energy performance but they also help companies meet their growing storage needs.

Use of cost effective products: Information management companies have started to create an array of sustainable and cost effective products in response to the increasing consumer interest in environmental protection. These companies make sure to use products made from certified materials that are completely recyclable.

Reduces deforestation:  Since better information management systems reduce a company’s dependency on paper, fewer trees need to be cut down. This in turn not only prevents deforestation but also protects the ecosystems of endangered animals.

More space in landfills: Since space in landfills is becoming increasingly scarce. Making offices paperless also leaves more room in landfills that would otherwise be taken up by paper.

Due to human needs our planet has reached a point where resources are soon decreasing to a point of no return. Unless adequate steps are taken to conserve natural resources and reduce waste there will be catastrophic consequences. Information management and digitalization are small steps that the corporate world can take to reduce its harmful impact on the planet. Remember, the earth can support our needs but not our greed.
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10 December 2012

Protect Your Fragile Items with These Handy guidelines

As though moving weren’t already such a tedious affair, packing fragile items can become quite hectic as well. The last thing anyone would want to find upon reaching their new residence is to find some brittle priceless item destroyed. Moving can sometimes be quite a bumpy ride and therefore delicate objects should be packed and stored in secure fashion.

The following are a few easy tips that can help you avoid a potentially disastrous episode:

It is said that the early bird gets the worm and this saying applies to packing as well. Start packing well in advance so that you have enough time to pack breakables carefully. Last minute hurrying may lead to one forgetting about important details and this could prove detrimental to fragile items.

It is best advised that all breakables such and glassware and ceramic items be packed in small boxes to ensure that you don’t over pack the box. Another useful tip when packing boxes is to make sure that all durables are packed at the bottom of boxes with fragile items on top to avoid breakage. All ceramic dishware should be packed with a layer of bubble wrap sandwiched between each plate to prevent them from banging against each other and getting chipped.

It is also important to secure all breakables with plenty of cushioning in the packing boxes. There are many things including household items that can be used to protect and store fragile items. These may include bubble wrap, shredded paper, foam peanuts, old towels, bed sheets and old boxes. Also, make sure to secure both the bottom seam as well as the open edges with at least two full length strips of sturdy tape.

Some people may even require storage facilities to make the move smooth and stress-free. In this case make sure that removal and Storage Company has climate controlled storage to protect leather items, antiques, paintings etc

Last but not the least; make sure that all boxes that contain breakables are labeled “fragile” so that they are handled with care by the movers. It is also important to find out if the relocation company you have selected includes insurance in their removal costs.

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A painless way to prepare your kids for a move

Moving homes can be quite stressful especially if children become part of the equation. Not only do they make the move even more taxing, but also if not done systematically it can leave them with a bitter impression about the entire process. Children may have a propensity to feel tensed and depressed about leaving the house that they were born in and the area where most of their friends reside. They may not fully understand what exactly is going on and this can leave them feeling rather confused. If this occurs it is most likely to reflect in the time they take to adjust to their new school and home that you move them to.

Fortunately there are a few simple steps that you can undertake before the moversand packers arrive in order to minimize the stress involved with the relocation:

Try to make the move sound as exciting as possible by getting them more engaged with the process. Involve them in the planning and ask them for their suggestions as this will make them familiar with the notion of moving to a brand new home. Talk to them about the situation and give them a clear picture about what exactly happens during each step of the move.

One uncertainty that worries children to great extent is the fear of losing their old friends and making new ones. Assure your kids that they can always come back to visit their old neighbourhood. Encourage them to click pictures with all their friends and of places where they spent the early days of their childhood. Organizing a farewell party is also an excellent idea. If your kids are a bit older then you can tell them to collect the phone numbers and email-ids of their friends so that they can keep in touch.

Giving children a tour of their new home and neighbourhood can do a lot to minimize anxiety and increase excitement. Not only can they sneak a glimpse of their new rooms and play areas but they can also get an opportunity to meet other children in the neighbourhood. During the actual move, allow children to pack some of their own belongings. This will fill them with a sense of responsibility and make them feel more comfortable with moving homes.

