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2 November 2016

Game of Throws: Winter is Cleaning (and 5 tips for the cooler season)

Much of the world does ‘Spring Cleaning’ after being sealed in for winter. For Dubai, winter is when we emerge from our cozy air-conditioned cocoons no longer needing to run from summer’s wrath.

Now that we can leave the windows open, actually use the outdoor furniture and get natural air circulating in our homes – it’s time for the conquest of cleaning!

Here’s the step-by-step strategy to guarantee victory:

1. Clean
Clean while you can. A moist A/C environment can create mold – so check behind sofas, under beds, in bathrooms & kitchens and even inside your A/C units for the sneaky fungus. Mold is destructive and can seriously affect your respiratory health. Plus, dust gathers easily in closed environments, so shake out those carpets and duvets and do a thorough vacuuming.

2. Throw…or donate
Since you’re moving furniture and digging through your belongings, it’s a good time to get rid of things you just don’t need or that are unusable. The less you have, the less you waste. Donate to the needy, give away to neighbors and have a second-hand sale. Decide what’s worth keeping and what needs to go.

3. Protect
Now it’s pleasant to go outside it’s the ideal time to protect outdoor furniture in preparation for next summer. Consider stain or varnish for wood, wax for metal and oil for wicker. Fabrics with lighter colors and synthetic mixes do better outdoors.

4. Store
There may be items you want to keep, but don’t need at the moment. The Box will take them off your hands. This means a specialized environment with no need to worry about mold, clutter or weather damage. Start thinking ahead to summer and consider storing away outdoor furniture rather than leaving it to the elements – this extends their life and means not having to spend to replace or refurbish them.

5. Decorate
For those who enjoy participating in the festive season – now’s a good time to start showing the Christmas spirit. So get out the decorations and start ‘decking the halls’. That is if you have all your seasonal décor already. If you don’t – well that’s a subject for another post!

However, if you want more tips and info right now, there’s always our Pinterest page, which has loads of helpful categories including moving with pets, kitchen organization and food storage just to name a few. Check it out.

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