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22 September 2014

3 Easy Steps to a Beautiful Bathroom!

Messy bathroom bothering you? Here is how you make it look fantastic!

Clean the Clutter

Is this what your bathroom vanity looks like? Maybe it is time to clean the clutter. Empty shampoo bottles, old loofahs, used toothpastes, they all have to go! Grab a trash bag and dump empty bottles and tubes of soap and shampoo in them. Other toiletries that you haven’t used in 6 months should go in the trash bag too. If you have seen a product everyday for 6 months but not gotten around to using it, it is taking up unnecessary real estate in your bathroom and it is probably time for it to end up in the thrash.

Splash of Green

A single solitary plant in the bathroom can take its wow factor up by a couple of notches. Keep the plant in a spot where you won't accidently knock it over. Opt for indoor plants that will thrive in the warm and moist environment of a bathroom. You can also opt for blooming flowers. A few of our favorite plants for the bathroom are: primrose, Chinese evergreen, African violet, begonia and bird's nest fern.

Pops of Colour

Take a quick trip to the supermarket and get new shower curtains, new towels and a new rug. Look for things in bright popping colours, especially if your bathroom tiles are white. These three things do not cost much and will definitely make your bathroom shine.

Image source:, Jasna Janekovic,

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