Last but not the least; do not forget to carry some of their favourite toys and snacks while travelling to avoid any pesky tantrums along the way.
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7 November 2012

Pamper your vehicle with car storage facilities

In the event of you being unavailable to care for your vehicle, automated car storage facilities provide you with safe and secure storage solutions. These facilities provide everyday parking solutions and long term contractual vehicle storage. The best way to keep the car of your dreams finely tuned and in good shape is to hire the services of a professional car storage company.

Some car owners often assume that their own garage is a suitable environment for storing their vehicle but unfortunately this is not as simple as it seems. There are other factors involved in the maintenance process that one needs to take into consideration.

Hiring the services of a professional car storage facility is definitely an excellent decision for those who truly value their vehicles. These companies make sure that your car is kept within temperature controlled environments that are constantly dehumidified, and monitored by staff. This stable environment keeps the buildup of mildew and mould in check, and therefore avoids costly long term damage.

The more expensive the car, the more one worries about the manner that it is stored in. Rest assured that the professional services offered at car storage facilities endeavor to provide your vehicle with the best care. There are three main benefits one can enjoy by availing the services of a professional storage company:

1. Security: The 24 hour surveillance at these storage facilities helps reduce the chances of theft and vandalism. This makes sure that you won’t lose sleep, worrying about the safety of your car.

2. Saves time: These facilities help save time by providing easy access to your car while you enter and exit. Your car is positioned in such a manner that you can enter and leave without the inconvenience of riding back and forth from multistoried parking lots.

3. Cost effective: Car storage is a dream come true for middle class car owners as low cost maintenance ,low energy and low service costs make it quite an economical storage option.

One of the biggest problems people face today is the lack of both parking space and safety for their vehicles. Storage facilities offer respite from this problem. A car is bought with hard earned money and hence, should be looked after with care.
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6 November 2012

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Storage Company

Hiring the services of a storage company is an extremely clever decision if you need to relocate or store some of your excess belongings. Storage facilities are becoming extremely popular these days because of the conveniences they offer. These facilities are relatively cheap and customers are charged according to what they store.

Make sure that you visit many different storage units to get a better idea of what the offer. Although there are many companies offering theses services, it important that you evaluate them on the basis of the following factors before making your final choice.

1.      Safety: It is quite obvious that the belongings you want to store are of value to you and therefore you would want them to be stored safely. Make sure that the unit you choose has security systems such as surveillance cameras, burglar alarms and security guards. It should also have a fire alarm installed to protect your belongings in case of a fire. The unit you choose should be free from dust and pests as well.

2.      Location: Make sure that the storage unit you select is conveniently located. Look out for companies that are easily accessible (from major routes) so that you can save time and mileage when you need to access your belongings. Look for storage units that are close to your residence so that your belongings can be transported back and forth easily.

3.     Price: Price should not be the only factor that you base your choice on when looking for storage solutions. Storage companies have a lot of different price ranges and it is important that you choose one that suits your budget. These differences in price are usually on the basis of the amount of time you need to store your items and the size of the unit. You may also want to include a bit of extra room for future growth in case you need to store more items.

4.    Size of the Unit: The storage company that you select should be large enough to hold all of your items with adequate space to be able to get around them. It is best that you have a clear idea (size, dimensions) of the items you want to store and the storage space offered by the company. If you are not thoroughly clear about the nature of these factors then it highly advised that you speak to a representative of the company.
Hiring the services of a storage company allows you to sleep easy knowing that your belongings are safe and sound.
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10 October 2012

Experience does matter when it comes to hiring movers and packers

Quick! What is the one thing that must be at the top of the mind when it comes to hiring moving companies in Dubai?

Lowest Deal Cost?

One couldn’t be any further away from the right answer. But this is a common mistake that is repeated by many a prospective customer of removalcompanies in Dubai. Few realize that they are entrusting their lives’ worth of belongings and memories in the hands of strangers. Little wonder then, that awareness about the ‘quality of service offering’ as an important criterion for selection of movers and packers is lower than what it should be. Then, there is also the other end of the customer spectrum that believes in the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ spirit.  Truth be told, such an approach too is not in the best of interests towards having a quality moving experience.

