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16 October 2009

Mail Box Rentals: An Introduction

Who requires a mail box service?
- Those sharing their accommodation with someone else,
- Those who do not have a permanent residential address
- Or even those who are planning to start their own small business with a virtual office
need a mailbox service to create their personal or business identity.
Mailbox services are becoming increasingly popular replacing the post office boxes that were famous only a long time ago. Mailbox services / rentals are usually incorporated by storage facilities in Dubai. You will prefer turning a rented mailbox into your centralized form of communication as this service allows 24 hr access to your unit. You also gain many other benefits by renting a mailbox like stretched payment terms and various unit sizes. The price of renting a storage solution in UAE for your mail is also inexpensive, compared to the price you pay a traditional post - office. You can also choose the size of your unit depending upon the kind of mail you usually expect. The storage solutions in Dubai are always ready to give you the locker size you are looking for, ranging from letter sized units to parcel sized units. These facilities accept all kinds of mail to your mailbox and also keep a track on document transfers. They also provide notification services via SMS or e-mail whenever new mail drops into your box.
Our Dubai storage company The Box, also provides such services. For more details, just call us or log on to
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