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18 October 2009

Dubai needs Wine Storage too

Dubai has become one of the main business and tourist destinations of the world. With people of different ethnic and cultural backgrounds visiting and moving to UAE from all over the world, the popularity of the wine market has been increasing tremendously. This is why wine storage facilities in Dubai are also given prime importance.
A liquor license is required by non -Muslim resident consumers in Dubai, as the sale and consumption is strictly controlled. To top that, hotels and distributors in Dubai face a huge problem stocking wine as they have extensively long lists. But then again, in order to maintain the level of tourism in the city, good wine needs to be imported time and again. Distributors in Dubai further face the problem of storing the wine that remains unsold. As a distributor, the lack of large storage spaces like those provided by a full-fledged storage facility in Dubai also prevent you from buying or stocking new wine. The inability to store wines at a good temperature also leads to its spoilage and wastage. Therefore, a climate controlled facility at a storage company in Dubai that is fully equipped, becomes your ideal option.
As mentioned earlier, the popularity of the wine market has been increasing in Dubai. As the wine market is directly proportional to the growth of the tourism industry, wine storage facilities in UAE have been developing for good. The Box also provides climate controlled facilities for storing a variety of goods. Visit for details.
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