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13 December 2011

Hoarding – Is it a crime?

You simply love that old wooden chair which has been in lying around in the house for years. It’s got a couple of scratches and a broken back; never been polished; yet it still exists lying in the corner of the corridor. You thought of giving it away a couple of years back; but then again why create an imbalance in the corridor and your life when it can just stay there all alone - unused.

Most of us do not even realise that we have a problem with not knowing when to let go. Yes, some objects in the house do hold a sentimental value. But those are the ones that are usually maintained. Below that are a category of furniture and goods that simply exist either because we’re too lazy to get rid of them or are simply used to having them around.

The bottom line is that one must decide on the spot which item should be held back (because there is a use for it) and which ones must simply be gotten rid off. The desire to "hold on to things" is natural and goes back many centuries. Many-a-times we don’t want to throw certain things away, because we feel we might need them in future or that throwing it away will cause a problem. Also, amassing such things at home is not a good option for some, as it can lead to reduction in actual living space.

Personal storage facilities in Dubai can help to a great extent and provide a solution for those running out of space as well as for those who have a hard time deciding what to hold back. Once decided, one can go to a storage facility in Dubai, register and take advantage of the storage space available out there which is actually meant for storing items. This frees up space back at home and one can utilise to the fullest the area that they have rented or purchased.

The Box in Dubai allows for a more comprehensive storage solution. A customer can easily rent out one or two storage units according to his or her requirements and enjoy freedom from hoarding. Apart from personal and commercial storage we also provide packers and movers services in Dubai.

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