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22 January 2010

Storage Facilities in Dubai Help You In Cleaning Your House

All of us wish to make our houses clean and tidy and to acquire that, we clean our houses in different ways. To make our homes clean we use many cleaning agents and equipments. But how often do we use the cleaning equipments? One of the aspects of keeping the house clean is to make it spacious. It is so contradictory that your huge cleaning equipments themselves occupy a lot of space. So do you wish to make your home actually clean, choose a perfect storage solution in Dubai.

To keep our homes and offices clean we use several things but there are many types of equipments which are not used regularly and occupy a lot of space. We don’t use many machines because they are big in size and in a hustling life it is not possible to use time consuming systems. Such equipments are: vacuum cleaner, vacuum sweeper, mopping system, steam cleaner, scrubber drier, dust pan etc. All these are rarely used in our houses or offices. You might be using them once in a month and some of you not even once in three months. So the best way is to store them in a storage facility in Dubai. They will keep all these equipments safe, you can get them whenever you want to use. The easy accessibility allows you to bring your belongings whenever you want.

The Box is one of the best Dubai storage company. If you are worried about packing and moving your belongings then the company helps you in that too. They are also one of the best moving services in Dubai.

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Things You Shouldn’t Store In Dubai Storage Company

moving services
We have discussed a lot about what can be stored in storage facilities in Dubai. At the same time it is also important to know what things we can’t store in storage houses. Different storage houses have different policies but most of them follow same rules for certain things. While making a list of things it is necessary for you to keep in mind the things which can’t be stored in Dubai storage companies.

Pirated and illegal items: the storages companies provide a great amount of safety. It is very important for them that they do not give alliances to any illegal or pirated materials.

Perishable food items: you can’t store your perishable food items. These items are prone to insects and may damage other articles. Insurance companies do not pay if other things are kept with perishable food items.

Plants and crops: Plants die if they don’t receive proper ventilation, temperature and sunshine. Moreover they are vulnerable to pests attack. Pest multiple quickly and damage other things like furniture.

Combustibles and inflammable: articles which can easily explode or play an important role in spreading fire are prohibited. Such things are: acids, lighters, nail polish, removers, paints, car batteries, matches, chemicals, pesticides and much more.

The Box is a reputed storage facility in UAE it provides a number of facilities. There are different sizes of units available for your convenience. But it is necessary that you keep in mind that certain things are not accepted. The company also offers great moving services in Dubai.

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20 January 2010

Packing Right Way Makes Rearranging Easy

moving services
Whenever we decide to move to a new place the biggest problem is to pack things. It is a time consuming and tactful job. If done in a proper way rearranging things at new place becomes easier. Many storage companies in UAE provide solutions for packaging too. Let us try to find out what are the essential things that we should follow while packing.

1. Use special material: at all the storage facilities in Dubai you will find special materials for packaging like boxes, bubble wrap, strings, plastic cover, tape, tape guns etc. using all these makes packing comfortable and perfect.

2. Light boxes: light boxes are easier to move and carry so don’t buy heavy boxes. There are special boxes for different types of articles. Use the appropriate for the kind of articles you pack. Moreover don’t over burden the box, pack as much as you can carry.

3. Dismantle things: if you have furniture and appliances which can be dismantled then do it. Packing parts is easier than packing the whole equipment.

4. Segregate things: pack things which belong to same category like soft things, delicate things, heavy things, plastic, metal, clothes etc. this way you can easily indentify the category and rearranging becomes easy.

5. Labeling: it would be a great benefit if you label each and every item, so that you don’t have to open everything when you are finding a particular thing. You should also label the boxes with the types of items it contains. This will make rearranging easy.

If you think that packing is a strenuous job and you can’t do it then allow The Box to do it for you. It is the best Dubai storage company and also provides all packing solution. It is also one of the best moving services in Dubai.

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Learn The Art Of Packing Glassware

moving services

There are many things that come in our minds when we think of shifting to a new house. One of the important factors is packing. It is a stressful job, and packing fragile things require a lot of care and precautions. There are many Dubai storage companies which guide you to pack glassware in a right way. Let us check it out.

1. Wrapping: for wrapping glassware use a blank newsprint or bubble wrap. This assures that glasses do not break.

2. Placement: if you are packing glassware with other things make sure that they are on top. Keep them in an upright position exactly how you place them on a dining table.

