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18 January 2011

Number of Storage Solutions is offered by The Box

There comes number of storage facilities in Dubai to mind when you plan to store or move your belongings. The Box is one Dubai storage company who provides you with storing and moving services in Dubai. It has household and many more services.

The Box provides you with everything that is needed in connection with the storing and moving of your belongings. If you are planning to move from one location to another or if you want to keep your goods in a storage solution and need packaging material The Box will help you out. The company provides you with:

1. Various self storage units depending upon your requirements. Like 155 sq. ft., Medium 100 sq. ft. and Small 50 sq. ft., other sizes are available on your request.

2. You are provided with the packaging material like bubble wrap, tape, tape guns and boxes of large, medium and small sizes.

3. You are also provided with courier, transportation, removal and relocation, inventory management and document management services.

For office and house removals in Dubai The Box provides you with different suites depending upon your requirement.

Gold: Here you are provided with the team of experts, tools and packaging material needed to dismantle, pack and shift your office or house to a new location. They also help you with assembling of your goods.

Silver: You are provided with transportation move along with handling and man power services.

Bronze: It is a simple transportation service from point A to point B just like pick and drop.

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