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13 November 2010

Packaging of Glass Material

During the packaging of glass materials some important things one has to consider. If not taken into consideration you may end breaking your precious, delicate object. Some essential steps are needed to be kept in mind are:
1. To protect the glass from breaking during the time of moving it is necessary to be packed with proper care. While packing glass it should be covered with tissue paper or newspaper as direct contact with plastic leaves the mark.
2. After wrapping in plastic it should be wrapped with bubble wrap as it acts cushion and prevents the glass from breaking.
3. After wrapping the glass item in bubble wrap it should be sealed with the help of tape guns. The bubble wrap and tape guns are available at The Box, a storage facility in Dubai.
4. It is necessary to keep the glass objects in strong and sturdy box. Inserting cardboard between every glass item prevents it from breaking during transportation. Also if the surface of the box and also the empty space is filled with peanuts the glass items are fixed. At the Box Shop of The Box you can buy the box of desired size.
5. Last but most important label the box as “fragile” which would indicate that the box should be carefully handled.
The Box is a storage company which provides office and house removals in Dubai where they assist in dismantling, packing and shifting.
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