3. Preparation of the box: the box which will carry the glass should have layer of crumpled papers or peanuts. This will cushion the glassware.

4. Closing the box: before packing the box put the layer of cardboard on top and sides of the box. Fill up the sides with peanuts or papers. You have to keep layering till you reach the brim of the box.

5. Tape the box: tape the box cross ways on top and bottom which protects it more. Don’t forget to tape it on the sides. Label it as Fragile-Glassware so that it is treated with extra care.

The box is one of the storage solutions in Dubai which sells all the products required for packaging different items. They also help people with shifting to new houses as they are one of the good moving services in Dubai.

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Know The Art Of Storing Furniture

storage company UAE

Very often people find it very difficult to store their furniture. But with simple techniques it can become an easy task. There are many storage companies in UAE so when you opt for any of them make sure that you follow the below mentioned tips.

1. Leave Some Space: when you store your furniture in a storage house leave enough space in between two articles. There should be sufficient room for easy movement. If the unit is packed without free accessibility then it would be difficult to remove your furniture when needed and it can damage it.

2. Use Fabrics: very often people cover furniture with plastic, this doesn’t allow it to breathe. Moreover later it gives rise to condensation and unpleasant odors. Cover the furniture with soft fabrics which allow it to breathe while protects from dust, scratches and other damages.

3. Cover The Floor: make sure that you don’t keep your furniture directly on the floor. Cover the floor with the plastic so in case of accidental fall of water your furniture is safe.

4. Big Items First: keep your big, heavy items at the bottom and place the delicate, small ones on top of them. By doing the opposite you will damage the small items. This way you can also save much space.

5. Climate Control: it would be very beneficial to opt for climate controlled storage unit for furniture. It will protect your furniture against climate extremes and unpleasant odors.

6. Third Party Insurance: insuring your furniture will make you completely stress free. Insurances are of great help in the situations of accidents, thefts and damages.

The Box is the best storage facility in Dubai. Along with that they can also move your belongings with their moving services in Dubai.

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You Can Trust The Box To Safeguard Your Exhibits

moving services
There are many storage facilities in Dubai. They all offer many different services. By selecting any such company we can store many of our things. They are a great boon to all of us. All the problems that we have due to unused excess things in our houses can be kept safely in any of Dubai Storage Company.

Many of us are artists and often come up with various exhibitions to showcase our artworks. There are many arrangements which take place before and after the exhibitions are set. Often we experience lack of place to keep all our things in our houses, storage solutions in Dubai will be a great help during such events. Exhibitions are held for many things like, candles, photographs, paintings, antiques, furniture, lamps, lanterns and much more. You might be in confusion where to store your artwork safely before exhibition? The best way is to keep them in a storage house. You will certainly not sell all your art pieces so even after the exhibition is done you can store them by the time your next exhibition is held. It would be very difficult to keep such fragile, delicate and precious things at home. Moreover they occupy a lot of place. But storage solution in UAE will keep them safe and secure.

The Box is one such storage company in UAE, they provide different sizes of units. You can select the one that would be useful for your articles. They also cater to our moving need with moving services in UAE. Their professionals pack all the items with full care and treat them sophisticatedly.

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We Value Your Designer Collection

There are many things which we can store and keep our houses and offices spacious. But sometimes we often wonder what to store and what not to store. Storage facilities in Dubai store almost everything. By analyzing these storage houses you can make a list of things which you would like to store in a storage solution in Dubai.

If you own a Boutique or are a dress designer then storing your collection would be a concern for you. A boutique owner has to design many dresses in stock and there is no guarantee that all of them would be sold. Moreover you will have to keep on designing new clothes as per changing seasons and occasions. Keeping with the trend is equally important because nobody buys out of fashion dresses. The trend keeps on changing this again compels you to design clothes of latest fashion. So the stock which is not sold occupies a lot of space in you boutique or shop. You can certainly not throw them away as they will be in demand again. Select a good Dubai storage company> which looks after your clothes. Such company provides easy accessibility and high level of safety which assures that all your belongings are safe.

