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17 June 2015

How To Identify and Strengthen The Financial Benefits?

Whether it is the entrepreneur community, individuals or corporations, strengthening the financial benefits of your solution enhances your top and bottom line. Here are some easy tips on identifying and strengthening the financial benefits of your solution.

Get help-
You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, solutions are around you. Get help from your sales reps and marketing teams for current ROI case studies, graphs and other related material to get started.

Not keeping easy will make you queasy-
Make a proposal which everyone clearly understands like creating a spreadsheet consisting of maximum 7-15 rows. When it is more complex, it becomes confusing for anyone except technical buyers.

Attain an agreed analysis-
Both parties must co-author see eye-to-eye on the potential financial benefits. The analysis need not be perfect, nor should it be binding.  However, it does need to estimate the financial benefit to give your buyer a clear understanding of the magnitude of the benefit of your exclusive solution.

Consider the solution from all possible aspects-
A solution must be produced after considering all possible worst case scenarios. Your solution must enhance and highlight your value proposition for it s the value you’re pitching to your customers or clients. And you can enhance your solution’s value proposition by examining the entire “pain chain” from the buyer’s perspective. This pain chain refers to the all the possible chain of incidents or events which may occur if things go wrong.
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11 June 2015

3 Clever Yet Simple Storage Tips For This Summer

Weather changes; summer, spring, monsoon, winter; cycle repeats. But there is one thing which remains constant. Be it any weather, summer or winter, you always have storage needs. And therefore I introduce you to this blog which contains 5 clever yet simple storage tips for this summer. After reading this blog you will find your creativity expanded not restricting to this blog contents. You will be able to use and re-use things in a creative and inexpensive manner to store your things.

Browse further to discover some simple storage tips for this summer.

Now you don’t have to worry about your batteries getting misplaced:

Now you don’t need to run all around the house, scrambling nooks and corners of your house just for searching lost batteries. Use a plastic tackle box like the one shown above to store your batteries intact and tidy.

Benefit- The multiple sizes of openings hold your batteries intact and group them by size.

Sounds amazing? So the next time you are to throw your plastic tackle box, remember this idea.

Toilet paper rolls to hold your wrapping papers?

Yes. And when you see that toilet paper rolls hold your wrapping papers so well you will feel that why did not you execute this idea before!

Jars to keep track of your receipts?

This is my favorite and is perhaps very simple yet very useful. Your monthly receipts lie with ease inside glass jars where you can also label bottles as per months and easily keep track of them!

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