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7 June 2012

How to take care of Pets during Relocation

Pets can quite a hassle while moving. Relocations in Dubai can be quite the pain when it comes to the homeowners themselves; add a bunch of pets to that equation and all you will get is chaos. Pets always take time to adjust to a new home because a new environment makes them nervous. No matter how loving and excited your pets are, moving them to a completely new area or location—especially if it is between cities—here in the Middle East is going to be quite the challenge.

Here are a few tips that should help you and your pet travel easier and adjust to the new environment once the movers and packers have moved out.

· If the journey from A to B happens to be really long, ensure that your pet is sedated so it can relax during the trip.
· Always have your pet’s license tag on
· If you’re pet is the excited type, it is wise to put on a muzzle (in the case of dogs) when entering the new neighbourhood so as to prevent any accidents when entering the first time.
· Always keep your dog on a leash so as to prevent your pet from scampering around by itself and getting into trouble.
· Make sure you have a sufficient supply of your pet’s favourite food.
· Make sure there is at least one person in charge of your pet during the relocation and give them the attention they need after you have moved into your new apartment.

· Locate the nearest vet in the area around your new home as soon as you finish moving in.
· Always monitor the temperature of your fish tank when you’re travelling. Insulating it with Styrofoam will surely help maintain the temperature keeping your pets safe and preventing them from falling ill.

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