The Box is an excellent storage company in UAE. Their advanced technology and knowledgeable professionals makes dealing more comfortable. They also offer one of the best moving services in Dubai. After opting for this company you will be stress free with your packing, storing and moving issues.
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18 January 2010

An Easy Way Of Shifting To A New Country

Dubai moving

Moving to a new house brings a lot of excitement. At the same time it gives too much of stress as shifting houses is not an easy task. But if you take help from Dubai moving services then all your worries will just disappear.

If you select a moving service in Dubai they will see to it that your stuffs are conveniently and safely moved to your new home. For those of you who are shifting to a foreign country would be more stressful but Dubai movers deals in international hauling too. Moving to a new country gives rise to much of anxiety and dealing with everything singlehandedly creates more confusion. So leave your worries of packing, moving and assembling to house removal in Dubai. The qualified professionals will arrange everything perfectly. They know each and every minute aspect of moving houses perfectly. Your delicate articles like crockery, glass wares, gifts etc all would be packed, moved and assembled very carefully. It is not possible for you to move big items like cupboards, dining tables and other furniture by yourself. Here the company professionals will work efficiently and make moving these things quite easy.

The Box is one such company which deals with moving services in UAE. You can take our service when you are shifting to a new home in your own town or even out of country. We are also one of the best Dubai storage company. If you have anything in your house which is occupying a lot of space then keep them safe with The Box and make your home spacious.

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Make Your Office Specious This Year

dubai storage
Everyone in Dubai has celebrated New Year with great enthusiasm. New Year brings new hopes, dreams and goals. But along with that comes new responsibilities. In this year we all definitely wish to be more organized than we were last year. One aspect of being organized is to keep our things properly and safely. Dubai Storage Company steps here to help you in that.

Your office is the place where you spend more time than your home. All of us would wish to make our offices as tidy as our houses are. But it is quite a difficult task as the large area in the office is occupied by the files and documents. Every year these files pile up and occupy more space in the office. Moreover most of these files are rarely used but you have to keep the records. Now as the New Year has started all the documents and records of last year will again utilize some more place in your office. The best idea to solve this problem is to opt for a storage solution in Dubai. You can easily keep all your last year’s records in the document storage in Dubai. The easy accessibility gives you freedom to take anything from your account at any time of the day. This storage facility in Dubai will make your New Year organized and your office specious.

The Box is one of the best storage companies in UAE. Our service will give you immense satisfaction and all your records will be accurately and cautiously managed.

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15 January 2010

The Box Will Look After Your Boat

All those who love boats definitely wish to own one for themselves. But the question is where to keep them. Even to store a surfboard you require a great amount of space. With the help of Dubai Storage Company you can easily own a boat and keep it safely.

There are many storage solutions in Dubai and they all offer different facilities. Before you opt for any of these it is necessary to know how safe they are and what facilities they provide. Many companies boast of offering useful services and high level of securities but they rarely keep their words. When you keep your valuables to some company it is very important to know how safe it is. If you want to store your boat you must check thoroughly the safety levels. Specialized care is required for storage of boats along with that sophisticated maintenance and perfect security levels are must. If you wish for a long term storage then climate controlled storage will be the best as it will save your boat from all damages. This type of storage is more suitable to the boats as they require greater protection from undue exposure to stay in shape.

The Box is a well acclaimed storage company in UAE. The company has reputed image in the market. Along with storing we are one of the best Dubai moving services. Many customers prefer keeping their belongings at the Box. The company is attracting more customers by providing easy accessibility of accounts which can be used at any time of the day.

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The Box Will Make Way For A Tension Free Vacation

Going on a long vacation is what all of us desire but to plan for the one requires many arrangements. One of those important factors is storing your valuables. You must be often worrying about many costly things in your house which might get damaged or would be stolen when you are away from home. You can keep your belongings safe by choosing the service of storage facilities in Dubai.

When you plan to go for holidays out of town you might return after a few months. Your concern would be your costly household items, furniture, gift articles, vehicles etc at home. Since the cases of thefts and robbery are increasing day by day it is obvious to take proper care of our belongings. If your house is observed vacant for a longer period of time, chances of thefts are increased. To avoid all the tensions keep all your precious belongings in Dubai Storage Company and enjoy your holidays. These companies have high level of security which protects your belongings. Once you are back from your holidays you can easily access your account and take back your things. The household storage in Dubai is the best and convenient way of storing things.

