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10 September 2014

How to Pack for an Overseas Relocation

Get rid of the junk. That is the thumb rule.

Moving, especially overseas moving is a great opportunity to get rid of the junk in your life. Moving is chaotic and messy. The process becomes much simpler when you have less stuff to pack and move. Read on to know the steps you should follow when preparing for an international relocation.

The First Step
Do you really need to move those used matchstick boxes you have been collecting over the years?

The first thing you need to do before packing is to discard all the junk you have been storing. The more stuff you have, the more it will cost to move it.

If you have not used an item for 2 years then it is time to throw it out. Make a donation box and put all the items that you have not used for a while in it and take it to the local orphanage. Or maybe have a garage sale on a weekend and make a few bucks.

Hire a Moving Company
When you Google international moving companies in your area, chances are you will find a lot of companies with a variety of price and service offerings. Compare the services and reviews of all the moving companies’ that you see.

Remember that the company that offers the best pricing might not always offer the best service. Go for a reputed company that is highly recommended by their past customers. The Box is one of the finest international moving companies in the Middle East. All of our employees work very hard to ensure the best customer service is provided and to make sure that every moving experience is as seamless as possible.

Once you have a mover, book them several weeks in advance. Experienced movers know that it takes several weeks to make adequate arrangements. Take your movers through the items that you will be moving and point out specific items that need special care during moving.

The essentials
Pack enough toiletries and medicines to last you a few months. Your first few months in a new country are bound to be rushed and you will be more relaxed if you know you have enough supplies of your essentials to keep you going for a few months. You can always find replacements when you have settled in.

Also remember to pack a few items that give you a sense of home. Moving to a new country can evoke a strong sense of nostalgia and what better way to combat it than to being a bit of home with you. Take a few of your favorite photographs with you. Don't put them in the storage boxes. Put them in the handbag so that you can put them up as soon as you reach your new house.

When you choose The Box as your partner for international relocations, you gift yourself some peace of mind. Contact us for more details.

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