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10 December 2012

A painless way to prepare your kids for a move

Moving homes can be quite stressful especially if children become part of the equation. Not only do they make the move even more taxing, but also if not done systematically it can leave them with a bitter impression about the entire process. Children may have a propensity to feel tensed and depressed about leaving the house that they were born in and the area where most of their friends reside. They may not fully understand what exactly is going on and this can leave them feeling rather confused. If this occurs it is most likely to reflect in the time they take to adjust to their new school and home that you move them to.

Fortunately there are a few simple steps that you can undertake before the moversand packers arrive in order to minimize the stress involved with the relocation:

Try to make the move sound as exciting as possible by getting them more engaged with the process. Involve them in the planning and ask them for their suggestions as this will make them familiar with the notion of moving to a brand new home. Talk to them about the situation and give them a clear picture about what exactly happens during each step of the move.

One uncertainty that worries children to great extent is the fear of losing their old friends and making new ones. Assure your kids that they can always come back to visit their old neighbourhood. Encourage them to click pictures with all their friends and of places where they spent the early days of their childhood. Organizing a farewell party is also an excellent idea. If your kids are a bit older then you can tell them to collect the phone numbers and email-ids of their friends so that they can keep in touch.

Giving children a tour of their new home and neighbourhood can do a lot to minimize anxiety and increase excitement. Not only can they sneak a glimpse of their new rooms and play areas but they can also get an opportunity to meet other children in the neighbourhood. During the actual move, allow children to pack some of their own belongings. This will fill them with a sense of responsibility and make them feel more comfortable with moving homes.

Last but not the least; do not forget to carry some of their favourite toys and snacks while travelling to avoid any pesky tantrums along the way.

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