The Box offers storage facility in Dubai. You can simply opt for our service, our professionals will help you in packing, moving and storing things. There are different types of facilities available at The Box, you can choose the one that suits you the best. The company also provides all types of packaging materials.

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14 January 2010

Hobbies Are Gratifying, Preserve Them

All of us possess some or the other hobby. Hobbies are essential activities in our lives. It is very important that we spend our leisure time in a creative way rather than engaging in some useless activity. Hobbies utilize our leisure time meaningfully. Involving in certain hobbies require an ample of space, many people give it up due to lack of place. But with the storage solution in Dubai you don’t have to bother about it.

If you are a musician or love to play any musical instrument then you will be certainly in search of some space. Most of the musical instruments like drum, guitar, piano, bagpiper, keyboard etc all occupy a lot of place in your houses. In today’s hustling life you must be rarely getting time to play your favorite musical instrument. Moreover it is very difficult to handle them, they require a sophisticated care and treatment. At times children spoil these costly instruments by playing with them. To avoid all these tensions you should protect your passionate instrument at storage facility in Dubai. 24 hours service and easy accessibility allows you to take your articles whenever you want. Make sure that you opt for a best Dubai storage company.

The Box is the most established storage facility in UAE. We provide high level of security and easy access to your account. Our household storage in Dubai assures you that your belongings are protected from all the possible damages and are gently cared.

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The Box Values Your Rare Collection

There are so many wishes in life which we can,t accomplish due to some limitations. But if you find keenly you will always get solutions for all your problems. My friend never agreed with the idea of storing things away form home but recently storage facility in Dubai has turn out to be a boon to her.

We all desire to make our house look unique from everyone. But that doesn’t happen as all of us follow the same fashion and purchase what is available in the market. My friend was quiet lucky with this, few months back her aunt decided to shift to a foreign location. She is a great collector of antique pieces. As my friend is much fond of her aunt, she received many of her aunt’s collections. My friend was overwhelmed after receiving uniquely designed tea sets, vases, clocks, dining set, lamps, lanterns, dinner sets, coffee pot, key chains, some jewels and much more like that. Her concern was where to keep these priceless and outstanding articles as her little ones are very mischievous. With my advice she opted for storage solutions in Dubai. All her antique pieces are carefully kept at Dubai Storage Company. She brings many of those items when she needs. As soon as she trains her kids to handle priceless things she can get back everything.

The Box is undoubtedly the best household storage in Dubai. The company gave immense satisfaction to my friend’s aunt by providing moving service in Dubai when she shifted to a new location.

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13 January 2010

The Box Is The Boon For Shoppers

household storage

It is a well known fact that Dubai is the shoppers’ paradise. So imagine how much shopping Dubaiites must be doing! Locals and visitors in Dubai shop to their hearts’ content. It is just irresistible to let go all the exciting discounts on almost everything. In spite of this, there are many who manage to avoid these concessions and the reason is, “where to keep so many things?” If you wish to make use of all the shopping offers you must select a storage solution in Dubai.

Many shopping malls in Dubai have variety of offers on many things. It would be really beneficial to buy things with discounts as it saves a lot of money. But you don’t require all the things at that time and where to store them is the problem. There are many Dubai storage companies which provide storinhousehold storageg solutions. You can store many of your things like clothes, gifts, furniture, vehicles, documents, household articles, equipments, appliances and much more in these household storages in Dubai. Such storage houses are very useful as they safeguard you valuables. You don’t have to worry about even the most delicate thing as the companies provide a very sophisticated care and treatment. You can easily access your account at any time of the day. So now you don’t have to bother where to store while you are shopping.

The Box is one such company which deals with storing solutions in UAE. The company has a renowned image in the market and also provides moving services in Dubai.

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A Baby Brings Many Gifts

As Martin Fraquhar Tupper has rightly said, “A baby in the house is a well-spring of pleasure, a messenger of peace and love, arresting place for innocence on earth, a link between angels and men”. Arrival of the new born in the family is one of the most blessed moments of everyone’s life. A just born child brings mirth, wishes, hopes and gifts. Then the worry is where to keep so many baby goods that you have received. Storage solution in Dubai will take care of it.

