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19 June 2012

Welcome to our Big Brown Box

Hello and Welcome to our big brown box on the web! Hope you’re having a great summer this year...we certainly are!! After thousands of moving & storing projects, our team at The Box can’t wait to get started on helping you pack away all that useless junk you’ve been hoarding since you were 2.

Storage is all about one thing and one thing only — Space (no, not “the final frontier” type). The more space you make in your apartment, room or residence, the more freedom and organized personal living space you will gain. After all, space in Dubai comes at a price and if you don’t use it wisely, you’re definitely not getting what you paid for.

On our blog, we plan to share some of our ‘out-of-the-box’ ideas that, hopefully, should live up to their description. Sure, just about everyone has tips and tricks of their own but we help you get that extra space or cut down costs while moving or storing. And, while we’re at it, we would also include snippets on interior space, architectural design and what inspires us to do what we do best.

We also invite our followers to share their moving stories or problems because everybody has at least ONE of those.
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7 June 2012

How Many Boxes do you really need when you’re Moving?

Movers and packers in Dubaiare a dime a dozen these days. Finding a reliable moving company is tough and ensuring that reliable company gets everything moved perfectly on your checklist is even more difficult. We at The Box in Dubai are one of the very few who do get it right every single time.
But what if you happen have fewer items to move? And you do not need the services of a moving company in Dubai. You need to get your items packed yourself, with some help from the neighbours of course and that’s about it.

Doing a mover’s and a packer’s job isn’t all as easy as it seems. You will first have to visit our Box Shop where you can purchase metres of bubble wrap, insulation material, tape guns, tape and some boxes which are available at our shop in various sizes and shapes made for different purposes.
“How many boxes do I really need?” would be the next question that pops in your mind when you enter our store. Well, that would depend on the number of items that you are moving, and the materials that those items or goods are made of. Take for example dinnerware. If you have to wrap a number of plates made of glass or china, you will definitely have to wrap them up individually; so that they do not rattle in the box, when you are transporting them. A set of up to 10 plates can easily fit into a 2X2 foot box with some insulation material thrown in. Cardboard wardrobe boxes are also available at our store which allows for up to 10 garments to be hung within the box. This helps when it comes to delicate clothing which simply cannot be folded up or boxed up.

It is smart to always buy some more boxes or insulation material so that you would not end up cramming everything into one box leading to cracked dishes and broken vases. Still need some more help? You could always walk into one of our Box Shops and we would be more than glad to help you out.
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How to take care of Pets during Relocation

Pets can quite a hassle while moving. Relocations in Dubai can be quite the pain when it comes to the homeowners themselves; add a bunch of pets to that equation and all you will get is chaos. Pets always take time to adjust to a new home because a new environment makes them nervous. No matter how loving and excited your pets are, moving them to a completely new area or location—especially if it is between cities—here in the Middle East is going to be quite the challenge.

Here are a few tips that should help you and your pet travel easier and adjust to the new environment once the movers and packers have moved out.

· If the journey from A to B happens to be really long, ensure that your pet is sedated so it can relax during the trip.
· Always have your pet’s license tag on
· If you’re pet is the excited type, it is wise to put on a muzzle (in the case of dogs) when entering the new neighbourhood so as to prevent any accidents when entering the first time.
· Always keep your dog on a leash so as to prevent your pet from scampering around by itself and getting into trouble.
· Make sure you have a sufficient supply of your pet’s favourite food.
· Make sure there is at least one person in charge of your pet during the relocation and give them the attention they need after you have moved into your new apartment.

· Locate the nearest vet in the area around your new home as soon as you finish moving in.
· Always monitor the temperature of your fish tank when you’re travelling. Insulating it with Styrofoam will surely help maintain the temperature keeping your pets safe and preventing them from falling ill.
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