Relocations are a time of great excitement and intense activity. But they can also be rather taxing and leave one with a feeling that they are out of their elements, when the things get serious. All this can be rather beyond the means and capabilities of the well meaning, yet unskilled group of friends/family & relatives.

There are tons of things to take into consideration to affect a successful move. Multiple factors need to be evaluated and decisions have to be made. All these need to be carried out in a challenging environment where the situation may change in the very next minute. No wonder then that most failed moves end up being high on the frustration and stress levels.

Professionally managed operations on the other hand couldn’t be more suited to the job at hand. This is true about movingcompanies in Dubai and even elsewhere around the world. They tend to be staffed with the right kind of people, specializing in the myriad tasks that are part and parcel of a move. Tooling too is an important aspect in such situations, especially when one is looking to have a damages free move. Most importantly, professionally run moving companies are often staffed with experienced personnel that make a huge difference in the success rate of a move.

Some of the characteristics reflected by experienced and quality oriented setups are:

·         Proper handling of all belongings
·         Segregation according to the shape/size/strength and value of each article
·         Proper labelling and colour coding of boxed items
·         Correct stacking procedures
·         Detailed tracking of the consignment from doorstep to doorstep

At the end of the day, one must bear in mind that quality does not come cheap. All the experienced movers and packers are likely to charge according to their level of expertise. Thus, it would be wise to ignore the lure of tripping for the lowest possible deal and opt for the peace-of-mind that’s offered by an experienced operator. 
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9 October 2012

Quality -The decisive factor to evaluating moving companies in Dubai

Life in Dubai has changed quite a bit from the way it was just a few decades ago. Gone are those familiar points of cultural and social reference. Almost every other day, players in the infrastructure and development industry tend to come up with new ways to dazzle the world. The constant upheavals and changes in Dubai’s environment have taken ‘transient’ to a new level altogether.

Nothing epitomizes this better than the realty and rentals market in Dubai. People out here are constantly on the move. The lure of newer, better challenging growth opportunities and the constant influx of talented individuals from various corners of the world have played their role in this situation.

Not everyone gets bogged down by the challenges of moving home within Dubai. These are the ones that are smart enough to realize that moving is a task that is beyond their capabilities. They understand that the complexities involved in the task are best left to the specialists. After all, it is the latter that have the trained personnel, appropriate equipment and adequate experience that one needs to successfully carry out a move. No surprise then to learn about moving companies in Dubai reporting strong growth figures year after year.

A common thread running through customers’ minds, even in the highly complex world of moving, is quality customer service. This need for a quality offering transcends both, budget and scale of operations. Successful moves are often the result of underlying synergies between customer expectations and the delivery quality by the service provider. Subsequently, it is important that one must be extremely careful when screening for the most appropriate choice.

Sadly, few movers and packers in Dubai truly understand the ramifications of running a slack operation. The resultant stress levels that are a by-product of a move that is marred by glitches, tends to have far-reaching repercussions. This is especially true in an increasingly connected world where word-of-mouth publicity and personal recommendations are often valued over third party badges of approval.

Not surprisingly, the exodus has already begun. More and more people are ditching operators whose service levels are sub-par. In an industry where people have no choice but to trust absolute strangers with their life’s belongings, it is fast becoming the deciding factor for success and growth.

So the next time one is on the lookout for removal companies, do keep aside the snazzy website and glittering ad campaigns and evaluate them thoroughly on the quality of their offerings. 
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6 September 2012

Breathe a Sigh of Relief as Movers and Packers of Dubai Are Here!

Irritated, annoyed, worried, lost patience…are these the emotions you go through when someone says you have to shift aka move out? Well, it is time you relax, because movers and packers in Dubai are going to take care of it all.

 It is said a cheap house in UAE is the best, you can find, but if you end up with cheap house movers it can in all possibility spell DISASTER! Yes, you got that one right! So, move onto Movers and Packers of Dubai as theyare efficient and effective in their work and extremely professional when it comes to services. They will fulfill all your needs and requirements as per the budget that suits you best. You in all probability have quite a few questions regarding the security and safety of your goods, and of course you need to be at peace while your stuff has been moved from one place to the other. Right from the loading to the unloading the team will assist you in all things you need. This means the load you were thinking to be real heavy will now be a lot smoother and simpler.