As soon as you bring your little one to this world your family, friends, relatives, colleagues and neighbours will fill your house with all the possible baby products available in the market. A new born baby certainly doesn’t require all of them. Very often people who bring shoes and clothes do not fit the child, they are mostly bigger in size. Many of your intelligent friends bring games well in advance which your kid can play only when he completes a year. You might get many cots and prams for your single child. Baby suits, sleeping bags, socks, scarves, woolen wear are just uncountable. Perhaps these are the stock for the whole year. You might be confused as where to store all these things, opt for a storage facility in Dubai. Make sure that the Dubai storage company you select offers a high level of security.

The Box is a well entrenched storage facility in UAE. They provide their customers with well maintained storage houses. 24 hours CCTV surveillance assures customers that their goods are safe. They also provide moving services in UAE.

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12 January 2010

Some Tips To Help You Store Your Things

Storage facilities in Dubai are very important for the people living in small apartments. After choosing your unit it is also important to know the right way to pack your things in it. When things are not arranged properly there are chances of damaging them. So let us try to understand how you will keep your stuff in Dubai Storage Company.

1. Pack hard and tough things first and keep soft, fragile and delicate things on top.

2. Arrange things in a large unit in such a way that easy movement is possible.

3. All the items of metal should be treated with rust protectors and books with boric powder to fight against insect attacks.

4. If you use your own lock then buy a costly one which can’t be opened with a pin.

5. Keep your precious things right at the bottom or extremely behind in the unit.

6. Make a list of things which you have put in the store house and keep the list safe with you.

7. Cover things with plastic bags or sacks to save them from damage.

8. Store little things in some big appliances or bags and suitcases.

9. Don’t store any sharp or inflammatory object.

10. Leave the doors of appliances open to prevent fungal growth.

The Box is a storage solution in Dubai and provides units of different sizes. If you have trouble in packing things by yourself this storage facility in Dubai arranges for knowledgeable professionals who would pack things in a perfect way. The Box is also one of the best moving services in Dubai.

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Best Services Are Never Cheap

There are many storage companies in UAE. But when you are surrounded with many options the problem is which to select. Most of us are quite reluctant to spend a great amount of sum for storage facility in Dubai. I would suggest that when it comes to storing things one should not worry about the rent. Infect sometimes the storage house with higher rent is safer.

This may sound weird but I would recommend on selecting a storage solution in Dubai which is not extremely cheap. There are many facilities we look for when we think of keeping our valuables in a storage company. All the facilities have to be technically advanced and safe. If you opt for the company which has low rent but does not provide you all the necessary facilities then it is useless. A company which offers a high technology, 24 hours surveillance, knowledgeable professionals, CCTV and infrared is the best company to trust. When we expect best of facilities we have to pay a good amount. Make sure that you don’t pay so much simply on the name of safety. Research properly and then derive a conclusion.

The Box is a reputed Dubai storage company which offers all the required facilities. You might find our charges a little high but that is affordable when your goods are 100% safe. We will help you in all types of household storages in Dubai. We are also into moving services in Dubai. For any type of storing, packing and moving services The Box is the best.

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8 January 2010

Select The Best Storage Solution In Dubai

Many people are looking forward to take a service from storage facility in Dubai. But the problem is how to check its safety measures. There are many storage houses and to find the best is little bit tough. If you do the work tactfully you will certainly find the best Dubai storage company.

First of all surf the internet to list the companies which deal in storing articles. Always talk to people who have already used such services their personal experiences would be a guideline for you. Ask your friends, relatives, neighbours and colleagues who have been using such storage houses. Moreover you should always search for more than one such company for a wider perspective and better options. Visit the company that you decided to opt for. By visiting the company you will actually have a clear picture of the safety precautions they use and how well you are served by their professionals. Go through the agreement vary keenly and clear all your doubts before signing any document. Make sure that the company stores the materials which you want them to store for you. These are some simple ways to find the best storage solution in UAE.

The Box is one such flourishing storage company in UAE. The market reviews speaks how well we serve our customers. We provide all types of storage units and have high level of security system. We assure you that you will forget all your worries regarding your belongings after putting them in our care. The company also caters you with one of the best moving services in UAE.

