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26 May 2010

Avoid Storing Flammables

We have told you much about what you can store at the storage facility in Dubai. Now in this blog we will like to tell you things that you must avoid keeping in our storage units. We store almost everything but we have to avoid certain tings for the sake of safety.

We give higher importance to safety and can not compromise with it. We are responsible for safety of every single thing that is stored in our units. The most devastating effects are often experienced due to fire. No doubt we do have the best quality fire precautions but to be more cautious we avoid storing combustible things. A number of chemicals are flammables storing them would be a risk. There are many products which contain such chemicals hence they also can not be stored in our units. We kindly request you to check out the materials that you store with us. If at all you find any risk in them then please avoid keeping them in our storage solution in Dubai. If you are confused about a particular thing then get it checked with out company professionals. They will tell you weather it would be possible to store it with us or not.

Your help and active participation with us make The Box the safest place to store important and rarely used articles. Our humble company professionals will guide you properly and solve all your problems. You can call us if you have any doubt, we are here to make your storing and moving comfortable.

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