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11 March 2014

4 Common Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Self-storage is like superman rescuing you from a tricky situation! Well, self storages are definitely the ideal options for not only de-cluttering your house but also for ensuring that all your goods stay in the perfect required condition that you are looking out for. However, if you are an individual taking up self-storage for the first time, here are a few mistakes you would like to avoid:

1. Not having a Plan:
Well, you cannot simply walk in, into a storage company and ask them to rent you a storage unit. You need to be planned in advance about it. Moreover, just planning to rent out a unit is not all you need to do. There are several other things you need to be careful about. You need to understand that there are other aspects you need to be prepared about. You also need to be well planned about how you will arrange things in your rented space. What goes where also needs to be decided. There are some things which you might store in a self storage space but you might need them frequently, so make sure that you have planned to position these things in a way that you do not need to move or take out all the contents of the storage space. So, it is essential that you have a plan in place.

2. Beware of Dust and Damp:
Well, you’ll think that once your goods are inside the unit, they can remain unharmed. Well, that’s not true! Dust and dirt can accumulate over a period of time. This particularly takes place when your rented space is closed for a long time and you haven’t given it a visit. Moreover, changes in temperature can also affect the quality of your possessions. So, it is important that you store climatically sensitive goods in a climate controlled unit. Dust should never be underestimated either. If you are storing clothes, make sure to cover them with light, protective cover so that dust does not settle on them and spoil the clothes. It is important to wrap all your goods so that dust or dirt does not spoil them.

3. Too Many Boxes:
It is advisable that you pack your goods effectively and place them just right. You don’t want an avalanche of boxes destroying your goods. Well, with so much of space, you might get tempted to fill it up with boxes. Well, if you have too many boxes, make sure that the boxes are filled completely. If some boxes are half filled, place them at the top and not at the bottom. Always place light items on the top and heavy ones at the bottom. Use bags and shelves to keep some of your goods. This will help in reducing the number of boxes stacked in your unit. Also, it is advisable that you store heavier items in smaller boxes.

4. Letting the Bugs Feast:
Bugs and rodents can be disastrous to your storage units. It is essential for you to protect your goods from these little nasty creatures. Well, do not ignore if you see a little cockroach running around. His friends and family might have already started spoiling other things. So, how do you prevent these intruders from entering your storage unit? Well, it’s simple! Dust the corners and the spaces around the baseboards with boric acid. Lavender is known to repel moths. Smelly balls, cedar blocks and other anti-insect fresheners are excellent to keep rodents and mice away from your precious belongings.

So, make sure that you follow all these tips and avoid these silly mistakes while you are storing your precious belongings. 

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