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13 July 2012

Personal Storage for Business?

Yes! Almost every second person in Dubai owns a personal storage space in Dubai. It helps them make more space at home for the things that matter; while increasing the area of their living space. But what happens when you are running a small business or even an office for that matter, and find it too expensive to rent a warehouse or a commercial space to store everything from office supplies to flyers to old copiers? You end up storing the same in your own office and end up with an office that resembles a storage room.

Well you can always choose a personal storage unit. “But aren’t personal storage units meant for household items?” one may ask. We say that you can store whatever you want (other than perishables i.e.); whether that comes from a house, a business or an office is none of our concern.
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What’s more, is that personal storage for businesses here at The Box, comes at no extra charge. This makes it ideal for those who need to store items on a long term or a short terms basis. Unlike commercial storage which is built for storing loads of products in a systematic way, personal storage is a lot simpler; a lot more... personal. This means you can access your office items or equipment whenever you need them since our facilities are open 24X7. And you will never need to worry about security either. All personal storage units are well lit and have magnetic card access so all you will need to remember is your pin.

Moreover our strategic location within Dubai City makes locating and storing with us easy and convenient. So if you need to get some items from your business stored, don’t take them home; just give us a call or drop by and we will take care of them for you.
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Wardrobe problems? We’re listening!

Ever wondered why your wardrobe always looks like a mountain that’s going to collapse all over you every time you open the door?  Do not fear! For there is a way to build a ‘unmessable’ wardrobe!

Here’s how you do it:-

·         First, you will need to remove all of the unnecessary extras that clog your storage space. Begin with those unused shoes that you love oh so much but pinch you a lot when you wear them. They NEED TO GO! Hanging on to them and storing them will not heal your shoe bites any quicker. The same goes for all those pointless clothes, which have been hogging space all these years – right from the 90’s, 80’s and even some ‘hand-me-downs’ from the retro 70’s!

·         Second, once you are done with the above, it’s time to segregate what’s left behind and narrow down your list of viable outfits for 2012 even further. A smart thing to do is to keep only what you need and box up the rest. This will ensure that only the items that you use regularly remain hanging in your wardrobe, keeping it tidy no matter how much you try to mess it up.

·         If you love all your clothes are lying balled up (the reason why they’re occupying SO MUCH SPACE) because you can’t fold to save your life, here are a few Japanese folding tips to get you from 0-60 in 15 seconds! They will save you some space and some extra time as well.

If you happen to have a small wardrobe, then we at The Box are a smart movingand storage company in Dubai who are just a call away to help you out. Our personal storage spaces in Dubai are here for your convenience and are accessible 24X7, for whenever you feel the need.
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