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27 June 2014

The Right Way to Store your Winter Wear

Cut down
Find a sweater or coat you haven't worn for a couple of winters? Maybe it is time to dispose of it! Donate it and earn some goodwill points and also make some well-deserved space in your wardrobe.

Wash Before Storing
Some might say it is common sense to wash stuff before you store them but often people forget to do this. Washing is very, very important people. That stain on your jacket will be easier to wash off this year than the next. Also, stains are hotspots for bugs.

Wash everything in the hottest water or best, drop them off at the cleaners before you store them.
At all costs, avoid fabric softeners and starch as they can attract insets to them.

Cedar Magic
Cedar wood is god sent when it comes to storing winter wear. It is a wonderful way to keep those pesky moths at bay and have your clothes smelling like sweet, musky cedar at the beginning of each winter.
Make sure though that you do not store your fur in cedar boxes. The oil from Cedar can ruin your fur.

Storing Fur
Fur coats and fur trimmed clothes have been in vogue lately. And who can resist the fashionista draped in a stylish fur scarf? But it takes some effort to keep in its original soft and lustrous state. The best way to store fur is to rent out special temperature and humidity controlled vaults that are offered by furriers and storage spaces.

The venue is important.
The ideal venue to store your winter wear is somewhere cool, dry, dark and well-ventilated. Light can bleach your clothes and lead to faded spots and patches; whereas warm, moist places are home to bugs and rodents. Air circulation wards off mildew.

Box is the answer to storing your winter wear appropriately. Get in touch with us at BoxMe and we will you plan a customized storage solution for your winter wear.

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