The best house movers are those that come with a license and give you insurance. Theyhave the exact information of what has to be done, where it has to be done, and how it has to be done. They will have optimum budget packages, a commendable customer service, and a friendly staff to drive your worries away. They have an organized work culture thus making them trustworthy and dependable for your personal as well as professional storages. Remember, movers and packers of Dubaicome in handy at all times, because they are always ready with the required tools and equipments which you may or may not have. So, wait no more and give one of the movers a call today!
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Hire Movers and Packers Whether You Are Moving In or Moving Out!

We all know moving to a new home or an office all by yourself is never an easy task. It is the time when a person goes through mixed emotions of excitement yet anxious. Shifting needs to be organized, and well planned. When it is not it spells trouble, and simply adds to one’s frustrations. In times like these home shifting services come in handy. They take care of not just your belongings, but also help you be at ease!
The first step when moving out is packing. It needs utmost care, not only the packing, even the process of loading and unloading of goods requires you to pay attention. Dubai moving and storage is extremely difficult, because, one has to ensure everything is done safely and securely and it is not a one man’s job whatsoever. Removal servicesmake things a lot lighter since theyare just a phone call away, and available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They are effective and efficient in their services and can help you with all your needs and requirements. Having said that it is beneficial for all; be it the homeowners or merchants or even big companies and industry houses. For the reason that, it is not just moving and packing, but storing essential papers, credentials, equipments, seasonal goods. It also involves relocating your vehicle at various warehouses as per your convenience as they are spread all over UAE.
Every item is catalogued, leaving you stress free. You don’t have to do the running or be worried about any of the services as they always have the transportation service at your doorstep wherever you are in. The professional movers and packers have a structured work culture. They are insured and their work is well coordinated and comes with a guarantee for all your belongings. They are responsible, reliable, and experienced in their work thus making them a number one choice when moving out or moving in! 
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8 August 2012

How custom-made or fitted furniture can save you more space

‘Custom-made’, ‘Fitted furniture’ or ‘Hand-crafted furniture’ are the best ways to save space; if you happen to be looking for more space in your existing home or apartment here in Dubai.
Most of us settle down when we enter this city which is bustling with activity and usually treat our homes like hotel room. We walk in and trash the apartment just to dress up and stomp out for a night out with friends. Such habits come to a screeching halt when we begin to calm down and then spend more time at home (usually once you have explored every bit of Dubai city and you need some peace after a long tiring work week). This is when we realize what a mess the apartment we moved into a few months ago seems more like a dorm room.

With the need to be organized, we run out to the closest mall and then purchase space-saving furniture so that we can get rid of the goods, clothing and shoes that have made the floor their home. Space-saving furniture is great, but such furniture has been designed to take advantage of available space that you do not seem to have. Eventually you end up with a semi-organised home, crowded with furniture that reaches from the floor to the ceiling.

A smart thing to do to avoid this chaos is to find a good specialist company that can get you some custom-made furniture. Yes, most people would argue that it is expensive. But if it saves you some more space on the every square foot on your apartment that you paid for, then it seems like a smart choice.

Fitted furniture unlike normal furniture will make space for storage, clothing, accessories and other goods in places which were often ignored and unused in your house or apartment. They make use of the corners and the spaces below staircases or even in the walls in form of hidden or exposed storage.

Once you have had a taste of fitted furniture, you will automatically want to spend more time in your new renovated and spacious home; where everything has its own space — just the way it should be. But if you are really on a tight budget, I’d suggest you find yourself a nice storage unit in Dubai and store all those unused items there and make some space back at home. Simple yet effective!
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13 July 2012

Personal Storage for Business?

Yes! Almost every second person in Dubai owns a personal storage space in Dubai. It helps them make more space at home for the things that matter; while increasing the area of their living space. But what happens when you are running a small business or even an office for that matter, and find it too expensive to rent a warehouse or a commercial space to store everything from office supplies to flyers to old copiers? You end up storing the same in your own office and end up with an office that resembles a storage room.

