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11 December 2012

Reduce your Companies Eco-foot print

Electronic Records management is a facility that provides companies with efficient storage solutions at secure archiving facilities. It is a practice that is becoming increasingly well-known due to many reasons such as lower cost, staff efficiency, increased work space etc. One of the chief reasons why this trend is taking over the corporate world is because of tremendous environmental benefits. Not only do the environmental benefits of record management change the way customers see your company but it also results in cost savings for your company.  

The following are a few ways in which record management benefits the environment:

Meets growing storage needs: Using record management systems are an extremely good way to minimize your company’s eco-footprint. This equipment can be used to reused increase storage capacity and use less space because they allow you to create aisles whenever and wherever you need. Not only does using these systems maximize space resources and optimize energy performance but they also help companies meet their growing storage needs.

Use of cost effective products: Information management companies have started to create an array of sustainable and cost effective products in response to the increasing consumer interest in environmental protection. These companies make sure to use products made from certified materials that are completely recyclable.

Reduces deforestation:  Since better information management systems reduce a company’s dependency on paper, fewer trees need to be cut down. This in turn not only prevents deforestation but also protects the ecosystems of endangered animals.

More space in landfills: Since space in landfills is becoming increasingly scarce. Making offices paperless also leaves more room in landfills that would otherwise be taken up by paper.

Due to human needs our planet has reached a point where resources are soon decreasing to a point of no return. Unless adequate steps are taken to conserve natural resources and reduce waste there will be catastrophic consequences. Information management and digitalization are small steps that the corporate world can take to reduce its harmful impact on the planet. Remember, the earth can support our needs but not our greed.

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