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5 January 2010

Your Home Can Be Your Office Too

Today with changing time many people in Dubai run their business from their houses. This is really a good option if you are starting up with a new business. Making office in your home would save much of your time and money. But the most difficult question is does your home have enough of space to make an office? You would be finding it difficult even to fit your entire households in your home then where to make place for the office. The best alternative is to opt for a storage solution in Dubai.

You will require an ample of space to set up an office in your house. You can easily achieve your goal by opting for a storage facility in Dubai. The storage companies have many different facilities, if you select a household storage in Dubai then you can keep your household things in it. There is document storage in Dubai which allows you to keep all your documents safe. So when you set up an office in your home you can store extra things in a storage company and make required amount of room in your house. When your clients arrive they should be surprised to see how well your office is arranged in your home. The shabby look of your office will create a negative impression on your clients’ minds.

The Box facilitates you with different types of storing facilities you can opt for the one which suits your requirements. Shifting things to the store house is also simple as we also provide the best moving service in Dubai.

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Dubai Storage Company Makes Your Home Presentable

There are many reasons why one opts for a storage facility in Dubai. Of course the main reason is to store our less used articles and make our houses spacious. But there are different reasons for making a spacious home, it is not always for our comforts but even for other important issues in life.

If you are planning to sell your house and looking for another one then you will require a service from Dubai Storage Company. To attract customers the presentation has to be the best. A product is sold only if it has potential to lure customers towards it. This principal applies when you are set to sell your house. There are many things which a person will think about before buying a new home but first thing is that he or she should like a house. Imagine that someone has come to see your house and it is filled with things. Your bedroom has many suitcases, your living room is scattered with documents, your kitchen is not different from a store house and your balcony is occupied with waste materials. Do you think that buyers would be interested in buying such a house? They would get an impression that even they would not be able to keep this house well arranged. But if you store your entire extra luggage, articles and documents in a storage solution in Dubai then your house is well arranged and will be liked b
y many of the buyers.

The Box is a storage company in UAE and has all the facilities to store different types of articles. We also provide the best moving services in UAE which makes your shifting easier.

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4 January 2010

Things One Must Pay Attention To

Many people in Dubai leave in small apartments. This creates a problem of lack of space to keep many things. The solution is to choose a perfect storage facility in Dubai. There are many storage houses but it is necessary that we opt for the safest. There are several things one should think about before signing an agreement with any storage solution in Dubai.

1. How much space you need: first of all try to make a list of things which you don’t use on a regular basis. You can’t store everything in a household storage in Dubai. A list of things will allow you to take decision of how many or how big units you require.

2. Accessibility: some storage houses provide an easy accessibility and others do not. So analyses whether you need accessibility to your belonging often or not.

3. Price factor: before signing an agreement make sure to know the amount of rent you will pay. It should fit into your budget. Find out the charges if you fail to pay before the deadline. What actions will be taken if you can’t pay your rent in some situations?

4. Reading contracts: read the agreement papers with full attentions and understand every minute details of it. Make sure that you accept all the terms and conditions before signing.

These are a few important factors which one has to keep in mind before signing a contract with any Dubai storage company. it is necessary to follow these important guidelines.

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2 January 2010

Storage Facility In Dubai Aids Hotel Owners

The storage facility in Dubai is a boon to many people. May it be your household things or your office documents everything can be kept safely in a Dubai storage company. Companies with different work nature take service of storage houses for different purposes. Even hotels need the facility of storage houses.

There are many small hotels which organize different events like parties, conferences, meetings, weddings and much more. All these do not take place on regular basis they happen to be once in a month or even once in two-three months. Different types of decorations, lights and furniture is used as per the occasion. All these articles occupy some place in a hotel when they are not used. Instead of occupying a large amount of place which can be used for some other purpose hotel owners prefer to store them in a storage solution in Dubai. This makes your hotel spacious and you don’t have to worry about where to store rarely used items. These storage facilities in Dubai provide free and easy accessibility at any time of the day. Whenever you require your articles you can easily take them. So if you own a small hotel where storing extra items is difficult opt for a storage facility in UAE.

The Box is a storage company in UAE which provides different types of units and facilities. The company assures that all your belongings are safe. The advanced technology and knowledgeable professionals make working with The Box safe, easy and convenient. We also offer you one of the best moving services in UAE.

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