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18 November 2010

Why Climate Controlled Units

Today the need for storage facility is increasing. Even though you have an extra space at your place it is not proving to be sufficient to store your goods. The empty space is decreasing by time. These days the numbers of storage facilities in Dubai are increasing. The facilities provide you with various services like personal storage, house removal in Dubai etc. Apart from these services they also provide customers with climate controlled units. These units are comparatively expensive but your belongings are guaranteed to be safe in it.

There are many reasons behind people prefer to store their goods in climate controlled units. They are:

1. The biggest advantage of storing goods in climate controlled unit is that it protects delicate belongings like antiques, paintings, musical instruments etc. from getting damaged. The temperature is controlled here as extreme climatic conditions can spoil the belongings.

2. In case of rains etc. these facilities can protect your belongings from getting wet.

3. The roofs of the units are impermeable and it is built up at height which protects the goods from floods, if caused.

4. The other advantage of climate controlled units is it prevents termites from thriving and eating items made of wood or eating paper.

5. The concrete and metal construction keeps pests at bay.

The Box is a storage solution in Dubai who provides all these facilities. Our experts are always happy to help you. The Box understands that what customers needs is not just the facilities but also mental peace. We try to give maximum possible satisfaction to our clients.

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