Well you can always choose a personal storage unit. “But aren’t personal storage units meant for household items?” one may ask. We say that you can store whatever you want (other than perishables i.e.); whether that comes from a house, a business or an office is none of our concern.
personal storage, warehouse storage in Dubai, commercial storage in dubai
What’s more, is that personal storage for businesses here at The Box, comes at no extra charge. This makes it ideal for those who need to store items on a long term or a short terms basis. Unlike commercial storage which is built for storing loads of products in a systematic way, personal storage is a lot simpler; a lot more... personal. This means you can access your office items or equipment whenever you need them since our facilities are open 24X7. And you will never need to worry about security either. All personal storage units are well lit and have magnetic card access so all you will need to remember is your pin.

Moreover our strategic location within Dubai City makes locating and storing with us easy and convenient. So if you need to get some items from your business stored, don’t take them home; just give us a call or drop by and we will take care of them for you.
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Wardrobe problems? We’re listening!

Ever wondered why your wardrobe always looks like a mountain that’s going to collapse all over you every time you open the door?  Do not fear! For there is a way to build a ‘unmessable’ wardrobe!

Here’s how you do it:-

·         First, you will need to remove all of the unnecessary extras that clog your storage space. Begin with those unused shoes that you love oh so much but pinch you a lot when you wear them. They NEED TO GO! Hanging on to them and storing them will not heal your shoe bites any quicker. The same goes for all those pointless clothes, which have been hogging space all these years – right from the 90’s, 80’s and even some ‘hand-me-downs’ from the retro 70’s!

·         Second, once you are done with the above, it’s time to segregate what’s left behind and narrow down your list of viable outfits for 2012 even further. A smart thing to do is to keep only what you need and box up the rest. This will ensure that only the items that you use regularly remain hanging in your wardrobe, keeping it tidy no matter how much you try to mess it up.

·         If you love all your clothes are lying balled up (the reason why they’re occupying SO MUCH SPACE) because you can’t fold to save your life, here are a few Japanese folding tips to get you from 0-60 in 15 seconds! They will save you some space and some extra time as well.

If you happen to have a small wardrobe, then we at The Box are a smart movingand storage company in Dubai who are just a call away to help you out. Our personal storage spaces in Dubai are here for your convenience and are accessible 24X7, for whenever you feel the need.
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19 June 2012

Welcome to our Big Brown Box

Hello and Welcome to our big brown box on the web! Hope you’re having a great summer this year...we certainly are!! After thousands of moving & storing projects, our team at The Box can’t wait to get started on helping you pack away all that useless junk you’ve been hoarding since you were 2.

Storage is all about one thing and one thing only — Space (no, not “the final frontier” type). The more space you make in your apartment, room or residence, the more freedom and organized personal living space you will gain. After all, space in Dubai comes at a price and if you don’t use it wisely, you’re definitely not getting what you paid for.

On our blog, we plan to share some of our ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas that, hopefully, should live up to their description. Sure, just about everyone has tips and tricks of their own but we help you get that extra space or cut down costs while moving or storing. And, while we’re at it, we would also include snippets on interior space, architectural design and what inspires us to do what we do best.

We also invite our followers to share their moving stories or problems because everybody has at least ONE of those.
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7 June 2012

How Many Boxes do you really need when you’re Moving?

Movers and packers in Dubaiare a dime a dozen these days. Finding a reliable moving company is tough and ensuring that reliable company gets everything moved perfectly on your checklist is even more difficult. We at The Box in Dubai are one of the very few who do get it right every single time.
But what if you happen have fewer items to move? And you do not need the services of a moving company in Dubai. You need to get your items packed yourself, with some help from the neighbours of course and that’s about it.

Doing a mover’s and a packer’s job isn’t all as easy as it seems. You will first have to visit our Box Shop where you can purchase metres of bubble wrap, insulation material, tape guns, tape and some boxes which are available at our shop in various sizes and shapes made for different purposes.
“How many boxes do I really need?” would be the next question that pops in your mind when you enter our store. Well, that would depend on the number of items that you are moving, and the materials that those items or goods are made of. Take for example dinnerware. If you have to wrap a number of plates made of glass or china, you will definitely have to wrap them up individually; so that they do not rattle in the box, when you are transporting them. A set of up to 10 plates can easily fit into a 2X2 foot box with some insulation material thrown in. Cardboard wardrobe boxes are also available at our store which allows for up to 10 garments to be hung within the box. This helps when it comes to delicate clothing which simply cannot be folded up or boxed up.

