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8 April 2011

How To Make Space In Your Wardrobe

Does your wardrobe cabinet look like a disaster where the clothes just drop out when you open the doors? Well there is only one person to blame here and that is you! Most of us keep piling up on old garments when we purchase new ones. Piling up clothes is only a part of this issue. Some of us even store clothing like leather jackets and coats which take up a lot of space in the wardrobe. Another problem that results in a messed up wardrobe is the amount of clothing and gear that ends up in there, winter jackets from last years ski trip to Switzerland for example.

A simple solution would be to first take an extremely strict approach and discard all the old clothing, clothing that is years old (which you think you would wear someday… Yes someday!) and get rid of them. After you have removed the clutter from the chaos, the next task is to find out which clothes or gear you would use often. Divide the pile into two lots ones that you use daily or weekly and the ones that you don’t wear often even occasionally for that matter. With the majority of the work almost done now all you need to do is arrange your wardrobe with the clothes that you wear on a daily basis. What do I do with the other clothes you ask? That’s where storage facilities like The Box come in. Box up the entire lot of leathers, sports gear and those odd boots and head to a self storage facility in Dubai like The Box.

The Box is a safe and secure way to store all your unused household items, seasonal clothing, sports gear and even luggage. The Box is a storage solution in Dubai which strives to achieve complete customer satisfaction, be it in terms of removals, storage, moving and even logistics.

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