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9 July 2009

Commercial storage facilities in Dubai are all in The Box.

In the city of Dubai business is the language spoken. As an international business hub, trading and business takes place at a faster rate. The many storage and movers needs for large and commercial purposes are well understood by The Box. We offer our customers many services and support so that those within Dubai and the remaining emirates have extra ease in their storage and moving of goods. Services like Concierge Service, in which The Box coordinates between your suppliers and vendors and deal with them on your behalf.
We regularly keep you updated with all the developments and provide assistance in these matters. Facilities like third party brokerages for commercial storages are also offered. There are various packages offered suiting the customer’s need. Pick up and relocation of goods at your desired venue are the incentives we offer that helps the customers through all times.
The above mentioned facilities are what makes box different from any other storage company. Hence The Box becomes a viable and reliable storage facility on local and global level for and the other emirates.

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