It is smart to always buy some more boxes or insulation material so that you would not end up cramming everything into one box leading to cracked dishes and broken vases. Still need some more help? You could always walk into one of our Box Shops and we would be more than glad to help you out.
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How to take care of Pets during Relocation

Pets can quite a hassle while moving. Relocations in Dubai can be quite the pain when it comes to the homeowners themselves; add a bunch of pets to that equation and all you will get is chaos. Pets always take time to adjust to a new home because a new environment makes them nervous. No matter how loving and excited your pets are, moving them to a completely new area or location—especially if it is between cities—here in the Middle East is going to be quite the challenge.

Here are a few tips that should help you and your pet travel easier and adjust to the new environment once the movers and packers have moved out.

· If the journey from A to B happens to be really long, ensure that your pet is sedated so it can relax during the trip.
· Always have your pet’s license tag on
· If you’re pet is the excited type, it is wise to put on a muzzle (in the case of dogs) when entering the new neighbourhood so as to prevent any accidents when entering the first time.
· Always keep your dog on a leash so as to prevent your pet from scampering around by itself and getting into trouble.
· Make sure you have a sufficient supply of your pet’s favourite food.
· Make sure there is at least one person in charge of your pet during the relocation and give them the attention they need after you have moved into your new apartment.

· Locate the nearest vet in the area around your new home as soon as you finish moving in.
· Always monitor the temperature of your fish tank when you’re travelling. Insulating it with Styrofoam will surely help maintain the temperature keeping your pets safe and preventing them from falling ill.
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15 May 2012

When Businesses Get too Large to handle

In today’s day and age all local businesses need, is a little push and some good marketing (either traditional or digital) and they are good to go. However, expansion is always a problem because logistics and warehousing are difficult and expensive. Businesses often have to cut themselves short simply because they cannot afford to operate profitably and lack the necessary funding to order and run an operation on a large scale.

But with the advent of warehouse storage solutions in Dubai, there seems to be a light coming from the far end of the tunnel. Commercial storage companies in Dubai have begun to offer more than just storage. They have begun offering solutions that in the past could only be handled by a large and well-funded company themselves. This has not only propelled the storage industry to new heights here in Dubai, but has also been extremely beneficial for small businesses because it gives them the power to do more.

Small businesses with minimal resources now have the ability to grow and expand with the help of 3PL solutions that do not cost the sky along with the flexibility of utilizing the services that come with them.

We at The Box for example offer inventory management and fulfillment, courier Import/Export and Mailbox services, Concierge services and even Third-party brokerage (Customs and Clearance). Our warehouse storage solutions offer pallet racking for quicker access and better space management helping you store more and do more.
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11 May 2012

Neat and Tidy Saves Space

Fed up of all the extra clothes, the unnecessary furniture in your living space? Well, the weekend is coming up and you will have some spare time; so why not utilize that time in doing something productive instead?

You could begin by cleaning up and tidying up your apartment and then sit down in one corner and decide what simply needs to go. Begin with your old clothes, clothes that you probably have not worn for years but are just there, lying in your wardrobe. Pile them up in the centre of your bedroom and only then will you realize how much space has been saved in your wardrobe. This is especially helpful for those who keep complaining, that they do not have enough space in their wardrobes for more clothes and accessories. It’s fairly simple, all you have to do is choose and you can save on some much needed space. 

Removing unnecessary furniture or changing the position or placement of the same is a great idea to give your apartment a fresh look and make more living space. You could either subtract or move that big old couch within the hall or simply sell it off and buy a smaller one; giving your hall a better look that’s more spacious than ever before.

Of course if you would like to hold on to that couch and keep it someplace safe for some time;  along with your clothes, instead of give them away to a charity. You could always contact us at The Box and we will provide you with movers in Dubai and self-storagefor the same. Self-storage in Dubai at The Box hosts units of different sizes; from small, medium and large helping you pick up only what you need.
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