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11 May 2012

Neat and Tidy Saves Space

Fed up of all the extra clothes, the unnecessary furniture in your living space? Well, the weekend is coming up and you will have some spare time; so why not utilize that time in doing something productive instead?

You could begin by cleaning up and tidying up your apartment and then sit down in one corner and decide what simply needs to go. Begin with your old clothes, clothes that you probably have not worn for years but are just there, lying in your wardrobe. Pile them up in the centre of your bedroom and only then will you realize how much space has been saved in your wardrobe. This is especially helpful for those who keep complaining, that they do not have enough space in their wardrobes for more clothes and accessories. It’s fairly simple, all you have to do is choose and you can save on some much needed space. 

Removing unnecessary furniture or changing the position or placement of the same is a great idea to give your apartment a fresh look and make more living space. You could either subtract or move that big old couch within the hall or simply sell it off and buy a smaller one; giving your hall a better look that’s more spacious than ever before.

Of course if you would like to hold on to that couch and keep it someplace safe for some time;  along with your clothes, instead of give them away to a charity. You could always contact us at The Box and we will provide you with movers in Dubai and self-storagefor the same. Self-storage in Dubai at The Box hosts units of different sizes; from small, medium and large helping you pick up only what you need.

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